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Epigno | Front-end Engineer, DevOps, Data Engineer | Tokyo / Sendai, Japan | Full-time, part-time or intern | REMOTE | https://epigno.jp

Epigno is a start-up that provides management, optimization and visualization (business intelligence) solutions to streamline hospital management. We provide consulting services and software solutions to solve hospital business needs.

Our team is entirely remote. We are hiring fast learners that finish their job on time and do not work overtime.

Tech stack: VueJS / Nuxt / Vuetify / Laravel (mainly)

We also have some projects with Python / Flask / Docker / Rust.

As we are still small, professional Japanese proficiency is highly preferred for full-time staff to reduce communication overhead with our team and our customers. For part-time positions Japanese proficiency is good to have. We hire people located in Japan only.

The position we are hiring for is an SSR application front-end engineer (with Nuxt & Vuetify), but we are flexible.

Depending on your skillset, you do not need to exactly fit in the above positions. In addition to front-end, back-end experience would as well be welcome, though not necessary. Generalist, full-stack engineers are welcome. Feel free to contact me for applying: malik(at)epigno(dot)jp


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