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Sweft | Software Developers | Philadelphia, PA | Remote | Full-time, Part-time

Retailers have a process problem and it's costing them millions of dollars each year in lost revenue and wasted costs. Sweft offers retailers an end-to-end SaaS merchandising platform that reduces time-to-market, increases profitability, and decreases waste.

Sweft is seeking software developers to join us as we build our first in-house product team. We've shipped our v1 and have traction and funding. We are open to a range of experience levels so if you have any of the skills we're looking for I encourage you to apply.

We seek developers with the following technical skills and relevant professional experience (must have at least 1 category A skills) A: Java + Spring Boot A: ReactJS B: Relational and Document Databases B: Docker and Containerized Workloads on AWS or GCP B: CI/CD B: UI/UX Design

Submit your resume and a short message via email directly to me: al (at) gosweft.com

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