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Speckle | Remote | UK/Europe | Full-time | Backend/Devops Engineer, Frontend Engineer

Hi! Dimitrie, founder @ Speckle. We are revolutionising how architects, engineers and construction professionals deal and interact with building and infrastructure data: we believe in a modern ecosystem created around an open source platform (Speckle!). When we use big words, we like to say that we're building the "git & github" for a $10T industry (AEC - architecture, engineering and construction).

We have two openings of interest, one for a Frontend Engineer[0] and for a Backend/Devops Wizard[1]. Both positions are remote, but we ideally would like a ~4-6h overlap with the London timezone.

Our stack crosses from NodeJs, Postgres, Kubernetes, to C#, Python and sprinklings of C++. There's always something fun to hack on at Speckle! We work in the open, constantly engaging with our community and users from across backgrounds, domains and cultures[2]. We have other openings too, just head over to our careers page [3] for more info & company culture snippets.

[0] https://speckle.systems/careers/frontend-engineer/ [1] https://speckle.systems/careers/backend/ [2] https://speckle.community/t/community-standup/951/22 [3] https://speckle.systems/careers

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