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Fullsend Solutions | React Native, Fullstack Web, Frontend Web | Full-time/Part-time Contract | Remote

Fullsend is a developer first software studio built to help early stage companies with the technical side of their business. We come from the big agency world and founded Fullsend in response to the bloated way big agencies build bloated software to bloated companies. We value using modern popular frameworks. We value delivering code to our clients. We value making sound technical decisions even if that pushes back timelines. We value the opinions of our devs and want them to feel good about the direction of our projects.

We are executing across a broad range of businesses in fintech, fitness, social networking, and more. We are constantly in talks with new clients in a broad range of sectors. Our current needs are:

Senior React Native

Senior Frontend Web: ReactJS, NextJs

Senior Fullstack Web: NodeJs, Typescript, Postgres, ReactJS, AWS, NextJs

If this interests you, please reach out to apply@fullsend.io and we will schedule a call. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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