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CampusOptics | Lead Mobile Software Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite (~2 days a week)

CampusOptics is building a first-of-its-kind facilities and safety management platform for distributed campuses, starting in higher education. We enable teams of facilities and safety professionals to see the big picture, stay on top of the small details, and prevent harm on their campus.

We've used contractors to build our React Native application, and we're looking for an engineer to take the lead on continued development. You'll walk into a high-quality codebase that's easy to work with, but you'll have something between input and autonomy on everything from ESLint rules to testing strategy to product direction.

We're a small team with big goals and lots of experience. We'd love to find someone excited to join early and eager to help lay the foundation for our practices, product, team, and codebase.

Email me (I'm a cofounder, the CTO, and the hiring manager) at jcody@campusoptics.com to hear more or start a conversation.


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