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Iggy | Multiple engineering/data science roles | Remote | Full-time Iggy is making it easier to get started using location data in your app, analysis, or data pipeline. Iggy is a toolkit for easily accessing data about the world around us.

Read about our recent self service api launch https://medium.com/iggy-tech/launching-iggy-self-serve-apis-... or try it out yourself at https://askiggy.com

* Backend Software Engineer: https://www.notion.so/Backend-Software-Engineer-82459f6e0207...

* Geospatial Data Scientist: https://www.notion.so/askiggy/Spatial-data-scientist-a42f7a8...

* Data Engineer - Data Ingestion: https://www.notion.so/askiggy/Data-Engineer-Data-Ingestion-f...

See all at https://www.askiggy.com/careers

Iggy is a well funded early stage startup. You'll be part of the early team building our core product and have a lot of ability to shape how it's built! Come make location data more accessible and widely used!

Reach out to me: mick at askiggy dot com if you're interested or have questions.

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