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DialerAI | Senior Django Backend Engineer, Remote (Spain/Barcelona) | Full-time or Part-Time | https://dialer.ai/

* +5 years of experience in Python/Django

* Some experience ReactJS or similar frameworks

* Experience troubleshooting and optimizing database performance.

* Extensive experience with modern product development practices, including software testing (e.g. TDD, unit testing, regression testing).

* Write code focused on scalability, testability and maintainability.

* Self driven; taking ownership of your work and delivering outcomes

* Able to commit 3-5 days per week (we are flexible on schedule)

Our stack: Python/Django, React/TypeScript, but we also do some Elixir & Lua

About DialerAI:

At DialerAI, we are creating a platform for Call-Center, this allows companies to create and manage their call-center entirely in cloud.


If you'd like to learn more or set up a call with me (CTO), you can e-mail me directly at info@star2billing.com

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