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HourStack | Remote | USA | Full-time | Fullstack Engineer | $85-125k HourStack helps teams of all sizes with a holistic, visual approach to both time tracking and scheduling — easily connect favorite applications with zero disruption to workflow or use HourStack on its own. The all-in-one visual calendar helps you see, plan, and track your team's time across tasks and projects in a complete view. Easily schedule tasks, accurately track time, pull actionable reports, and customize your workspace and permissions.

As a small team, we all have our areas of focus and ownership, but contribute to many aspects of the business to ensure product and marketing are fully synced. From designing, building, and testing, to documenting, hosting, and supporting, you will own the API as your primary responsibility.

This is a backend heavy fullstack engineering role, but you will have some secondary responsibilities such as technical support for the marketing team, internal tooling, and browser extensions where you'll need solid frontend experience.

Our API is built on a LEMP stack hosted with DigitalOcean. Our framework of choice is Laravel and we utilize many tools from that ecosystem, such as Forge for server management, Envoyer for zero downtime deployments, Cashier for managing subscriptions with Stripe, Passport for OAuth, Horizon for queue management, etc.

Our web client utilizes React, TypeScript, Next.js, etc. You'll need familiarity with standard testing and development tools and technologies such as Git, Yarn, Babel, PHPUnit, etc.

Many more details about the role, team, offer, and hiring process are available here: https://hourstack.com/careers. Email jobs@hourstack.com if you'd like to apply.

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