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Shoji (https://shoji.ai) | Software Engineers | London, UK | Remote (UK/EU) | Full-time

At Shoji we’re redefining the way that data is shared –– this time, putting privacy first. We’re building the infrastructure and applications of tomorrow to help businesses safely and responsibly unlock the value of their most sensitive data. We make private useful and keep useful data private.

Our platform lets multiple teams or organisations analyse data, generate insights and perform machine learning on private datasets, without ever moving or exposing the raw data.

We've just raised £1.5m from Entrepreneur First, Pentech Ventures and senior leadership from Apple, Amazon and Spotify. Come and join us if you want to play a crucial part in the massive privacy-first transformation of the trillion-dollar data economy.

Our open roles can be found at https://apply.workable.com/shoji

Right now we're looking for

- Software Engineer, Database Systems | £60–90k | London/Remote

- Software Engineer, Machine Learning | £50–80k | London/Remote

- DevOps Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure | £70–100k | London/Remote

- Backend Developer | £50-70k | London/Remote

- Business Development Lead | £50–65k | London

No role that fits your skills, but still think we need you? Contact me at jordan <a t> shoji <d0t> ai

We're big believers in using the right tool for the job, and as one of the early hires you'll have a big say in the technologies we incorporate (though experience with rust, go/node and python would be a nice bonus). For now, our early-stage product is running on a python + microservices + multi-cloud tech stack.

Just an upcoming uk grad, so I'm not sure I'm the best fit, but just wanted to say kudos for the clear job description, it's nice to see so much detail about the application process.

Thanks for the feedback, we're big on transparency :)

For what it's worth we are planning on bringing more junior members on in ~9-12 months. Either way, we're looking for the right people, not just to fill these roles. Feel free to send me an email if what we're doing interests you.

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