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Krydus | Sr. Frontend Engineer | Part-Time (Possible transition to Full-Time) | Remote

At Krydus we are developing tools to accelerate and automate the boring parts of a ML Engineers job, going from raw unstructured data to a well balanced dataset. The team keeps things simple and functional. We take pride in combining professionalism, trust, and very few meetings. We are remote first and operate with async communications where possible. Currently we have employees in all US time zones including Hawaii, and work hours are very flexible.

We work with cutting-edge technology, our stack includes Python, PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning, Poetry, Conda; Docker, Kubernetes, Cortex for infrastructure; React, Typescript, Rust, Julia, C, CUDA for any custom HPC code as appropriate for the problem; The team prefers Linux for dev environments, often PopOS, but everyone is free to use their prefered tools.

Current Positions:

Frontend UI/UX - React JS, Typescript, experience with graphs and data visulaizations is a big plus

You can email me at dgoddeau(at)krydus.com with "HN" in the subject.

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