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Percona | 2 roles: VP Product Management and Product Manager | Full-Time | REMOTE

Percona is a high-growth, successful tech company and a true open source evangelist. Our mission is to Keep Open Source Open.

The mission of the Product Management team is to create products which delight our customers. We measure this through product adoption and commercial success. Your role is to deliver on this mission.

Percona consistently achieves year-over-year growth. As we become a product-lead organization (our product is software and services), this opportunity allows for immediate and visual impact on our continued profitable growth.

VP Product Management https://jobs.lever.co/percona/2261068b-c59f-41bf-afc6-cf2c4d...

Product Manager https://jobs.lever.co/percona/f188b855-e960-431c-886b-c66049...

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