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Columbia University - Data Science Institute | (Research) Software Engineer | Remote

We're looking for someone eager to work at the cutting edge of research, helping to develop the next generation of causal and probabilistic programming languages.

Get in touch if you're passionate about any of:

- Compilation / program transformations

- Probabilistic programming

- Bayesian / Causal inference

- Machine learning

- Program synthesis & analysis

You’ll work with me (http://www.zenna.org/) and the DSI, doing:

- Language design & implementation

- Optimizing / scaling research code

- Algorithm development

Ideal attributes:

- Strong programmer. esp. Julia, Python, C++, ML-family

- Comfortable digesting research e.g. from PLDI, POPL, NeurIPS or ICML

To apply, please write to zt2297@columbia.edu

Do you require an advanced degree?

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