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DreamList.com | Lead Mobile Engineer | SF Bay Area or Remote | Part-Time / Full time | Potential Co-Founder opportunity teaming up with a Full Stack Engineer | https://www.DreamList.com

DreamList is a private and forever ads-free shared brain for families. Designed from the ground up to be an agent for consumers, our goal is to be trusted and spread organically by building something so much better than any other consumer platform out there (one that saves you money, preserves your privacy, and helps you gather yours and loved one’s most precious memories and stories for posterity). Starting with a more meaningful collaborative shopping and wishlist tool for families, we are expanding with social functionality, a new type of family personal logging tool, platform for external apps, and a pro plan that is hard to resist (saves users more money than it asks for, and is directly aligned with user goals).

Built in Go with an API, JS, SQL, and a lot of direct feedback from thousands of users, we are now finishing a mobile app in Native iOS and SwiftUI that needs the same level of expertise or better than what we’ve applied to the rest of the stack. If you are an expert Native IOS and Swift engineer need a few hours of contract work, ping us (mobile@dreamlist.com). If you are someone who believes in our mission and you want to beat the advertising model with something so much better for users (bonus: you get to sleep much better at night, and be seen as Santa’s CTO during the holidays) or you want make sure everyone can leave a legacy for loved ones, ping us as well. (team@dreamlist.com)

Good luck to everyone reading this thread! We love HN serendipity!

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