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Anvil | Software Developers | Cambridge, UK | On-site/Semi-Remote | Full-time, Part-time, Flexible | https://anvil.works/jobs

We make an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a PaaS hosting platform.

Anvil is a platform for building and hosting full-stack web applications, entirely in Python. We're looking for developers to help us build our hosting platform-as-a-service, online code editor, and drag-and-drop GUI designer, as part of a small, friendly and diverse team.

Web development is way too complicated, so we're fixing it: Instead of writing JS/HTML/CSS/Python/SQL and all the associated frameworks, Anvil enables developers to design pages with drag-and-drop, write Python that runs in the browser and on the server, set up a database, and deploy their code instantly as a hosted service.

Behind that magic is a lot of work - and that's where you come in. You'll be working on the Anvil editor (that's the dev environment, code editor, drag'n'drop designer, version control, and so on) and the Anvil runtime (that's the Python-to-JS compiler, UI toolkit, database back-end, API router, integrations and infrastructure that make it all go). A lot of your work will be open source.

Building dev tools is great! We're solving problems we have ourselves, our customers are developers just like us, and platforms have the best engineering problems.

We're hiring both senior and junior developers, front-end and back-end. Our stack includes:

* Our code editor and GUI builder (JS, React)

* Our API router and editor backend (Clojure)

* Our front-end UI toolkit (JS, Python)

* Our back-end runtime (Python)

* Our Python-to-JS compiler (JS, Python)

If that sounds like fun, read the full job spec: https://anvil.works/jobs

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