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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (August 2021)
357 points by whoishiring 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 916 comments
Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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New Lantern | React Engineers | Full-time | Remote or SF | https://newlantern.ai

New Lantern is a new Web App that helps radiologists analyze patient medical images and craft diagnoses. This product will make doctors more accurate, expedite the turnaround time for patients and help provide a more seamless experience for both the patient and doctor.

We’re looking for a frontend React engineer who can help us build out our enterprise medical imaging platform. You’ll own the frontend of a cloud-based medical image viewer radiologists use to prioritize, view, manipulate, and annotate exams containing thousands of images (MRIs, CT scans, etc..).

We've raised capital from a top VC and several prominent angels/radiologists, and have closed a 6-figure contract with a radiology practice, laying the path very clear to a Series A raise. As votes of confidence, we were accepted into YC S21 and ODF, although we passed on both since there's a crystal-clear customer-centric path ahead of us.

The company is early-stage, engineers that like to take initiative and define both product and engineering culture are very welcome!

Tech stack:

* Django

* React.js

* Postgres

* Google Cloud

* Cornerstone.js

Email: jamie@findwork.dev

Compound Labs | Senior Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US continental timezones) | https://compound.finance/

Compound is an interest rate protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, that lets developers create new financial applications that are global, safe, and open. The Compound protocol is one of the largest DeFi protocols on earth, with over $15 billion earning interest, and moving billions of dollars of assets every day.

At Compound Labs we develop the protocol and new tools, alongside a community of users and COMP token-holders. Learn more about our upcoming Gateway blockchain, built in Rust: https://compound.cash/

We're always looking for world-class engineers, currently we have the following positions listed:

* Senior Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/compound-2/c23b741c-2f62-48f4-b81f-d40...

* Rust Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/compound-2/436bfc13-2063-436a-85f6-c69...

We work in Rust, Solidity, Elixir, Elm, and whatever other programming languages and tools suit our needs (such as formal verification). We're always learning and optimizing what we build in the name of correctness.

At Compound, you will build high-caliber technology to propel the future of decentralized finance.

Charge Robotics | Robotics Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | SF Bay Area

Hi HN! We’re a brand new startup building robots that build large-scale solar farms. It turns out that construction companies literally can't build solar fast enough, so what we're doing is a crucial part of switching the grid over to renewable generation. We're funded and are looking to bring two more talented software engineers onto our small team.

You’ll be a key contributor, helping bring our first prototype to life: an autonomous, 25,000 pound outdoor mobile robot. You’ll have the opportunity to work on every part of our robotics stack including localization, planning, perception, control, simulation, and more. You'll have a lot of input on which problems you decide to tackle.

Our founding team has experience growing companies and building robots like this. One of our founders was the second employee at a robotics startup that recently announced a $1.1B public offering.

Come work with us if you love:

* Fast-paced prototype development with software and hardware components

* Making a positive climate impact through your work

* Hacking on massive construction equipment!

Apply here: https://chargerobotics.com/careers.html

WELL Health Inc. | Software Engineers | Full Time + Equity/Benefits | Santa Barbara, CA/Los Angeles, CA/Boston, MA/Fully Remote(US ONLY)

Our Mission is to make healthcare the gold standard in customer service.

WELL Health (https://wellapp.com/) enables conversations between patients and their providers through secure, multilingual messaging in the patient’s preferred communications channel: texting, email, telephone, and live chat. WELL Health’s intelligent communications hub is the only two-way digital health solution engaging patients throughout their entire care experience.

WELL Health is a Series C startup ($45M in funding) with 200+ employees and growing! WELL has been named No. 10 on the 2021 Forbes America's Best Startup Employers list. In 2020, WELL Health was named among the Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare and ranked #170 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies.

We currently have a number of engineering positions open and are looking to grow our engineering team exponentially!

DevOps Engineers(senior and mid-level), Site Reliability Engineers(mid-level), Backend Engineers(senior and mid-level), Frontend Engineers(senior and mid-level), Full Stack Engineers , Integration Engineers(senior and mid-level), Data Engineers (Senior and mid-level), Product Managers (associate and senior level) Engineering Manager, and Director of DevSecOps.

If interested, apply directly (https://grnh.se/3892eecb2us). You can email jodahara_c@wellapp.com with questions.

Skydio Autonomy | Redwood City, CA | Robotics / C++ / Python

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone company and world leader in autonomous flight. Today our products are flown at scale in complex, unknown environments by a wide range of customers to capture incredible video, inspect critical infrastructure, and save lives in emergency response scenarios. Our series D was at a $170M at a $1B valuation led by a16z.

If you’re interested in being a core member of a 30 person world-class engineering and research team that is defining the future of a major emerging industry, dive in --> http://autonomy.skyd.io

We’re looking for a diverse combination of engineers, researchers, and managers with strong SW skills and experience across complex products. We’re particularly interested in people with Unreal Engine, mobile game dev or deep learning experience.

Autonomy - Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4424734003

Autonomy Products Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4303435003

Autonomy Engineer - Deep Learning: https://boards.greenhouse.io/skydio/jobs/4221006003

I lead this team and you can reach me at { hayk at skydio dot com }.

Cerebrae (https://cerebrae.com) | Remote or On-Site in San Francisco, CA

We are looking for experienced software engineers to help us build a modern financial management platform for healthcare. Cerebrae’s platform combines finance, actuarial, and underwriting disciplines to provide our customers -- digital health, providers, and payers -- with the capabilities needed to manage risk in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape. Our goal is to provide all participants in the healthcare ecosystem with the same capabilities as large insurance companies. To learn more about Cerebrae visit https://www.cerebrae.com/.

This position is predominantly backend with the option to be full-stack. We use Golang, Python, Javascript/React, Postgres, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform.


Confluent | REMOTE or London, Mountain View, Other office locations

Confluent helps businesses "Set Data in Motion" with Apache Kafka (and related services like schema registry, connect e.t.c.). We have a fully managed / SaaS cloud offering (Confluent Cloud) as well as "Confluent Platform" which offers tooling (inc. Kubernetes Operator) and support for running Kafka on your own infrastructure.

I joined a little under three months ago as an SRE; my team is spread across Europe and was fully remote prior to COVID-19. There are also major offices in London, UK and Mountain View, California as well as some smaller offices in other locations.

There are many positions open across all teams in Engineering: https://www.confluent.io/careers#open-positions

Stack varies by team/area; there is a lot of Java (Kafka/connect etc are all Java) but a lot of our internal services and tools are written in GoLang.

I can be found on LinkedIn if you would like to ask any questions before applying: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aarontrout

SumUp | Tech Lead, Software Engineering | Full Time, Equity, 160k-180k | ONSITE or REMOTE (Boulder, CO)

SumUp is a fintech company focused on empowering small businesses. We're primarily focused on enabling merchants to accept payments, and we build a number of tools including POS devices (similar to Square). As a company we've primarily operated in European markets and Brazil, but we're hiring in the US to build out our Global Expansion team which will be responsible for establishing new markets including the United States.

We're looking for experienced engineers with a history of technical leadership on big projects. We use tools like Elixir, Ruby, Golang, (among others) to work on a myriad of technical projects related to establishing new markets.

We're especially interested in engineers who have experience with hardware certification and payments infrastructure, and those who have experience working on open source projects.

We're currently employing a hybrid model for remote work, so most engineers come in to the office 1-2 days a week. We provide relocation assistance to move to Colorado if possible for you.

Send me an email at austin.tindle@sumup.com and mention hackernews if you're interested.

CrazyGames | https://about.crazygames.com/ | REMOTE | Full-time | Multiple positions

With recent technologies such as WebGL and WebAssembly, the browser has become a powerful gaming platform. High-quality 3D graphics and near-native level performance are becoming possible without the need for downloads, apps, or platform-specific development. We are building the tools to allow game developers to use this opportunity. Our browser games platform is already reaching more than 15 million people per month. We are self-funded, profitable, and fast-growing. We are currently looking for people to join our team:

* Product Engineer (REMOTE) - https://crazygames.recruitee.com/o/remote-product-engineer

* Product Manager (REMOTE) - https://crazygames.recruitee.com/o/remote-product-manager

More information here: https://jobs.crazygames.com

Amplitude | Multiple Roles | SF & Vancouver (Onsite) | Full Time

We are hiring aggressively across our entire company - frontend, backend, full stack, DevOps, PMs, and product designers.

We recently reached a $4B valuation and raised $150MM in a round of funding.

Key roles we're hiring for:

Engineering Manager, Data Pipeline (SF) - people management experience, hands on, large distributed systems, stack includes java, python, kafka, redis, DyanmoDB

Product Engineer (SF or Vancouver) - frontend or fullstack with a front end focus, hiring all levels from associate to staff, stack includes React, Redux, Node, GraphQL

SWE, Data Pipeline Infra (SF and Canada) - backend role focusing on building data pipelines processing realtime data; huge emphasis on distributed systems; tech stack includes Java and Python

Lead Product Designer, Growth (SF) - looking for strong track record in product design and growth, opportunities to manage a small team

Principal Product Manager, Analytics (SF) - PM for our core Analytics product, looking for to understand underserved potential customers and take new products and features from 0 to 1 to expand our user base

All our open roles here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/amplitude

Email me josh.joo [at] amplitude.com

Center of Complex Interventions | Frontend Engineer | Remote (anywhere), full time, open source, nonprofit

Mathesar is an open source project that aims to make databases accessible to non-technical users, allowing users to store, manipulate, visualize, and collaborate with others on their data. We’re heavily inspired by Dabble DB. We're currently working hard on an MVP and hope to release an alpha version by November.

Our small team is spread out across the world, we work asynchronously and value independent work and good communication. We have zero standing meetings; we do most of our planning and discussion on GitHub. See: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/discussions

About the project: https://wiki.mathesar.org/

Our roadmap: https://github.com/centerofci/mathesar/milestones?direction=...

We need additional frontend help to help us build out our roadmap on time. Our stack is Svelte and TypeScript. The interview process will consist of a couple of general interviews and working with us on an open issue on the Mathesar repository.

Full job description and application instructions are here: https://wiki.mathesar.org/en/jobs. Mention this HN post when you apply!

Sameday Health | Software Engineer(Elixir) | Full Time, Equity, 140k-300k | REMOTE (Venice, CA)

Founded in response to Covid, Sameday Health is a modern health clinic that has scaled to 40+ locations, processed 700K+ Covid samples, and built multiple in-house laboratories in less 9 months.

Software is eating the world and this is no exception. We've reached and sustained this immense scale due to the strength of our software and passionate staff. Leveraging our 500+ team of doctors, nurses, drivers, and engineers, we are bringing scale and efficiency to the rest of healthcare.

To meet the challenge, Sameday Health is hiring aggressively for talented software engineers of all levels to build out the software that will run the next generation of health care. If you're excited to join a high growth start-up with significant traction in the health care space, I'm happy to have a conversation! Positions are remote so you have the freedom to work anywhere!

More Info here: https://www.notion.so/sameday/Senior-Software-Developer-ef3a...

Email: brian@sameday-testing.com

EDB | Principal Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time | https://enterprisedb.com

EDB builds products and solutions based on the world’s best database, Postgres. We have many of the core Postgres contributors on staff and continuously contribute back to the open source community.

We’re currently looking to fill many roles as we continue to rapidly grow.

We need several Principal Software Engineers to join our BDR (bi-directional replication) development team. BDR is a multi-master Postgres solution with a wide breadth of functionality for high-availability and replication. 100% remote.


We're also currently looking for a junior software engineer to assist with automation and tooling efforts. This role will be involved in creating tools to remove friction from processes and make our development teams more efficient. Please contact me directly if you're interested in this role, the posting is not live yet.

All openings: https://grnh.se/3ee0435d3us

You can reach out to me at doug.calobrisi[at]enterprisedb.com

DreamList.com | Lead Mobile Engineer | SF Bay Area or Remote | Part-Time / Full time | Potential Co-Founder opportunity teaming up with a Full Stack Engineer | https://www.DreamList.com

DreamList is a private and forever ads-free shared brain for families. Designed from the ground up to be an agent for consumers, our goal is to be trusted and spread organically by building something so much better than any other consumer platform out there (one that saves you money, preserves your privacy, and helps you gather yours and loved one’s most precious memories and stories for posterity). Starting with a more meaningful collaborative shopping and wishlist tool for families, we are expanding with social functionality, a new type of family personal logging tool, platform for external apps, and a pro plan that is hard to resist (saves users more money than it asks for, and is directly aligned with user goals).

Built in Go with an API, JS, SQL, and a lot of direct feedback from thousands of users, we are now finishing a mobile app in Native iOS and SwiftUI that needs the same level of expertise or better than what we’ve applied to the rest of the stack. If you are an expert Native IOS and Swift engineer need a few hours of contract work, ping us (mobile@dreamlist.com). If you are someone who believes in our mission and you want to beat the advertising model with something so much better for users (bonus: you get to sleep much better at night, and be seen as Santa’s CTO during the holidays) or you want make sure everyone can leave a legacy for loved ones, ping us as well. (team@dreamlist.com)

Good luck to everyone reading this thread! We love HN serendipity!

Apriwell | VP of Engineering | Berlin | https://apriwell.jobs.personio.de/

We set out to reimagine healthcare and make it more effective, more accessible, more convenient, and yes, more fun! How? Using a mix of technology, medicine and ingenuity. Our vertically-integrated care platform powers a human-first, end-to-end healthcare experience that provides modern consumers with a complete solution for their chronic condition.

In your role as VP of engineering, you will have a direct impact on the evolution of our core technology platform. Therefore, your decisions in terms of architecture, technology selection and team will change lives. Join our experienced team to work on the future of healthcare.

We are currently preparing the move from our MVP product to the first full version of our platform. That means we can already build on our existing learnings but you can still influence key decisions in terms of technologies being used and what team to build.

See more here: https://apriwell.jobs.personio.de/job/383747

Embraer (Beacon) | Technical Project Manager, Senior Back-End Engineer (Clojure) | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, US or Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building https://beacon.works, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil)

Tech: Clojure, React / ReactNative, GraphQL, TypeScript, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to work@beacon.works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Note: We can only hire legal US/BR residents and cannot sponsor visas or relocation. We are also federally regulated and all employees must pass a federal drug test. These restrictions are not within our control so please do not ask for exemptions. Thanks.

ATHOS | Multiple Positions | Redwood City, CA | Remote Option | Full time & Consulting | Competitive Salary, Bonus, & Benefits | https://athos.applytojob.com/apply

Our Mission at Athos is to Build Better Athletes and we believe we’re all athletes. Since our founding, we set out to leverage surface electromyography (sEMG) in a wearable form factor to track movement and muscular function anywhere the body is in motion. We have helped thousands of professional and collegiate athletes get more from their workouts. We’ve also expanded our focus to include warfighters in multiple branches of the US military. All of these athletes have one common goal which is to train hard, train effectively and train safely. At Athos, we believe in getting the most out of every workout and enabling all athletes to reach their highest potential!

Interested in joining the team? We're always looking for highly motivated employees who will help us stay on the cutting edge of creativity and human performance innovation.

We are hiring for the following positions:

-DevOps Engineer (remote option): https://athos.applytojob.com/apply/jC0pYzdknL/DevOps-Enginee...

-Test Automation Engineer (remote option): https://athos.applytojob.com/apply/U3G6Nra0Kt/Lead-Test-Engi...

Capitalise.com | Senior DevOps | Junior Test QA | Portugal | Hybrid Working

We’re a funded, fintech startup and our vision is to unlock UK businesses’ full potential today by matching the right business to the right lender.

Senior DevOps Engineer responsible for development and optimisation on projects across our infrastructure’s platform including API, microservices and overall stability on which the team builds their web products as well as developer operations such as building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines and automating deployment processes whenever appropriate.

More information here https://capitalise.homerun.co/senior-devops-engineer/en or ping me at thaisa.money@capitalise.com.

Junior Test / QA Engineer responsible for ensuring overall product quality and maintaining a high level of usability and accessibility through a mixture of automated and manual testing.

More information here https://capitalise.homerun.co/junior-test-qa-engineer/en or ping me at thaisa.money@capitalise.com.

Getaround | Senior Backend Software Engineer (Python) [Multiple Openings] | Full-Time | San Francisco, CA HQ or Remote (US, near Pacific Time) | getaround.com

Getaround connects safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. Our community includes guests who rely on our cars for on-demand mobility and hosts who share cars on our platform including those who operate their own car sharing businesses. Our connected car technology allows guests to book and unlock a wide variety of vehicles directly from our app without ever having to meet anyone in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate picking up keys.

Cars are parked 22 hours a day on average. When we share cars, we don’t need as many on the road, which means fewer accidents, reduced traffic, and less space required for parking. Car sharing modernizes mobility by allowing people to connect multiple forms of efficient transportation for any type of use case.

Studies show that when car sharing is available, people drive less and drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, which can reduce household carbon emissions by up to 40%. Also, shared cars are used more frequently and retired more quickly, accelerating the adoption of newer, more energy-efficient vehicles.

We're hiring a Senior Backend Software Engineer with Python experience to join our growing engineering team.

Apply online (https://jobs.lever.co/getaround/d0d01536-80ac-4f3b-95b9-dfe1...) or email me (Sr Director of Engineering) at tareq dot ahmed at getaround dot com to learn more.

Sikoia | Full Stack/C# Developer, Technical Business Analyst, Intern | London or REMOTE | Contractor/Permanent/Intern | https://sikoia.com

Sikoia is an API marketplace and data platform for financial services. We help fintech, lenders and corporates bring financial solutions to the market faster with our extensive library of integrations and smart workflows. Combined with our advanced analytics, we extend the capabilities of our clients’ systems without the pain of traditional integration projects.

We are at an early stage, making our first tech hires after closing our first funding found. We are backed by two of Europe's best fintech VCs plus 8 fintech CEO/founder angels (announcement coming very soon, hence no names here). Our co-founders are ex-Softbank/Experian/JPMorgan, with deep experience in financial data and credit risk and the ambition to quickly build a global business. Our tech stack is C# in Azure plus some Python.

London-based or remote with max 2 hours time difference. Contractor or permanent. Intern position also available.


Full stack/C# developer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2647555911/

Technical Business Analyst - B2B Fintech: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2656347876/

Intern: ask us!

For details, email jobs@sikoia.com.

Percona | Golang Software Engineer | QA / DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes) | Backend Engineer | Worldwide | Remote Full-time | https://www.percona.com/ Percona is keeping open source open. And we are hiring. Join us to influence Percona’s role in Kubernetes ecosystem!

Golang Software Engineer https://jobs.lever.co/percona/28a17040-ddb6-4284-ab36-17e69e...

QA / DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes) https://jobs.lever.co/percona/07f0e314-e7ad-4eb3-890a-777f99...

Also we are hiring a Senior Backend Software Engineer for PMM - a project which is building Percona’s future business. https://jobs.lever.co/percona/8b602d61-550a-4780-8166-3abcd9...

If you are interested in being a part of a passionate engineering organisation, please HIT APPLY!

Kinsta | JavaScript Developer | Full-time REMOTE (USA, UK, EU/EEA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan)

Kinsta set out to create the best managed hosting platform in the world. Originally a team of four, we are now a globally distributed, remote company of 200. Our Development Team works with some of the most exciting JavaScript technologies on the market to build our client-facing and internal tools, and we are looking for talented and experienced JS developers to join us. If you would like to work with an ownership-embracing, highly skilled team in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence, Kinsta might just be the place for you.

What you'll see at Kinsta: ownership, quality code, relaxed environment, work-life balance, technical excellence

Our tech stack: React, Node, GraphQL, SQL, Express, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript, Jest, Storybook, Git, Heroku, Docker, Stripe

Check us out and apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/kinsta/a3fe724e-65de-424c-8c07-541b15a...

Jupiter | YC S19 | Senior Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, ML, Mobile, QA) | Remote or SF | https://jupiter.co/careers

Jupiter is building the hyperpersonalized, content-driven online grocer for households who cook. We're making it easy to plan meals by shopping directly for recipes you like, and putting the rest on autopilot. Join us in building magical content-driven food experiences that are convenient, healthy and fun!

Jupiter was part of YC's Summer 2019 batch and secured $4M+ from an outstanding set of investors including NFX, Khosla Ventures, Canaan Ventures, Switch Ventures, and Paul Buchheit. We sell $1.5M+ in GMV annually and deliver to 600+ homes in the Bay Area.

We plan to close our next recruitment cycle by the 3rd week of August. We're also offering a $5K referral bonus for every successful hire. If you're interested or know anyone who'd be a great fit, shoot us a note at careers@jupiter.co!

(Also, feel free to check out our tech stack at https://starship.jupiter.co/jupiter-stack/)

Boloo.co | Full-time | Remote (EU timezone) or Onsite in Eindhoven (option to relocate interested candidates to the NL) | Full Stack Engineer | 5K EUR / month + Profit Sharing

Boloo.co is helping online retailers become more successful and independent. We help small business and individuals and helping them compete with big companies. We are fully self-funded, have no debt, and are already quite profitable with more than 3.5K small businesses paying monthly subscribers. We grow our business by investing in our community rather than marketing. As a private company, we are not beholden to shareholders or any board of directors and are able to run things our way. Employees own the means of production at Boloo with a true profit sharing incentive: we all get rich together or none at all. Our Engineering culture is top priority: 20% hack time, no deadlines, and focus on quality, code readability, and testability.

Read more about the role at: https://boloo1.homerun.co/fullstack-software-engineer/en

You can apply through the link above or email me directly at shay@boloo.co

Kadeya (https://www.kadeya.com) | Full-time Front and Back -End Engineer| Hybrid/Remote

Kadeya (previously AWM) is re-imagining the $12.5 billion American office water-bottle market by building a closed-loop vending IoT platform powered by a digitally connected network of reusable water bottles and bottle dispenser stations. We are a pre-seed female-founded and led startup based in Chicago and are currently testing our MVP. We will soon be launching our alpha station and are hiring for the following positions:

Front-End Engineer (https://docsend.com/view/guwt9jk8skk7z62q) Back-End Engineer (https://docsend.com/view/ywnypn5fvapu9wk6)

Please apply here: (https://7d6o3claqzr.typeform.com/to/D4WhVgWx)

GUTS Tickets | Frontend/Backend/DevOps/Support | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | onsite/part remote €35k-‚€70k+ p.a. depending on experience, part-time/full-time, SARS plan available.

GUTS Tickets is a ticketing platform & service that puts an end to disgraceful secondary ticket prices and ticket fraud.

We have several open positions for:

- Senior Frontend Developers (VueJS, React Native, Typescript)

- Senior Backend Developers (Golang, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Solidity, Ethereum, NFT)

- Blockchain developer (Solidity, NFT, Ethereum, Polygon)

- DevOps/SRE (kubernetes, AWS, grafana, newrelic)

- Service & Support Officer

- Product owner, scrum master

Competitive salary based on experience: part-time or full-time is negotiable. ESOP (SARS) or token plan are negotiable. Employee-based conference, hardware and training budget is available.

Perks: PS4 Pro and 4K TV gaming-battles, ping-pong tournaments, Friday-afternoon bbq/drinks on roof terrace (looking over Amsterdam), committed team-members from all over the world (all on-site), meetups & lightning talks, access to "fill in whatever you want" events & conferences.

Check out https://careers.guts.tickets/ (soliciting is NOT appreciated)

Alloy | Full-Stack Software Engineer Berlin, Germany / Vancouver, BC, 65 - 120k EUR / 85 - 165k CAD | https://alloy.ai

At Alloy, we work with consumer goods companies that make the products we eat, wear, and use every day, as well as the ones we occasionally splurge on. We’re tackling a real and complex problem for brands: managing supply and demand in the face of constantly changing customer behavior. Our goal is to make products available where and when they are most needed.

Engineers at Alloy are tasked with solving the complex problems that supply chain data presents, while making it all seem simple and easy to the user. Whether you enjoy building data pipelines that process billions of data points per day, digging into the math of replenishment models, or creating an intuitive frontend experience, there is no shortage of challenging things to work on. We're looking to hire platform engineers to join our Vancouver team and an engineering lead to join our team in Berlin.

Our stack: Google Cloud Platform, Postgres, Python, modern Java, TypeScript, and React. We invest heavily in the growth and development of the team - you don't need to know these technologies upfront to succeed at Alloy.

We've raised over $15 million from leading investors, have rapidly growing revenue, and have secured large contracts from some of the world’s most recognisable brands like Ferrero, Melissa & Doug and Valvoline. If the problem sounds interesting, we’d love to tell you more.

https://alloy.ai/engineering - mention HN in your application.

GRASP Innovations | Senior Data Engineer | Full-time | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Onsite

At GRASP Innovations we are obsessed with inefficiencies, especially those within aviation security. We love to travel but hate standing in line unnecessarily (standing in line in general actually) and are convinced a combination of smart technologies and data handling products can help solve this.

We're looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our growing team. You will be working with market leading airports, security companies and technology integrators.

We have recently raised funding which enables us to accelerate the development of our solutions and bring more powerful and effective solutions to the aviation security industry. This also means that in this role you'll have the freedom and responsibility to help shape our future.

For more information: https://jobs.grasp-innovations.com/engineering/senior-data-e...

Also feel free to reach out to me directly via email: michael@grasp-innovations.com

Craft.co | REMOTE, Europe | Multiple engineering roles | Full-time

Craft is a supplier intelligence company helping organizations get notified about their suppliers today so they aren't surprised tomorrow.

Hear our CEO talk about the benefits and future of Craft at https://www.dynamo.vc/podcasts/fosc-76-ilya-levtov-of-craft

* DevOps Engineer, Europe: https://boards.greenhouse.io/craftco/jobs/4575117003

* Senior Data Engineer, Europe: https://boards.greenhouse.io/craftco/jobs/4573557003

* Lead software engineer, Ops Efficiency, Europe: https://boards.greenhouse.io/craftco/jobs/4573648003

* Data analyst intern, US/Canada: https://grnh.se/af8ec0d53us

See all at https://craft.co/careers

Craft is a Series A SaaS startup with B2B and Consumer products with a simple and beautiful UX. We use Airflow, Python, AWS, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Node, Postgres. We're a rapidly growing 100 person team across Europe, US, and Canada. We're all remote.

Angaza | San Francisco and Nairobi | REMOTE OK | https://www.angaza.com/careers/

Angaza enables life-changing products, such as solar + battery home energy systems, to be sold _on payment plans_ in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia.

We've reached millions of people. Their homes now have electricity for the first time:

- https://youtu.be/2EvEeAs_9R4 and https://youtu.be/onMT6_Yv67I

- https://www.angaza.com/category/engineering/

The technology you build will help reach a billion more. We are hiring for several roles in San Francisco, Nairobi, and remote:

- https://jobs.lever.co/angaza

You can read more about Angaza engineering culture on our Key Values page:

- https://www.keyvalues.com/angaza

Coqui | Various Positions | Berlin, Germany OR Remote | Full-time | https://coqui.ai

An open source remote-friendly Berlin based startup.

Founded by the creators of Mozilla’s text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) engines (over 550K downloads and 22K GitHub stars)

Backing of investors from around the globe (London, San Francisco, and Berlin)

What’s not to love?

- Head of Product https://coqui.ai/job/head-of-product

- 3 x Senior Full Stack Engineers https://coqui.ai/job/senior-full-stack-engineer

- 2 x Senior STT Deep Learning Engineers https://coqui.ai/job/senior-stt-deep-learning-engineer

- 2 x Senior TTS Deep Learning Engineers https://coqui.ai/job/senior-tts-deep-learning-engineer

- 2 x Senior, Developer Community Managers https://coqui.ai/job/senior-developer-community-manager

The full list of open positions is available on our jobs page https://coqui.ai/jobs

Pinemelon.com | Almaty, Kazakhstan | Full-time | Onsite | Senior Backend Engineer

We’re Pinemelon.com, online grocery delivery company with our own 30,000 SF fulfillment centers and a car fleet with full-time drivers. Wide selection of 20,000 SKUs. Laser focus on high-quality natural organic products. 1-2 hour delivery with timeslots. 450+ employees. 5x YoY growth since the founding in 2018. We fulfill 1500+ big-bulk (20-30+ items) orders per day in 2 cities. We’re in early phase of our journey to become Starbucks/Apple of online groceries in 30+ mid-size cities in the US. Launching in Denver this year. Key principles: vertical integration, highest quality products at the best price, focus on product design, customer obsession, farmers market meets online grocery.

We build all the software in house: customer facing apps, warehouse & inventory management system, routing system, recommendation systems, etc. Tech stack: PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, JS, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, git, nginx, redis, RabbitMQ, Phalcon, VueJS, CI/CD.

We’re experiencing hyper growth and have a long pipeline of exciting features to build next. Email me (arman [at] pinemelon [dot] com) if you want to chat.

MeetElise AI Technologies | Multiple Positions | New York | ONSITE | https://meetelise.com

MeetElise is dedicated to modernizing apartment leasing and operations by using artificial intelligence to create an automated and self-service experience.

After successfully launching our AI leasing assistant, we have experienced unprecedented growth and are widely accepted as the industry leader in artificial intelligence for rental housing.

Our clients include most of the largest owners of apartment buildings in the US and we just closed a series B round of financing.

Our founders are graduates of MIT and University of Cambridge with a leadership team from Zillow, Amazon and Uber.

We offer a relaxed work environment that gives you the flexibility to do exceptional work. Benefits include stock options, competitive salary, medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401k, unlimited vacation, monthly fitness stipend and flexible working hours - we look at output, not hours.

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

* Senior Software Engineers - Back-end, Frontend & Full Stack

* Staff Software Engineer

* Senior Product Manager

* Account Executives

* Account Managers

See these and all other positions here -> https://boards.greenhouse.io/meetelise/

If you have any questions, or have applied to one of our openings, let us know by emailing pete at meetelise dot com

CollegePlannerPro | Head of Engineering | Remote | Full-time (W2) US-based

CollegePlannerPro (www.collegeplannerpro.com) is the market-leading practice management software for independent college counselors. Our robust SaaS platform provides a CRM and suite of complimentary tools (scheduling, invoicing, college data, etc.) that allow counselors to efficiently manage the college admissions process for their student clients. We are seeking a talented Head of Engineering who will be responsible for architecture, development, quality assurance, and maintenance on our existing platform, as well as management of two mid-level developers. The position calls for approx. 60% hands-on coding and 40% leadership/management. This is an excellent opportunity for a senior-level engineer seeking lots of autonomy who can execute with a small team.

Tech stack includes PHP5, PHP7, MySQL, Redis, JavaScript, ReactJS, Node.JS, Bash/Linux, Docker, AWS (ECS, S3, ELB, VPC), Linux

Learn more and apply here: https://collegeplannerpro.breezy.hr/p/c69cd00fd284-head-of-e...

Zerocopter | Full-time | Amsterdam | ONSITE or REMOTE* | https://zerocopter.com

Zerocopter is one of Europe's fastest growing application security platforms empowered by the world's best ethical hackers.

Our team of software engineers, security researchers and triage experts provide bug bounty programs, automated scanners and dedicated vulnerability checks for a diverse portfolio of clients including the largest airlines, hardware, retail and e-commerce companies in the world.

We are currently looking for experienced frontend, full-stack and backend engineers with a security focus to expand our dev team of six and help us to accelerate development.

Tech stack:

- Ruby on Rails (both latest stable, no digging in Rails 2.3)

- Vue.js

- Postgres, Redis, Memcached, Heroku + additional infra on AWS

* We have a great remote workflow, but most of us meet in our Amsterdam office once every 2 weeks and it would be great if you could join us too. Also, we prefer candidates with a valid EU work permit.

More info & applications: https://zerocopter.recruitee.com ; if you have any questions you can contact me directly at mariusz@zerocopter.com

OpenRent | London, UK | Full-Time | ONSITE+PART REMOTE | https://www.openrent.co.uk

OpenRent is the way people rent property online - a top 300 website in the UK, and force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over £45 billion worth of property, to over 3 million registered users, without ever charging any admin fees.

We're VC backed, profitable, and have plenty of ambition to maintain our fast growth.

We're looking for people with a passion for solving real-world problems. You'll be working in a close-knit team, directly with the founders. You'll have full autonomy to work on, and figure out how best to solve, the biggest problems in the industry. We find problems and improve customer experiences via code every day.

- Engineering (C#) | Equity Available | All salary levels considered (based on experience)


Contact via the form online or email in my profile. Look forward to meeting you!

Navio | DevOps Lead, React Native | ON SITE (post covid) or REMOTE | Portland or Bay Area | Full Time | Navio.com/careers

Navio is a pre-A-stage, well-funded startup building software tools that help cancer patients and their doctors navigate to a better standard of care. We make web and mobile applications that help patients understand and track their treatment plan, stay on schedule and on their meds, and that also benefit pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Ultimately, we’ll change the narrative around highly lethal cancers like Glioblastoma brain cancer, where standard treatment offers no hope.

Navio’s development team is remote-first. We use modern tools like such as Kotlin, React / React Native, GraphQL, Kafka / Java and Elasticsearch and run at AWS using Terraform Infrastructure as Code, Docker / ECS, RDS Postgres, Lambda / Serverless, etc. We’re unencumbered by legacy code and are writing our systems from the ground up the right way.

Navio is hiring for

* DevOps Lead / Head of DevOps

* React Native Frontend

Are you ready to build something that truly benefits people? Come do meaningful work in a fun, fast-paced environment. We offer competitive benefits and stock options. careers at navio.com

LearnToWin | Remote, SF Bay Area | Senior SRE, Senior Dev-Ops Engineer | Full-Time | https://www.learntowin.us/ LearnToWin is an early stage, VC funded active-learning platform (https://www.learntowin.us/2021/01/29/learn-to-win-announces-...). We allow anyone to create highly engaging learning material and easily distribute it to their users and teams. Our mission is to revolutionize training at high-performance organizations. We are empowering people, teams, and organizations to build effective learning ecosystems to win. We believe that learning should be accessible for everyone, and we empower coaches, managers, and teachers of all kinds with the tools to build effective training material, quickly and easily. We work every day to give instructors the peace of mind to know their teams are prepared for gameday — wherever and whenever that big day comes.

We work with a wide variety of clients from professional sports teams to the Department of Defense. We are a small, fun and driven team who want to fundamentally transform how teams learn and execute. We are looking for engineers who have a strong background in building secure systems to help scale our platform. Experience working with NIST-compliant systems and the DoD are a plus.

To apply please reach out to caleb@learntowin.us with your resume. To learn more about our open positions please checkout the link below:


Biteable | Remote, WFH, US, North America, and Australia | Full Time | Full Stack Developers and Engineering Manager | https://biteable.com

Biteable is an online video tool that puts the power of making a video in your hands. We enable you to create a video from scratch using our broad library of animations and footage. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.

We're fully remote, primarily concentrating on North America and Australia hires, but all are welcome to apply. We recently raised $7 million in Series A funding and we're rapidly growing.

We're committed to the happiness of our employees. We love it when everyone feels supported, and we doubly love it when everyone feels empowered to create.

Some of the tech stack we use regularly are Ruby, Typescript, and JavaScript on top of AWS and Terraform.

We have multiple job openings including Full-Stack Engineer, Engineering manager, Platform Engineer, VP of Marketing, and Product Manager among others.


Prelude | Remote (USA) | Full Time | https://www.prelude.co/careers

We're a team of 12 building a better hiring process. We’re improving interviewing by removing friction, increasing transparency, and creating more joy. This is an exceptional opportunity to transform an industry with powerful and easy-to-use products customers love.

We support fast-growing companies like Twitch, Duolingo, and Cloudflare. We found product-market fit, have strong revenue growth, and are well funded by top tier investors like Fuel Capital, Jack and Sam Altman, Elad Gil, and others. We offer competitive Bay Area salaries no matter where you're located, along with significant equity and top tier benefits.

Open Roles

- Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/cd8555d4-e7f9-4ca2-934f-60dab4...

- Infrastructure Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/687b6595-ae5f-48bf-860a-a5e29f...

- Account Executive: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/b12bfc30-b46c-44b3-b314-6f6f5b...

- Customer Support Specialist: https://jobs.lever.co/prelude/8e123b82-8c13-46c5-bbdb-30fab6...

CampusOptics | Lead Mobile Software Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite (~2 days a week)

CampusOptics is building a first-of-its-kind facilities and safety management platform for distributed campuses, starting in higher education. We enable teams of facilities and safety professionals to see the big picture, stay on top of the small details, and prevent harm on their campus.

We've used contractors to build our React Native application, and we're looking for an engineer to take the lead on continued development. You'll walk into a high-quality codebase that's easy to work with, but you'll have something between input and autonomy on everything from ESLint rules to testing strategy to product direction.

We're a small team with big goals and lots of experience. We'd love to find someone excited to join early and eager to help lay the foundation for our practices, product, team, and codebase.

Email me (I'm a cofounder, the CTO, and the hiring manager) at jcody@campusoptics.com to hear more or start a conversation.


A Better Consultancy | Software Engineer | Full Time / Part Time | Singapore (visa sponsorship not available at this time)

We are a small technology advisory and consultancy firm who are highly selective on our client projects. We work with clients who have interesting software projects - from either business perspective or tech perspective - and that try to make the world a better place.

We also have a backlog of our own projects that we're looking to bring to market to ensure that our workload is interesting, varied as well as technically and commercially exciting.

We are very open to flexible working arrangements - and are able to work with you to accommodate your own projects or hobbies - though we do need you to be based in Singapore already.

We work in small and close-knit teams of product manager, UX designer and developers. In terms of development, we use programming languages that are suitable for the project and the client's needs. As long as you can code and are willing to learn new language or technologies, you are welcome - and we enjoy a learning focused, highly positive work environment.

If you are interested, email hans[at]abetterconsultancy.co and let's have a chat.

Tiny Tasks | Remote | Recorder | https://tinytasks.me/

Tiny Tasks are looking for recorders from different languages for IA / American English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Greek and Portuguese (PT)

Hi guys!

The company that I work (Tiny Tasks) is looking for recorders for our online recording jobs. The jobs consists of recording sentences and/or a dialog through applications. The payment depends per language (it goes from U$48 to U$85 for the completed project). There's projects for American English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Greek and Portuguese (PT).

The only thing you need to do, apart from recording the sentences or/and have a conversation with someone else, is to download the apps on your mobile.

More information and how to apply on our website: https://tinytasks.me/ (The payment information in the website is only an estimative since you can complete the projects in 1~3 hours and still be paid between U$48~U$85)

Palo Alto Networks - Unit 42 | Principal Security Automation Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/

We are looking for a principal level engineer with experience in React and Python to work on the Unit 42 Engineering organization inside Palo Alto Networks. Day to day, the candidate will help build the tools/services that Palo Alto Networks researchers rely on to better understand threats and help them collaborate across our products. We are looking for someone with strong React skills, who feels at home working with REST APIs.

Some of our technology stack:

- Python (API/backend/clients)

- JS (React)

- Kubernetes


- GitLab CI

Some no BS reasons you would want to work on the Unit42 Engineering org:

1) We are an internal team helping researchers across Palo Alto Networks find and squish threats to our customers and the internet as a whole

2) If you are interested in security work, there is an incredible diversity of talent on the team and a deep rooted culture of sharing knowledge

3) You get to work with really interesting data and there are always interesting engineering challenges to be solved

More information about the job:

Principal Security Automation Engineer - https://jobs.paloaltonetworks.com/job/13435047/principal-sec...

Many open roles at ConsenSys [Remote | Hybrid]:

ConsenSys is a blockchain software technology company focused on building infrastructure, tools, and products for Institutions, Enterprises, developers, crypto and DeFi investors and users. If you are someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment where being self-directed, determined, and resilient are a requirement, we would love for you to join us.

All job postings: https://grnh.se/27ba08321us

- Security Auditor / White Hat Hacker - Account Executive (Diligence)

Analysts (Business, Data, Senior Business, Security)

Engineers (Fullstack, DevOps, QA Automation, Site Reliability, Technical Support, Backend (Golang, Node.js), Test, JavaScript, Senior Mobile Software, React Native, Web3, Blockchain, Cloud DevOps, Java Software, Rust)

- Technical Lead - Internal Tools and Automation - Senior Systems Administrator

Research: - Applied Researcher - UX Researcher - Distributed Systems Applied Researcher (Protocols R&D)

And Many other roles (Solution Architect, Marketing, Economists, Scrum, etc). https://grnh.se/27ba08321us

Bitwarden | Engineering, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, People| Full-time | 100% Remote since the beginning

Bitwarden is an open source password manager that has had success growing organically through the open source community and has been named best password manager by US News, Wired UK, and more (https://bitwarden.com/newsfeed/). We are a collaborative, nimble group working from around the world, committed to making the internet more secure.

View all of our positions: https://bitwarden.com/careers/

Highlighted position: Development Manager We are looking for someone who is excellent at giving (and receiving) feedback and being there to guide, bounce ideas, and answer any questions for our Engineers. Please share this with the best manager or team lead you've had! https://bitwarden.com/careers/?gh_jid=4585117003

Kevala | Senior/Principal Software Engineers | Full-Time | REMOTE or SEATTLE | kevala.care

After closing our series A funding last month. Kevala is ready to grow our team! Our office is in Seattle, but our engineering team is fully remote. Join us!

We are looking for engineers who enjoy working on frontend, backend, and DevOps, have an understanding of the full software development lifecycle, are problem solvers, clean-code, test-driven developers, strong relational data modelers, with great communication skills. Functional programming experience is a plus! Experience developing a complex SaaS product is a plus! Healthcare (hipaa), scheduling, or marketplace experience is a plus! Experience in a start-up environment is a huge plus!

We work in Elixir (with Phoenix and Ecto), but languages and technologies can be learned; we care much more about general engineering skill than knowledge of any particular language or framework. Our current stack includes:

* Elixir, Phoenix, GraphQL

* Javascript, Vue, TailwindUI

* Postgres, Redis, and RabbitMQ

* Heroku and AWS

Email jake@kevala.care for more details or apply online at https://www.kevala.care/job

Speckle | Remote | UK/Europe | Full-time | Backend/Devops Engineer, Frontend Engineer

Hi! Dimitrie, founder @ Speckle. We are revolutionising how architects, engineers and construction professionals deal and interact with building and infrastructure data: we believe in a modern ecosystem created around an open source platform (Speckle!). When we use big words, we like to say that we're building the "git & github" for a $10T industry (AEC - architecture, engineering and construction).

We have two openings of interest, one for a Frontend Engineer[0] and for a Backend/Devops Wizard[1]. Both positions are remote, but we ideally would like a ~4-6h overlap with the London timezone.

Our stack crosses from NodeJs, Postgres, Kubernetes, to C#, Python and sprinklings of C++. There's always something fun to hack on at Speckle! We work in the open, constantly engaging with our community and users from across backgrounds, domains and cultures[2]. We have other openings too, just head over to our careers page [3] for more info & company culture snippets.

[0] https://speckle.systems/careers/frontend-engineer/ [1] https://speckle.systems/careers/backend/ [2] https://speckle.community/t/community-standup/951/22 [3] https://speckle.systems/careers

Prolegis | Backend Engineer, Senior Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://prolegis.com

Prolegis is a growing startup building open data tools to make it easy to stay on top of complex policy topics and research. Designed for congressional staffers, journalists, and lawyers, our platform helps increase transparency and understanding of law, lobbying, and legislation.

Our stack: Ruby/Rails, Postgres, React, Python. You would be working primarily on the Ruby/Python side of things.


We’re looking for software engineers with a background in backend, server-side development to help us build the future of Prolegis. We’re looking for engineers with multiple levels of experience, see a complete list of our open roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/prolegis/

Any questions about these roles can be sent to me via the email in my profile.

Shelf Engine | (https://www.shelfengine.com/) | REMOTE or ON-SITE (post-COVID) | Full-time | Backend & Full Stack Engineers, Data Scientists. We're hiring for multiple positions across the Engineering and Data Science teams (and in many other non-engineering roles).

At Shelf Engine, we're taking on arbitrage risk for perishable goods. We do daily demand forecasting based on a number of factors, including historical information, product margins, etc. We have an operationally sophisticated product for automatically managing, dispatching, and recording orders, and tracking sales and waste information. Domain areas range from ML and statistical forecasting, to full-stack web services and mobile apps.

Tech stack: For the front end, we use Angular for desktop and Ionic for mobile. Backend we are running a C# stack, with a SQL storage layer and utilizing CQRS and event sourcing patterns. For forecasting and ML we use R and python.

See (https://www.shelfengine.com/careers/).

LitCharts | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Remote Only (USA) | https://www.litcharts.com LitCharts is a literary resource with 2000 guides to books, poems, literary terms, and more. Millions of students, teachers, and general-interest readers use LitCharts every month.

Overall Responsibilities

* Help maximize uptime, reliability, performance, and security.

* Implement projects ranging from backend to frontend and everything in between.

* Help maintain and improve our codebase.


* A high level of competency with Ruby, Rails, Postgres, React, Webpack, Heroku.

* Experience building responsive frontends with a focus on cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

* Bonus points: Passion for and/or experience with education, education technology, and/or literature.

Why LitCharts?

Competitive salary, annual bonus, healthcare coverage, 401k with matching, contribute to the growth and success of the best literary resource on the web.

Flexible hours but typically stick to 9am-5pm EST. All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States.

To apply, please send the following to hiring@litcharts.com:

* Your resume/LinkedIn/GitHub profile

* A brief explanation of the biggest opportunity for technical improvement that you see on our website

Layer | REMOTE (ideally GMT-1 to GMT+5) | Infrastructure Engineer (SRE / DevOps)/Engineering Manager/VP of Design/Lead Product Designer - Only Experienced/Senior Candidates for all roles | https://layer.co

Layer is building the Declarative MLOps (DM) platform to help data teams across all companies to produce machine learning applications based on code in small and safe increments that can be reproduced, tested and reliably deployed at any time, in short adaptation cycles.

One of our founders sold his previous company for 500M USD, the other is one of the top VC partners in Europe. Our engineering team is a mix of top engineers from Palantir, Revolut, Google, eBay, Wise, Improbable, Coinbase, Amazon, DataRobot, among others.

We have an all-remote culture as we aspire to work with the best talent, no matter where they live. We are looking to make a few more hires until we close down hiring until Series A. We pay competitive salaries and give stock, among other perks. Initially, we are looking to hire within the GMT-1 to GMT+5 time zones but we are happy to make exceptions for truly exceptional candidates.

Our tech stack is React/TypeScript/GraphQL on the frontend, Java at the backend (with some Scala and Python), Kubernetes/AWS/Terraform/Gradle on the infra side. We are currently only looking for experienced candidates. Prior startup experience or being a prolific open source contributor is a plus.


Feel free to apply at https://jobs.lever.co/layer

FairShake | Software Engineers (senior or mid-level)| Oakland, CA | REMOTE option | Full-Time | https://fairshake.com

FairShake is a B2C late seed-stage company that helps consumers submit and resolve disputes with big companies - leveling a major power imbalance in our economy. We're a TIME Best Invention of 2020 and are backed by First Round, Founder Collective, and the founders of Warby Parker, Harry's and LegalZoom. Our team is passionate and mission-driven, our work environment is employee-focused and flexible, and we're growing fast.

Languages: Python (most important), JS, CSS, HTML, SQL

Email me directly (teel@fairshake.com) or learn more at angellist:

https://angel.co/company/fairshake/jobs/1534420-senior-softw... https://angel.co/company/fairshake/jobs/1528335-full-stack-e...

Veyo | Full-stack, Front-end, and iOS Engineers, SREs | Remote or Onsite | Full-Time

Veyo manages logistics to transport patients to healthcare appointments. Our engineering team builds technology to make that transportation more efficient and more reliable, improving health outcomes for our riders.

Our stack is .NET/.NET Core, Golang, Angular, Swift, Kotlin

Full-stack Software Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/veyo/5c2fcffc-cef7-4ec4-8285-9699802ce...

Front-end Software Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/veyo/c5bccfbc-c4f8-417e-bac6-ba68e8d57...

iOS Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/veyo/12f34e0c-1d4d-4a7a-9360-aad58f281...

SRE - https://jobs.lever.co/veyo/2c7c2342-9719-4fc9-96b0-442dcf775...

InfoSum | Multiple Positions | London, UK & Basingstoke, UK | Full Time & Contract

InfoSum (https://www.infosum.com), backed by the world's leading technology investors, is building privacy-first technology that lets businesses connect their customer records, without ever sharing the underlying data. We are rapidly growing and are hiring for roles in both North America (NY) and Europe (UK).

We’re solving fundamental issues of consumer trust and transparency. There are many applications for InfoSum’s technology.

We are hiring roles in Engineering, Product and Implementation Consulting. Our backend tech stack includes Go/Golang, Protobuf, gRPC and PostgreSQL:

- Software Engineer (mid-senior levels, cross-training to Go is available)

- Backend Software Engineer (all levels)

- Frontend Software Engineer

- SRE / Infrastructure Engineer

- Software Architect

- Data Scientist

- Platform Product Manager

- Technical Implementation Consultant

You can find more about our roles at https://www.infosum.com/company/careers.

Please send a brief email introducing yourself with your resume/CV attached to douglas [dot] weltman [at] infosum [dot] com.

Ceramic Network | Blockchain Engineer, Technical PM, Software Engineer, Solutions Engineer | Remote | Full Time

3Box Labs is on a mission to liberate the world's information. Join us in building Ceramic, an open source sovereign data network. Ceramic is already powering decentralized identity and data for 1500 of the world's most ambitious applications and an incredible developer community.

Engineers and PMs at 3Box Labs have massive impact at the very center of the decentralized tech movement. We tie together blockchain, cryptography and distributed data technologies and are often the first to apply new standards and breakthroughs. Our incredible open source community provides constant feedback and immediate usage for everything we and our partners build. We aim to be the glue that helps bind and advance the entire Web3 ecosystem.

See full roles and apply: https://jobs.lever.co/3box

Ceramic Network Docs: https://developers.ceramic.network/learn/overview/

Enigma Technologies| New York, NY | Onsite OR Remote | https://www.enigma.com/openings

Enigma is focused on transforming how businesses interact through data and technology. We build world-class data infrastructure, developer-friendly APIs, and intelligent tools that reduce risk, increase revenue, and radically improve experiences between businesses.

Some of our open roles: Director of Engineering: https://grnh.se/17c21cec1us Full Stack Engineer: https://grnh.se/6689ca5a1us Senior Data Scientist: https://grnh.se/85f0c8811us Senior Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/f31d846f1us Technical Recruiter: https://grnh.se/e8ffa9851us

Rocket Lab | Site Reliability Engineer | Full-time | Long Beach, CA | ONSITE

Because operations at Rocket Lab is focused on automation, this engineer will need to develop tooling and metrics that are reliable and maintainable, while thriving in an agile environment where needs change often and software needs to grow to support new challenges. This person will be directly responsible for the design and implementation of network and platform tools (primarily AWS, but also GCP, Azure, and some on-prem assets).

This SRE role will report to the Spacecraft Operations Lead. The Spacecraft Operations group is responsible for on-orbit operation of Rocket Lab spacecraft after launch and orbit injection and works directly with the launch team for mission planning and operational support. The Spacecraft Ops team is also responsible for the backend services and user tools for operating the Photon satellites.


Citrix | Senior Hypervisor Engineer, Software Engineer - Functional Programming, Lead Software Quality Engineer | Cambridge UK | Full-time | Hybrid ONSITE/Remote

Citrix's goal is to enable everyone to work from anywhere, any time, and on any device. Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer) is a virtualization product built on top of the open-source Xen hypervisor and XAPI toolstack.

Tech stack: * C (hypervisor, kernel, userspace) * OCaml * Python * CentOS 7.x

For the "hypervisor engineer" role prior experience with a hypervisor is not necessary, we also welcome developers who have experience with kernel-level development. OCaml experience is not required for this role.

You'll have the opportunity to actively contribute to various open-source projects that are part of the product.

For more details and to apply see the job descriptions:

* https://jobs.citrix.com/job/R25636/Senior-Hypervisor-Enginee... * https://jobs.citrix.com/job/R27481/Software-Engineer-Functio... * https://jobs.citrix.com/job/R26236/Lead-Software-Quality-Eng...

Note: due to COVID-19 the interview and work will be remote, with a gradual return to office, see https://jobs.citrix.com/covid

Close | Engineering and Product positions | REMOTE | https://jobs.close.com/

We're building the sales communication platform of the future. With our roots as the very first sales CRM to include built-in calling, we're leading the industry toward eliminating manual processes and helping companies to close more deals (faster). Since our founding in 2013, we've grown to become a profitable, 100% globally distributed team of ~45 high-performing, happy people that are dedicated to building a product our customers love.

We are currently hiring for a few 100% remote positions:

- Senior Frontend Engineer - React https://jobs.lever.co/close.io/10a1e32b-1a59-48dc-b8f4-e6f0d...

- Software Engineer - Backend/Python https://jobs.lever.co/close.io/592193bf-8a9c-43cf-86a1-faeb7...

Credit Key | Full Stack Developer | Los Angeles, CA | Full time | Remote | https://www.creditkey.com/job/full-stack-developer

Credit Key is hiring for a Full Stack Developer. We’re a fast-growing company providing an instant B2B Point-of-Sale financing payment option. We work with Rails, Node, React, Redux, AWS, MongoDB, Postgres, SQL Lite and more.

We're at a pivotal stage in the company's growth, where we will be making key decisions on platform, data and analytics. We're a Rails backend today, but that may be changing and you would be a part of that conversation and decision process.

We have a great team of humble, supportive and experienced developers and we emphasize quality of life and healthy processes.

Our interview process is very relaxed, we try to eliminate tests and code challenges and just focus on conversation that gets at your experience and thoughts on software development.

This role is 100% remote in the US. I’m the hiring manager, so you can reach out directly to me if you’re interested or know someone that might be: egoodman @creditkey.com

Tapline | First Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Onsite or Remote (with German work permit) | Berlin, Germany

Tapline (https://tapline.io) is a trading platform that enables entrepreneurs with recurring revenue business models to receive upfront capital, instantly. For hard-working entrepreneurs, this is an efficient way to scale their business without taking on debt or dilution. Investors, who are seeking positive yield-producing returns, come to Tapline and invest in a new type of asset class; recurring revenue.

Help us to build a platform to streamline access to growth capital!

We just received a pre-seed investment and looking to expand our team beyond founders, starting with software talents.

Our Stack: NodeJS, NextJS, Tailwind, Typescript

You will get an opportunity to become a first hired engineer and have a front-seat to experience how to build a fintech startup.

If you want to combine entrepreneurship with technical challenges, drop an email to join@tapline.io .

See the role description: https://tapline.io/full-stack-product-engineer/

Orchard | Staff Software Engineers (https://grnh.se/842ceb5c2us) Senior Software Engineers on our Dev Productivity team (https://grnh.se/478678af2us) and Security team (https://grnh.se/ae0b21102us) Software Engineer on our Infrastructure team (https://grnh.se/da1159e12us) | Currently Remote, New York-based | Full-time


Orchard is radically simplifying the way people buy and sell their homes. For the average American, the home purchase and sale process takes months, creates anxiety, and is filled with uncertainty and hassle. Orchard has reimagined the end-to-end experience of buying and selling, from innovative home search tools to find the perfect home to the ability to buy a new home before selling your current one. Orchard customers manage the entire experience through a personalized online dashboard, while also getting the support of best-in-class Orchard real estate agents. Headquartered in New York City and with offices throughout Texas, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, Orchard has over 500 employees and growing. We have raised over $130 million in equity financing from top-tier investors including Revolution, Firstmark, Accomplice, Navitas and Juxtapose. Our investors have also backed the likes of Pinterest, AirBnb, Shopify and Sweetgreen. Orchard is proud to be recognized as part of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

Songtrust | Full Time | New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Portland or Remote | https://songtrust.com

SongtrustⓇ is the world's largest technology solution for global music publishing royalty collection and administration. It was founded to simplify music rights management and remove the complexity of the publishing landscape. Songtrust’s core mission is to help musicians, publishers, labels, and distributors easily track and collect global publishing royalties for their music catalogs.

We are currently hiring for:

- Senior Full Stack Python Engineer - External Products (https://www.songtrust.com/songtrust-careers?gh_jid=541171900...)

- Senior Full Stack Python Engineer - Internal Products (https://www.songtrust.com/songtrust-careers?gh_jid=541149000...)

Our tech stack: Node.js, Python, Django, Postgres, Snowflake, MSSQL, React, AWS

Outerbounds | Frontend dev, Systems dev, ML/AI Specialist | SF / Remote | Full-time

Outerbounds was founded recently to commercialize Metaflow, an open-source Python framework that makes infrastructure easily accessible for machine learning/data science projects. Metaflow was originally started by us at Netflix and it is now used by hundreds of companies across industries.

We care a lot about thoughtful design, overall product experience, and quality of code. We are looking for stunning colleagues who can help us at the low-level (interfacing with operating systems, cloud, Kubernetes) as well as with the user interface (building delightfully usable, technically non-trivial UIs from scratch). Background with data science/ML is a bonus but not a must.

- Metaflow: https://docs.metaflow.org

- More about us here: https://outerbounds.co/workwithus

- Join our Slack to see the project in action: http://slack.outerbounds.co

- Email me: ville@outerbounds.co

Streamlabs | Senior iOS Engineer | Onsite | https://streamlabs.com/

We are Streamlabs, a technology company based in San Francisco and Vancouver. We build tools and software allowing nearly 40 million live streamers to engage with viewers, monetize their broadcasts, and grow their channels. Over $725 million in donations have been paid out to streamers through our platform since 2015. The top live creators on Twitch and other platforms trust and use our tools to broadcast and monetize their streams.

We’re looking for a talented Senior iOS Engineer to grow our team working across our mobile products. If you are passionate about empowering creators, working with driven people, operating with a high amount of autonomy, and seeing the results of your work quickly go to production - this might be a good fit for you.

Senior iOS Engineer - https://angel.co/company/stream-labs/jobs/1422032-mobile-sof...

Camus Energy | Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, Senior Frontend Engineer | San Francisco or Remote | https://www.camus.energy

Transforming the grid for a zero-carbon future. We founded Camus Energy with one goal: to lend our software engineering skills to address climate change. We are committed to accelerating the adoption of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions from the electric grid.

Together with local utilities and energy providers, we're driving the community-led transition to a more sustainable energy future.

We’re skilled in thinking about systems as a whole and developing world-class tools for operators. Our team leverages deep, diverse experience designing and operating distributed systems – including the founders’ pioneering work building Google’s high-reliability computing platform – to provide high-performance, low-complexity management for the grid.

Apply: https://angel.co/company/camus-energy/jobs

Contact: careers@camus.energy

Peloton | Full-Time | Software Engineers | New York, NY | Onsite | https://www.onepeloton.com/careers

We are looking to hire all sorts of positions, but my team in particular is seeking a full-stack feature engineer and a backend application platform engineer (think APIs and microservices). We're a highly collaborative team that focuses on learning, pairing, teamwork and using technology to build great things together. In this case, those things are typically around making the order and delivery experience of our fitness products as seamless and engaging as possible. We ensure our newest members have a fantastic experience "from checkout to first workout".

Recruiting was kind enough to give us this blurb to describe what we do: Peloton uses technology + design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime. We have reinvented the fitness industry by developing a first-of-its-kind subscription platform. Seamlessly combining hardware, software, and streaming technology, we create digital fitness and wellness content and products that Members love. In 2020 Peloton committed to becoming an antiracist organization with the launch of the Peloton Pledge.

Senior Backend Engineer - https://boards.greenhouse.io/peloton/jobs/3080311

Mid-Level Full-stack Engineer https://boards.greenhouse.io/peloton/jobs/3316248

Excited to hear from people!

Advarra | Software Engineer II & Software Engineer | Remote or Onsite (US) | Full-Time | www.advarra.com

Advarra provides integrated solutions that safeguard trial participants, empower clinical sites, ensure compliance, and optimize research performance. Connecting the clinical research ecosystem, Advarra delivers solutions through a site-centric approach that unifies and accelerates the drug development lifecycle, making clinical trials safer, smarter, and faster.

*Software Engineer II (Java/SQL): https://bit.ly/3wEKJbO

*Software Engineer II (TypeScript/Nodejs/AWS): https://bit.ly/37i433H

*Software Engineer (Java/SQL): https://bit.ly/2Tpudyi

Please email your resume and questions to mary.moore@advarra.com

To apply: Click the above link or visit our open careers page: https://www.advarra.com/about/careers/

ETFLogic | DevOps | New York, NY | REMOTE | https://etflogic.io | Full Time

ETFLogic is a technology company providing workflow automation to wealth management. Our clients are ETF Issuers, Asset Managers and Financial Advisors and we help them make more informed investment decisions with Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs hold in excess of $5 trillion in assets globally. That number is projected to reach $30tr by 2030. Investor demand continues to drive innovation and complexity in the ETF landscape.

Our core product is the LOGICLY web platform that drives the investment process around ESG, factors, lowering costs, increasing potential returns, tax loss harvesting and more. Learn more about it at https://logicly.finance

We are looking for a DevOps to join the engineering team and help us grow and scale the next generation of financial tools and navigate the complexities of the financial markets. Interest in finance, trading and ETFs is desirable.

You will be working very closely with all members of the engineering team.

Our tech stack is comprised of kdb, JavaScript, React, Python and AWS. We employ a scalable micro-services framework (Nameko) for rapid data delivery to a global set of users.

Success in this DevOps role is an ability to work with all team members, understand the ins-and-outs of cloud-based services (emphasis on AWS), focus on systematic and repeatable processes to ensure system robustness and scalability, enhance monitoring, amongst many other tasks...

This role may not yet be updated on our careers page.

Please send a resume to info at etflogic.io

Have you noticed that https://etflogic.io gives a certificate error as its using a certificate issued for shortener.secureserver.net ?

Orchest | 2 roles: [Backend Engineer (Python + k8s)|Developer Relations] | Full-Time | REMOTE (Europe timezones)

Orchest lets data scientists focus on what matters. It’s our mission to free data science teams from infrastructure tasks and limitations. We make the data platform team obsolete by automating the plumbing and making it easy to work in a cloud native way as a data scientist.

Today, we’re focused on drastically simplifying how data science pipelines are built by focusing on the development experience and seamless integration of the canonical open source data science stack.

Backend Engineer: help us develop the Orchest cloud offering. You'll operate at the intersection of product and cloud infrastructure. If you're obsessed with cloud native technologies and have a knack for distributed system design you'll feel right at home.

Developer Relations: you enjoy helping others succeed with their data science projects. You're a natural communicator (written word) and are interested in educating the wider data science community about the state of the art data science stack and Orchest's position in it.

More details about our open source project can be found here: https://github.com/orchest/orchest or check out our AngelList listing https://angel.co/company/orchest/jobs/1521488-backend-engine...

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor. We're a team of 4 but growing quickly. Interested? Reach out to me on rick@orchest.io.

Sofi Cooperative | Full Stack Developer | Israel | Hybrid/Remote, must live in Israel | Full-time/Part-time | https://soficoop.com

Sofi is a workers owned software agency. We aim for our work experience to be healthy and pleasant, And work on apps and for clients in domains like social impact, environment, worker's rights, participatory urban planning and more. Among our clients are private people, NGOs, institutions and startups.

We are looking for a Full-Stack developer that is able to set up and lead a software project all the way through. With the ability to make decisions about architecture, and deliver back-end and front-end code. Experience with JavaScript/Typescript and in-depth knowledge of some of the popular web frameworks and technologies (e.g React, Vue, Django, Express) are required.

If you have the skills, and want to be the boss, Contact us with CV, a GitHub Link(or something similar) and a few words about yourself.


Turing Video | Sr. SRE | San Jose, CA, Fulltime onsite | 180K+ Equity

We are redefining safety and security industry with AI. At our very core, we develop complex machine learning models to integrate with industry-proven robotics, video analytics, and health solutions to create an interconnected AI-enabled SaaS platform unprecedented in the world.

We are at the hyper-growth stage where we are scaling out our cloud services to serve hundreds and soon millions of cameras. We are looking for our first dedicated SRE who would bring in ideas and experiences to build foundational software to ensure high availability and reliability, monitoring performance and resource utilization, and preventive and emergency response systems.

Besides the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, you will also grow technical leadership by working across teams and bringing critical and innovative solutions to life.

Job Details: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2664115164/ If you are interested, please reach out via: steven@turingvideo.com

West Monroe | Los Angeles | Full-time

West Monroe is looking for a Technology Consultant to join our team of experts supporting M&A transactions. This role allows you to work side-by-side with our team of resident experts (including former CTOs) to assess risks and opportunities within custom software applications across a wide range technology stacks and industries. Additionally, with our flexible career model, you are able to participate in projects within our technology practice to continually expand your skillset while working with cutting edge tools, platforms, and frameworks. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to both the technology and M&A practices while supporting strategic enterprise architecture projects, software/product due diligences, post-merger integrations, and carve-out advisory engagements.

* 2-5 years of hands-on software development experience

* Knowledge of and experience with complex business systems integration, custom object-oriented design/development (C#, Java, Python, etc.)

* Experience applying Agile/Lean methodologies to manage project tasks

To apply, send your resume to smchale at westmonroe.com

15Five | Sr. digital marketing manager & Sr.content marketing manager marketing | Remote (USA, Canada) | Full-time

The marketing team is looking to hire two roles, a digital marketing manager to help manage a growing marketing budget and a separate content marketing manager to drive the content strategy across organic and paid channels. Experience at other high growth SaaS products preferred.

15Five is an employee engagement and manager enablement platform. Ever dream of marketing a SaaS B2B product that feels like it’s changing the world for good? 15Five is a product that makes better managers and improves the work experience for hundreds of thousands of employees across the world.

Join a fully remote team and build a company that is making remote and hybrid work better for others.

Hiring for many positions across sales, marketing and design. https://www.15five.com/about/careers/ to see the job roles.

Feel free to email [sterling.beck at 15Five.com] about any of the sales or marketing roles after you apply. No recruiters, contractors, or sales pitches.

Clubs Poker | Founding Full Stack Engineer | Remote | $100K - $150K, 1 - 10% equity | Full-time / Contract | https://clubspoker.com

Ruby on Rails | React | HTML5 Canvas (for the poker table) | Postgres | AWS (Lambda, Kinesis, Athena, SQS, etc.)

Clubs Poker makes it dead simple to play poker with your friends for fun. We’re going to make poker look more like a social game (think Fortnite) and less like a casino. Sound interesting?

We're currently hosting around 1,000 poker games/month and avg growth is 75% month over month. We recently closed a round of funding led by Village Global, along with other angel investors and professional poker players.

To apply, email me at taylor [at] clubspoker.com, mentioning HN & a description of why you think you'd be a good fit. You should have significant full-stack experience under your belt already.

Full job description here: https://angel.co/company/clubs-poker/jobs/1457533-cto-lead-e...

Blueheart | React Native Developer | Lead Full-stack Developer | Remote (London) | https://www.blueheart.io/

Relationships are hard, getting help shouldn't be.

At Blueheart we're re-inventing sex therapy: taking proven knowledge from academia, and making it accessible to millions through modern app design and psychology.

You'll work with really smart people, who've worked at places like Headspace, Google, and Saatchi & Saatchi, or who've studied at places like Cambridge, & Oxford. We've also published a bunch of research papers on sex & relationships.

Many of the team are in London and we have a small London office which we use for whiteboarding / pairing / workshops when it makes sense to, but many others are remote across Europe, and particularly for experienced engineers we are happy to support whatever mix of office/remote works for you, providing we can make time zones, legals and payroll work.

Front: React Native, TypeScript | Back: Node, TypeScript, GraphQL (apollo), Postgres | Infra: AWS, GCP (a little), CircleCI

Email: careers@blueheart.io

Circadian Risk | REMOTE (USA/Canada only)

* Product Designer If you enjoy working on the following types of challenges, we would love to chat with you:

* Making data-heavy applications delightful to use from data entry to actionable insights

* Using off-the-shelf components to rapidly solve customer problems, but advocating for building custom components when the experience will be next level

* Working with developers to prototype what is possible and designing with those constraints in mind


Mission: Circadian Risk aims to improve enterprise security and compliance by mitigating physical risks.


Tools we use: Figma, Jira, Slack, TypeScript, NestJS, Hasura, Swagger, Postgres, AWS, Pulumi (Infrastructure as Code), GitHub Actions, Docker, Redis, React, Material UI


More info (and additional positions) available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e1SXIs8xbghKBM1oIDlwQsaW...

If you’d like to apply, please send something representative of your capabilities and work experience (resume, Behance, LinkedIn, portfolio, et al) to pmestemaker + hn (at) circadian risk dot com.

Project Appia – Brit Insurance | Senior Frontend Engineer & Senior Backend Engineer | Full-Time | London, UK | Part Remote (within the UK)

Project Appia is a Greenfields project incubated within Brit Insurance. We’re looking for two (2) talented individuals to help bring Appia to life. The initial core problem we’re looking to solve is the overly manual and error-prone processes surrounding the ingestion and validation of data. Manually re-inputting the bare minimum leaves massive amounts of data on the table.

Senior Backend JD: https://www.notion.so/Senior-Backend-Engineer-49494b74ce1741... Senior Frontend JD: https://www.notion.so/Senior-Frontend-Engineer-7d5191a4c0784...

Primary tech stack: Python, FastAPI, Typescript, React, ECS, Celery (RabbitMQ+Redis), SageMaker.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, please reach out to me - sam.pratt@britinsurance.com.

CerQlar | DevOps & Backend Engineers | Amsterdam or EU Remote | Full-time

CerQlar is a SaaS startup (~10 people) contributing to a more sustainable future by providing global organizations the tools and solutions necessary to reach their sustainability goals and carbon neutrality.

Founded in partnership with one of the world's leading energy trading firms, we have been working closely with early adopters around the EU and plan to launch the first version of our product later this year (we're about to launch our MVP for beta users).

We are looking for experienced DevOps and Backend engineers to help build our system and influence the architecture, design, and implementation of our software.

Our team is passionate about the environmental impact of our work as well as the challenges that arise from building products and infrastructure from scratch in an industry that technology has yet to shape.

Reach out to recruitment@cerqlar.com to learn more about the role and our work - we look forward to telling you more!

Tech stack includes: Java, Typescript, Go, Kotlin, Python, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux

Keywords: distributed systems, scalable architecture, cloud-based systems, security, networking

SeedFi | Software Engineers, PMs | SF, NYC or REMOTE (USA) | seedfi.com

SeedFi is a fintech startup that builds products for Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We're focused on improving their financial health by helping them build savings and improve their credit score. Our products aim to permanently get people out of debt cycles. So far, the response we've seen has been really amazing: trustpilot.com/review/seedfi.com

SeedFi has over 25 employees and is growing fast. Most of our engineering team used to work with me at Moat, which got acquired by Oracle in 2017. The other founders have been early employees at other successful lending startups.

Despite being in stealth mode for much of the past year, we raised $19M from top tier VCs like A16Z and from major social impact funds. We've already helped our customers build millions of dollars in savings and we recently launched a Swift UI app that has been getting great reviews!

To apply, please email your resume to jobs at seedfi dot com.


You can also ask me questions via the email on my profile.

Stackbit | Senior Software Engineer | Remote (anywhere) | Full-time | https://www.stackbit.com/

Stackbit is a developer-first site builder that makes modern web available and usable for everyone. We're rethinking how to build, edit and even host websites, while maintaining complete user ownership over code and content, with no lock-ins. We're a well funded, fully distributed and remote startup with 20 full time amazing employees and rocking an engineering team of 12. We're right on the cutting edge of modern web technologies and are looking for the awesome folks who can help us architect and build the future. Lots of engineering roles open, including full stack, front end specialists, open source and leadership. If you don't see a role you like but are excited about the space - please ping us anyway!

Full job descriptions here: https://www.stackbit.com/jobs/

P.S.: Feel free to email me directly if you feel that your case is unique.

D2iQ | https://d2iq.com/ | Remote - USA, UK, or Germany | Full-Time

D2iQ is the leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable organizations to embrace open source and cloud native innovations while delivering smarter Day 2 operations. With unmatched experience driving some of the world's largest cloud deployments, D2iQ empowers organizations to better navigate and accelerate cloud native journeys with enterprise-grade technologies, training, professional services and support. Whether you are deploying your first Kubernetes workload, optimizing your business analytics with Spark or Jupyter, or looking to educate your developers on the benefits of cloud native, D2iQ has the expertise, services and technology to enable you on the journey. D2iQ investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Open roles, all full-time remote:

* Senior SWE, Operations/SRE in Germany: https://grnh.se/19444cfe1us

* Senior or Staff SWE, Kubeflow: https://grnh.se/202e1d8d1us

* Senior SWE, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/cb724ac61us

* Staff SWE, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/377af6711us

* Senior Staff SWE, Kubernetes: https://grnh.se/eab07fd31us

Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE [REMOTE during the plague] (London, UK; also Downtown LA, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small and agile team in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help a sunny satellite office too. For the time being, thanks to Covid, we are in fully remote mode.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python, C++ (replacing still present Erlang[ß]) and Javascript for React & React-Native, relying heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. The tech stack sports Kafka, Postgres and Kubernetes. We use REST where we can, and gRPC where we can't. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Production environment is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent all across the board: frontend and mobile, infrastructure, data science, trading engine, security - and of course generalists, those yet to find their calling.

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers .

Percona | 2 roles: VP Product Management and Product Manager | Full-Time | REMOTE

Percona is a high-growth, successful tech company and a true open source evangelist. Our mission is to Keep Open Source Open.

The mission of the Product Management team is to create products which delight our customers. We measure this through product adoption and commercial success. Your role is to deliver on this mission.

Percona consistently achieves year-over-year growth. As we become a product-lead organization (our product is software and services), this opportunity allows for immediate and visual impact on our continued profitable growth.

VP Product Management https://jobs.lever.co/percona/2261068b-c59f-41bf-afc6-cf2c4d...

Product Manager https://jobs.lever.co/percona/f188b855-e960-431c-886b-c66049...

AdQuick | Senior Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Engineering Managers | Full-time | Remote (Anywhere +/- 5 hrs PST) | https://www.adquick.com

AdQuick is building the marketplace for Outdoor Advertising. Our mission is to make outdoor ads easy to buy and measure.

We are a Series A-stage startup with 38 people and a product team of 19. The founding team consists early Instacart'ers.

Alexis Ohanian (reddit co-founder) led our Series A via Initialized and is on our board.

Our tech stack:

Code: Ruby, Rails, Postgres, React, Kotlin, Kafka, Stimulus JS, Stimulus Reflex

Infra: AWS, Heroku, Redis Labs, Aiven

We're looking for:

- Experience in our stack or similar technologies

- 3+ years experience working on production systems

- You take a lot of ownership and care deeply about building great products

- You like tests and clean code, but you understand shipping is equally important

There are no red-black trees in our interviews – practical challenges only.

Our culture is collaborative & friendly, everyone is learning from each other all the time.

Shoot me an email at vic [at] adquick [dot] com if this sounds interesting to you! Or apply at https://jobs.adquick.com

Doppler | San Francisco, CA or Remote | Onsite | Remote OK | https://doppler.com

I'm Brian, the CEO of Doppler. We're creating a new category of tooling for an overlooked part of developing software — managing secrets. Applications typically require code and secrets, two pieces of a puzzle that form a living picture. Doppler is building the other half of the picture through the easiest-to-use platform. And we're doing it with an incredible team of brilliant, humble, and passionate people. Our team is small but growing fast and I believe this could be a place where you can create a large impact on the software industry.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/doppler

Here are our open roles:

- Lead Product Designer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/cf84928c-4643-499f-ac15-4c4119...

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/f293d858-c3cb-4c1b-b856-b39ed3...

- Senior Growth Marketer: https://jobs.lever.co/doppler/f69ab993-9e63-455d-9de0-4696f7...

Tech Stack: Node.js & Express backend, Golang CLI, Postgres database, Google Cloud

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in United States - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |

Temporal offers an entirely new way to build scalable and reliable applications. Temporal enables developers to focus on writing important business logic, and not on managing state or worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Sequoia Capital led our recent round of funding and our team has experience from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, and more.

Video: Our CEO interviewed on TechStrong TV- https://digitalanarchist.com/videos/charlene-ohanlon-techstr... Video: Temporal explained in 2 minutes - https://temporal.io/

We're looking for senior level engineers for multiple roles - see here - https://www.temporal.io/careers - FEATURED ROLE: Principal Cloud Product Manager

Read more and apply here —> https://jobs.lever.co/temporal/19d191e0-69bb-4d06-933d-deecb...

For all employees, we offer:

- Competitive salary - Stock options - Fully covered premiums for medical and dental benefits - Unlimited time-off - Work from home perks - Monthly food $ allowance

Send resume to karl at temporal.io or apply here https://www.temporal.io/careers/

Baltimore Ravens | Senior Cloud Engineer | Owings Mills, MD | Onsite

The Ravens are looking to move more into cloud based applications and data storage, and so the Ravens are also looking for someone to oversee the architecture and implementation of said cloud based apps and data. The Ravens offer full benefits, including free medical insurance, 4 weeks vacation, holidays plus some NFL related office closures, free lunches (and breakfast and dinner during the season), complimentary tickets, and competitive pay including playoff bonuses. The link to the job posting with a more detailed job overview and technical qualifications is below. If you have questions feel free to email me at david.saunders at ravens.nfl.net, but please apply through the below link if you are interested.

Technologies/skills listed for control-f: Servers, Azure, AWS, Microservices, Dev Ops, Saas, Python

Link: https://us60.dayforcehcm.com/CandidatePortal/en-US/baltimore...

Aon IP Solutions | Senior Software Engineer | Spokane WA | ONSITE (preferred)

Tech Stack: AWS | Terraform | Python | VueJS | Postgres

What would you do as a Senior Software Engineer? You would join a highly collaborative team developing IP centric web-applications and micro-services in a cloud native environment. You'd also be exposed to machine learning, AI and natural language processing when working with our data science teams producing industry leading IP analysis.

Our engineering teams are full of high performing, down to earth, friendly people. If you are looking for an environment to grow your skills, share your expertise and collaborate with others please take the time to apply.

Good ideas can come from anywhere, on our teams we really embrace that. You might even get the chance to be listed as an inventor on a patent.

Aon IP Solutions is a division within Aon's new ventures group. This gives our group the ability to have the culture of a startup with the backing of a S&P 500 company.

Apply Here: https://jobs.aon.com/jobs/45487

Email Me (hiring manager): jared.sol@aon.com

BookNook - (Fully) REMOTE -- Full Time -- Engineering Manager, Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, https://www.booknooklearning.com/

BookNook is on a mission to reinvent the where, how, and who of small group learning for elementary school students. We offer easy-to-use tools for educators and caring adults, that empower them to provide powerful in-person reading instruction that gets great results. Our small team has already helped tens of thousands of students become literate, and we are growing fast.

As an employee at BookNook, you will immediately play an integral role in building out, scaling and optimizing our cloud-based learning platform. You will join our fast-growing team as an early employee that can build and shape the future direction of our services in delivering outstanding user experiences and learning tools. View our open positions here: https://jobs.lever.co/booknooklearning

Pipedrive | Senior Engineers | Prague, Lisbon, Tallinn | ONSITE

Pipedrive is a SaaS visual sales tool for small to medium businesses. We’ve been backed with $90 million in funding since 2010 and are experiencing rapid growth. Our team is now located in five countries, building the sales tool used by over 85,000 companies.

I am very happy with the maturity of the process here and the autonomy our team is having. We are getting a lot of support from the company while still being able to innovate and fully own our part of the product.

I am looking for senior engineers to join my team in Prague. This is a unique opportunity to work in a highly technical team and solving some of the most challenging backend problems we have.

Our stack is mainly TypeScript, Node.js, React, Docker, MySQL, Elastic, ... We expect some experience with that but the main thing is the cultural fit. We are looking for team players.

Please ping me an email at jakub.kadlubiec@pipedrive.com if you want me to refer you or if you want to learn more about the company. Please include the location where you'd like to work from. I am an engineering manager not a recruiter.

Tapad | Full-Time | NYC & Oslo, Norway | Open Compensation

Tapad is known for inventing and introducing the Tapad Graph™ to the industry. At the heart of it, we’re a big data company.

Tapad's Open Source tech stack (below) handle:

- Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Dataflow/Beam, SQL, BigQuery - Scala, sbt, cats, http4s, fs2 - Spark ML, TensorFlow, Kubeflow, Python, PyTorch - Airflow, Looker, Kubernetes

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are our open roles in Engineering:

Senior Engineering Manager (Oslo): https://grnh.se/e04e526a1us Software Engineer (NYC & Oslo): https://grnh.se/5fb37cb01us Senior Software Engineer(NYC& Oslo): https://grnh.se/dad5525c1us Senior Machine Learning Engineer (NYC & Oslo): https://grnh.se/e04e526a1us

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - More About Tapad: We use Scala, in combination with large-scale data processing and open-source technologies, to build our device graph. Across our engineering teams, we also use Scala, GCP, Spark, Kubernetes, Python, TypeScript, Angular, and anything else that helps us get the job done. We're open-minded about new technologies, we're passionate about what we do, and we make time for everyone to learn and grow as the industry changes. Engineers at Tapad are approachable and ambitious people who think outside the box and solve big problems collaboratively. Are you up for the challenge?

Zaya Care | Frontend, Backend Engineer | Full-Time | Remote (U.S) or NYC (in-office) https://www.linkedin.com/company/zaya-care

Zaya is a venture backed startup on a mission to help mothers afford full-spectrum maternity care. By enabling previously out-of-network specialists to take insurance at rewarding terms, providers can grow their practice, while allowing a more diverse population of parents to access their services.

We are looking for individuals who are driven to set lofty goals, work together, learn incessantly, and build for impact.

Our stack is Node.js, React, Next.js on AWS.

Open Roles:

Frontend Engineer (4+ years) - https://www.notion.so/Frontend-Engineer-35ad6ec14efc46f7b539...

Backend Engineer (healthcare|fintech experience) - https://www.notion.so/Backend-Engineer-5fb6fea0d5044db39fce0...

Clockwise | https://getclockwise.com | REMOTE, HQ available in San Francisco, CA | Product Hunt's #2 Product of the Year 2019 Clockwise is still seeing massive organic growth by creating the first intelligent calendar system with $31M+ in funding from Bain, Greylock, Accel, Slack Fund, and other blue-chip investors. We are looking for experienced, world-class teammates to join our current team from Google, Airbnb, Slack, Dropbox, Twitter, Asana, Discord, Salesforce, Atlassian & Zephyr Health to help reshape productivity, calendaring & employee happiness. This is a very hard problem and we're incredibly excited about the user-growth we're seeing. Open Roles: * Principal Software Engineer - Back End

* VP of Engineering

* Senior Software Engineer - Data

* Account Executives (Sales)

* Back End Engineers (Mid & Senior+ level)

* Front End Engineers (Mid & Senior+ level)

Apply here: https://www.getclockwise.com/careers

If you're having trouble managing your work time, get started using Clockwise for free at: http://bit.ly/getclockwise

Want to learn more about the challenges we're solving? Our designers just released a game from a recent, quarterly Hack Day. Play it here: https://www.getclockwise.com/defragged/

Let's help the world make time for what matters! We look forward to hearing from you!

Taxfix(https://taxfix.de)| Berlin, Germany | ONSITE| Full-time | Senior SRE

This role is for a high stakes team looking to improve the reliability, availability and scalability of a system built in Elixir/Erlang running in Kubernetes.

About Taxfix:

Every year millions of people are either filing their taxes in fear or giving up on their tax refund altogether. We're working on fixing that. Our intuitive app enables anyone, regardless of education or background, to file their taxes with newfound confidence.

Spread across Berlin and Madrid, Team Taxfix is a compassionate group of solution-finders. We speak our minds openly, and with 250+ professionals from 40 different nationalities, we're rich in ideas and voices. In four years, we've raised over 100 million euros in funding and helped people reclaim more than 500 million euros.

Tech: Elixir, Nodejs, Golang, GKE, GCP

Apply: https://taxfix.de/en/careers/open-position/5333273002/

Ren Systems | SRE or Senior Backend Engineer | Remote (+-3h CET) | Full-time

Ren is an early-stage tech startup based in the US and Europe, backed by top-tier investors. We build relationship intelligence technology for leaders and chiefs of staff. Using leading-edge Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technology, Ren helps you stay on top of important moments in your network and makes it fast, easy and personal to reach out with the right context.


Stack: Python/Fastapi, TS/React/Next/Node.js, Ansible, Docker, Postgres, Celery, Github, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, Hetzner

Read our job posting here: https://www.notion.so/rensystems/Senior-Full-Stack-Backend-S...

and apply via our application form: https://form.typeform.com/to/ZKB5R4om

Looking forward coding with you!

Alcorn McBride Inc. | Full-Time | Orlando, FL | Onsite | http://www.alcorn.com Software Engineer, Design Engineer

We develop audio, video, and show control systems for themed entertainment. You'll find our equipment in the world's biggest theme parks, museums, and attractions.

The hardware (down to the PCB), firmware (from FPGA's to RTOS's), and software (C++/Qt) are all engineered in house. We're looking to hire great engineers with any mix of experience in FPGA's, embedded systems, and desktop application development.

It's amazing to see the things our creative customers do with our products, and it's exciting to work on next-generation tools and hardware to enable our customers to create the "next-big-thing".

If you'd like to chat about it, my contact info is in my profile. For more details and to apply, you can check out the job listings on our website: https://alcorn.com/about/careers/

Frame.io | Backend/Frontend/SRE/Security/Analytics | Full-Time | NYC or Remote

Frame.io is changing the future of how videos are made by helping over 1 million creative professionals seamlessly collaborate from all over the world.

We’re backed by Accel, FirstMark, Insight Partners, SignalFire, Jared Leto, and a host of other amazing investors. Our market-leading product is used and loved by companies such as Turner, Disney, NASA, Snapchat, BBC, BuzzFeed, TED, Adobe, Udemy, and many more.

We’re in an exciting period of growth and are always seeking extremely talented and passionate individuals who share our vision for helping visual content creators produce their best work.

Tech: Elixir, JavaScript/TypeScript, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Go, Terraform, AWS

Open positions:

- Sr. Site Reliability Engineer - https://grnh.se/715d0c752us

- Sr. Backend Engineer - https://grnh.se/a987317e2us

- Sr. Frontend Engineer - https://grnh.se/c6cea2462us

- Sr. Software Engineer, Security Tools - https://grnh.se/b1bf28d72us

- Sr. Analytics Engineer - https://grnh.se/95453b0d2us

More positions:


Terraform | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-time | On-site | Hardware and Software Engineers

We're Terraform. We aim to build affordable and beautiful homes by automating on-site construction with robotics and software. Our mission is to construct a world where aesthetically pleasing bespoke buildings are built within a single day with minimal labor.

We're in the very first days of building the company and we are recruiting for the early engineering team. The goal is to develop Terraform's first robotic system to operate on a construction site. It's a unique opportunity to be immersed in a high-growth, high ambition startup environment, working with an experienced founding team surrounded by top-tier investors from day 1. Check out the company profile and recruiting page for the following roles:

* Lead mechanical engineer * Robotics engineer * Controls engineer * Embedded software engineer

See more at: https://about.terraform.industries/engineering, or reach out directly at hello@terraform.industries

Immunant | Senior Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.immunant.com

Do you want to get paid to use Rust? Do you know a thing or two about systems programming, compilers, and operating systems? Do you like research-y work where the best solution is rarely the most obvious one?

Immunant is helping its customers deploy Rust code alongside or in place of C/C++. We are looking for a fellow systems programming expert to help us harden components used by hundreds of millions of users each day. If you are self-motivated, have demonstrable experience with C/C++/Rust, and an eye for detail, we should talk.

We are located in Southern California but also consider strong remote candidates in the United States.

More details: https://www.immunant.com/jobs

Code: https://www.github.com/immunant

Send questions and applications to team@immunant.com – please mention HN in subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

UserGems (YC S14) | Senior Software Engineers | Remote or Austria - your choice | PHP / Java

UserGems is the future of outbound sales. We apply artificial intelligence to help companies identify who to best target for their sales and marketing outreach. We're growing 5X per year, have raised millions from top Silicon Valley investors and are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help build new products and scale our platform.

This is a career-defining role: Be part of a fast-growing startup as it scales from 20 to 100 employees -- your work and responsibility will grow with it.

Software Engineer: https://www.usergems.com/careers/software-engineer

Full Stack Engineer: https://www.usergems.com/careers/full-stack-engineer

Engineering is a top priority at UserGems. Please reach out to me, Co-Founder and CTO, directly (stephan.kletzl@usergems.com) with your CV and the role you're interested in.

MongoDB | Software Engineers | Madrid, Spain | Full-time | https://www.mongodb.com/careers/locations/madrid

The database market is massive and MongoDB is at the head of its disruption. The MongoDB community is transforming industries and empowering developers to build amazing apps that people use every day. MongoDB seeks software engineers to help level-up the Engineering Corps and grow its sales tools offerings by orders of magnitude.

Our current tech stack is FARM (FastAPI, Python, React), but we are open to any other technologies fitting the projects needs. For CI/CD we use Drone.io and we deploy to K8s.


- Fullstack Software Engineer: https://www.mongodb.com/careers/jobs/3345081

- Senior Frontend Engineer: https://www.mongodb.com/careers/jobs/3284488

SKULabs | Frontend: Senior React Engineer, Lead React Engineer | Full-time | Remote | $160k-$200k+ monthly profit share | https://skulabs.com SKULabs helps rapidly growing ecommerce brands maintain delivery expectations, ensure accurate delivery, and spend less time on warehouse / inventory operations.

We're well-reviewed, profitable, and rapidly growing. Our stack is React, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis.

We're looking for a lead frontend engineer to join our core team and drive new objectives react-first applications to help our existing customer base and expand into new markets. Our existing team has react and vue experience but we're looking for someone who takes pride in designing easy-to-use enterprise react applications from the ground up.

We're additionally looking for a senior engineer with a similar experience level.

Do not apply if you do not have prior experience building and maintaining enterprise-type-complexity applications.

Contact careers@skulabs.com or contact me (brent), the Head of Product at the same domain for additional information.

MacroFab | Frontend, Backend, Product, and more | Full-Time | Remote or Onsite (Houston, TX; Guadalajara, MX) | https://macrofab.com

MacroFab is the first digital marketplace for electronics manufacturing. We manufacture electronics products in North America (US, Mexico, and Canada) by utilizing excess capacity at existing contract manufacturers. Automated pricing, job management, logistics, purchasing, and more are managed through our advanced manufacturing platform.

With offices in Houston and Guadalajara, both onsite and remote work are available.

Our software stack is primarily Python on the backend and React on the frontend, running in a mixed server and server-less environment in AWS, utilizing a variety of data stores and other technologies.

We are growing rapidly and have numerous positions available in Product Management, Backend, Frontend, Full-stack, Technical Program Management, Marketing, Sales, and Operations.

For a full list: https://macrofab.applytojob.com/apply

pganalyze | Senior Backend Engineer | REMOTE (US/CA time zones) | Full-time | Salary: $140-180k | https://pganalyze.com

At pganalyze, we redefine the user experience for optimizing the performance of Postgres databases. Our product helps customers such as Atlassian, Robinhood and DoorDash to understand complex Postgres problems and performance issues.

We are currently preparing a significant refactoring of our backend to better handle large amounts of metrics and logs data, and better derive insights from patterns over time.

For this role we are looking for someone who has worked with both Ruby and Rust before, and who is interested in designing a better Rust-based system to process our metrics data from the ground up. Having a solid understanding of statistics is a plus.

All details: https://pganalyze.com/careers/senior-backend-engineer

Interested? Email me (the Founder & CEO) at lukas AT pganalyze.com - or fill out the form on the website.


At Lovehoney, it’s our teams of innovative and dedicated people from all kinds of backgrounds who have made us one of the world’s largest and award-winning online adult toy retailers.

With nine regional websites serving customers across the globe; warehouses and call centres in Brisbane, Atlanta and Bath, we are growing rapidly as an international retailer, manufacturer and distributor.

We are expanding our Digital Product Team with a Website Optimisation Executive, to assist the Optimisation Manager with the end-to-end execution of experiment and CRO initiatives across our portfolio of websites. You’ll be liaising with internal and external suppliers to manage the workflow from hypothesis, to design ideation, planning, execution and communication of results to the business.

Fantastic opportunity for a graduate in Statistics or Science or anyone who is passionate about digital experiences and confident exploring data.

Find out more here - https://www.lovehoneygroup.com/jobs/

PUNCHBOWL | SR. RUBY ON RAILS DEVELOPER | REMOTE | US + Canada (Boston HQ) | Full-Time | punchbowl.com

Our technology helps people celebrate life — something that feels important now more than ever. We build easy-to-use, subscription-based digital services for celebrations, holidays, and meaningful life memories at punchbowl.com and (our recent acquisition) memento.com. Acquisition news on TechCrunch: https://t.co/p2XQWAS89h?amp=1

We’re looking for a Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer who is passionate and opinionated about creating great products for the web, creates structured and maintainable code, and believes that details matter. In this role, you will have a direct influence on design and architecture.

You’ll find a blend of many technologies in our stack. While our primary language is Ruby, we strive to use the best tools for the job to create elegant solutions and optimize developer happiness. We use Rails 6, React, Sass, Serverless, MySQL, Git, and AWS.

Our Company is fully remote with team members in multiple states/provinces. We maintain an office in Greater Boston (Framingham, MA), which we plan to reopen, but in-person work will remain completely optional. We believe happy employees = happy customers, so we support our team with 100% healthcare coverage, virtual team coffee chats, wellness events, and the freedom to step away when life calls.

* Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer: https://punchbowl.us/ruby-on-rails-dev

* What We Believe: https://punchbowl.us/what-we-believe

* Contact Ariel at agf@punchbowl.com or apply at jobs@punchbowl.com

HourStack | Remote | USA | Full-time | Fullstack Engineer | $85-125k HourStack helps teams of all sizes with a holistic, visual approach to both time tracking and scheduling — easily connect favorite applications with zero disruption to workflow or use HourStack on its own. The all-in-one visual calendar helps you see, plan, and track your team's time across tasks and projects in a complete view. Easily schedule tasks, accurately track time, pull actionable reports, and customize your workspace and permissions.

As a small team, we all have our areas of focus and ownership, but contribute to many aspects of the business to ensure product and marketing are fully synced. From designing, building, and testing, to documenting, hosting, and supporting, you will own the API as your primary responsibility.

This is a backend heavy fullstack engineering role, but you will have some secondary responsibilities such as technical support for the marketing team, internal tooling, and browser extensions where you'll need solid frontend experience.

Our API is built on a LEMP stack hosted with DigitalOcean. Our framework of choice is Laravel and we utilize many tools from that ecosystem, such as Forge for server management, Envoyer for zero downtime deployments, Cashier for managing subscriptions with Stripe, Passport for OAuth, Horizon for queue management, etc.

Our web client utilizes React, TypeScript, Next.js, etc. You'll need familiarity with standard testing and development tools and technologies such as Git, Yarn, Babel, PHPUnit, etc.

Many more details about the role, team, offer, and hiring process are available here: https://hourstack.com/careers. Email jobs@hourstack.com if you'd like to apply.

ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS | Existing Visa Transfers Welcome

A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry. RESPONSIBILITIES Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code. Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization. Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

New York: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4187...

San Diego: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4110...

New England: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4161...

You can see our other openings here: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/

Sourceability | Software Engineer | Full-Time | Irvine CA, Berlin, or Remote (US)

Sourceability is an international Electronic Component Distributor currently building a Global E-Commerce Marketplace and related tools for our customers. Our e-commerce website can be found at https://sourcengine.com.

Join a team of enthusiastic software engineers working on digitizing the Electronic Components industry through a Catalog system that is utilized by both internal and external consumers to create/access information and inventory for over half a billion electronic components.

Our application ingests and exposes millions of records per day through various APIs. You’ll have the opportunity to work in an environment where tests are essential, and performance is critical. You’ll work closely with the Product team to understand the business’s requirements and create solutions for their problems.

Since our application is a cornerstone of the ecosystem you’ll have the opportunity to influence architectural decisions across the ecosystem through collaboration with other engineers.

Our team’s development process is designed so that every engineer on our team has an equal opportunity to add value to the organization through architectural decisions, participating in planning, completing code reviews, and helping to steer the direction of the product. Our team collaborates closely with each other and the other teams to help everyone to succeed and achieve their objectives.

Our tech stack: PHP 8 (Symfony 5), RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis, Postgres (> 1 billion records), Citus (500M+ records), Docker, Kubernetes

Just send your resume to klaus.silveira <at> sourceability <dot> com

Sia Foundation | Frontend Engineer, Developer Evangelist | Remote | Full-time | https://sia.tech

The Sia Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the Sia decentralized storage network.

We believe in a future where users own their data. That means no walled gardens, no vendor lock-in, and no single provider that can spy on you or hold your files hostage. Sia enables this future by allowing peers to buy and sell cloud storage directly in a trustless marketplace. We value privacy, high performance, and robust engineering.

We are a globally distributed, remote-first team. Learn more and apply at:

Frontend Engineer: https://siafoundation.homerun.co/frontend-engineer

Developer Evangelist: https://siafoundation.homerun.co/developer-evangelist

AtoB | San Francisco or Remote anywhere in the world | Visa sponsorship is available | Full-time or consultants.

AtoB is building Stripe for Transportation. Similar to Stripe, we're taking an engineering approach to solving payments problems for SMBs in the trucking industry.

We're a fast growing startup with over 4000+ businesses using our product today. We have raised over $25 million in venture capital from investors such as General Catalyst, Bloomberg Beta, Y Combinator; founders and CEOs of companies like Google (Eric Schmidt), Salesforce (Mark Benioff), Coinbase, DoorDash, Instacart, Wealthfront, Segment, Gusto, Figma; CxOs and founding team members of Uber, PayPal and Stripe; angels like Elad Gil, Naval Ravikant, Gokul Rajaram; and ESG funds such as Climate Capital, Human Capital, Leadout among others.

We're hiring actively for our early team and offering high early team equity for each role. Roles listed here: https://careers.atob.com/.

Feel free to email me at harshita@atob.com (I'm a co-founder).

Concrete Software | Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack AWS and Unity Game Development | Full-time | Remote (US) or Onsite (Edina, MN) | https://www.concretesoftware.com/

Concrete Software is an innovative and growing game development company, with a fun and positive work environment. Our game PBA® Bowling Challenge has been a top-ranked game with over 30 million downloads on Google Play and the iOS App Store for 8+ years, and we have continued to build upon our success with PGA TOUR Golf Shootout and Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch.

We’re looking for a motivated and experienced software developer to work on our mobile games and backend cloud services as a Senior Software Engineer. Our development team excels in building high-quality software and strives to continue learning and improving, and we are looking for an outstanding engineer who appreciates working in a great team of professionals on challenging and rewarding projects.

The candidate will implement core pieces of major game features, including in-game Unity infrastructure (C#) and backend AWS cloud services (Python). This includes technical design and implementation of innovative complex solutions to improve the user experience, in accordance with project requirements, UX design, and industry best practices.

We offer the ability to work 100% remotely from any location in the US (even after Covid), or if preferred in our Edina, MN office.

If you’re interested in learning more, please apply here: https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?t=senior+software+engineer+fu...

Jinso | Sr. Software Engineer | Remote | Full-time

Jinso is a pre-seed startup with aims of shaking up educational institutions and open access to the publishing world. Right now, we are focusing on making a tool that aims to make research collaboration much more effective. The grand aim is to enable researchers to find "diamonds in the rough" in the form of students and to open up access to higher forms of advising students would otherwise not be able to get.


Right now, we are looking to hire our first engineer who will report directly to the CTO. As the first engineer, you will have lots of flexibility and ownership in the work you do. We are looking for an experienced engineer who has worked with Elixir + Phoenix. If you know who Chris McCord is, have been to ElixirConf, and/or have an opinionated view on when to use macros, you sound like our candidate. The position will be fully remote and offer competitive pay and equity.

If this sounds intriguing to you, we would love to talk more. Shoot us a message at admin [at] jinso.com with "Phoenix Pro" as the subject.

Iggy | Multiple engineering/data science roles | Remote | Full-time Iggy is making it easier to get started using location data in your app, analysis, or data pipeline. Iggy is a toolkit for easily accessing data about the world around us.

Read about our recent self service api launch https://medium.com/iggy-tech/launching-iggy-self-serve-apis-... or try it out yourself at https://askiggy.com

* Backend Software Engineer: https://www.notion.so/Backend-Software-Engineer-82459f6e0207...

* Geospatial Data Scientist: https://www.notion.so/askiggy/Spatial-data-scientist-a42f7a8...

* Data Engineer - Data Ingestion: https://www.notion.so/askiggy/Data-Engineer-Data-Ingestion-f...

See all at https://www.askiggy.com/careers

Iggy is a well funded early stage startup. You'll be part of the early team building our core product and have a lot of ability to shape how it's built! Come make location data more accessible and widely used!

Reach out to me: mick at askiggy dot com if you're interested or have questions.

Whatnot (YC W20) | Los Angeles, CA | Remote (Worldwide) | https://whatnot.com | https://jobs.lever.co/whatnot

Whatnot is a livestream shopping and community marketplace where you can geek out with collectors and other like-minded people. In just 18 months since founding, we're the fastest growing marketplace of the last decade [1].

We're hiring for all roles; engineering, devops, customer experience, operations, product, partnerships. We just closed our Series B a few months ago and have hired some extremely talented people. We're doubling headcount by the end of the year and can move extremely quick if need be.

Tech Stack: Python, Elixir, Node, K8s, Swift, Kotlin/Java, AWS

Apply at the link above or send me an email with your resume: erik@whatnot.com

[1] https://twitter.com/anuhariharan/status/1397257039521345538

90th Cyber Ops Squadron, US Air Force | Vulnerability Researcher and Developer | San Antonio, TX | Full Time | ONSITE

Ever wanted to reverse engineer, analyze, write countermeasures to, or even design and build malware? The 90 COS is a software development unit which specializes in offensive and defensive capability development in support of USCYBERCOMMAND and specialized Air Force missions.

We’re looking for a Vulnerability Researcher, responsible for identifying relevant existing research, engaging in novel research, and applying common methods and tradecraft to operationalize effects from vulnerability reports or existing proof of concept code based on mission priority.

No security clearance is required to apply. If you have the skills and are a US Citizen, we’ll get you the clearance.

Desired Skills (ideal candidate has a reasonable subset of the following, we’ll provide paid training for the rest): Experience with: Vulnerability scanning tools, mitigation Strategies (DEP, ASLR, IPS), Application Programming (C, C++, Python), systems programming (Windows or Linux device driver or kernel modification), Assembly (arm, aarch64, x86, x86_64, MIPS, PPC), Reverse Engineering Tools (IDA Pro, Ghidra, BinaryNinja), Debugers (WinDbg/OllyDbg/GDB/LLDB or hardware/JTAG)

Exceptionally qualified candidates may have experience developing host or network-based vulnerability scanning tools like fuzzers, injectors, sniffers, or ML discovery

Compensation: Up to $120K depending on experience, 5% 401K match, generous pension, other federal benefits, performance awards, recruiting and relocation incentives available

Interested or want to learn more? Apply here: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/610154400

TeamSnap | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | https://www.teamsnap.com

TeamSnap is hiring for multiple positions to join our remote-first team. We work every day to simplify the lives of players, coaches, parents, and sports organizations by taking the headache out of organizing sports.

Engineers at TeamSnap are critical to technical and product innovation, driving projects like the award-winning HealthCheck feature. We build applications and services with Ruby, Elixir, React, TypeSript, Swift, Kotlin, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, and Google Cloud. On the Full Stack side, “T-shaped” developers are encouraged.

Our engineers and engineering managers tell their stories ->

* https://www.builtincolorado.com/2021/03/24/colorado-engineer...

* https://www.teamsnap.com/blog/teamsnap-culture/teamsnappers-...

* https://www.teamsnap.com/blog/company/teamsnappers-manager-h...

We are looking at doubling our team by end-of-year and are hiring for: Android, Staff SRE, QA Manager, and a number of other roles.

See all positions here -> https://jobs.lever.co/teamsnap

Healthily / London, England/ Hybrid / https://www.livehealthily.com / Full time

We are a health information website and app that help people take control of their health. We are recruiting for several full time, permanent positions.

- Senior Brand Marketing Manager - Head of Content - Graphic Designer - Marketing - Marketing Copywriter - Senior iOS Engineer - Senior Product Designer - Clinical Writer - digital Health Editor & Content Manager - QA Analyst (automation & manual)


We offer a competitive salary and benefits include pension, options, discretionary bonus, health & wellbeing allowance, flexible working (office or home - you choose), responsible leave (no upper limit), food allowance, home office set up allowance and employee assistance programme.

We are proud to work with smart people who are great at what they do. Click on the link above to find out more!

Aqua Security | Open Source Engineer (Go) | Remote

Aqua Security provides the next generation of Cloud Native security solutions, and open source has been core to our DNA and strategy. Our Open Source team is fully remote worldwide.

We are looking for engineers to work on:

- https://github.com/aquasecurity/starboard : Golang, Kubernetes, K8s operator. - https://github.com/aquasecurity/trivy : Golang, OPA, vulnerabilities & Infrastructure as Code scanning.

I'm the hiring manager, feel free to DM me on twitter @itaysk if you have questions.

Apply here: https://www.aquasec.com/about-us/careers/co/engineering/81.E...

Dasha | Developer Advocate | Remote worldwide | Remote-first | https://dasha.ai

Our mission at Dasha is to make communication between humans and machines universally accessible and natural, and eventually get to AGI (human-level intelligence). If you always wanted to build Jarvis from Iron Man - join us! As a 1st step we help developers and companies embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into their apps or products.

We're looking for our 1st DevRel hire to help us build developer community and make voice AI a hot thing among developers.

The majority of the team are engineers, machine learning scientists and our Chief Research Scientist is a Ph.D. and a former Kaggle #1.

Full job description and more information about our mission and culture: https://www.notion.so/dashaai/Dasha-is-hiring-6f2156ae251e4e...

Please email at vlad@dasha.ai

HyperComply | Senior Full Stack Software Engineer | New York, Toronto, REMOTE (US or Canada) | https://hypercomply.com

At HyperComply we're working to eliminate friction during the trust building phase of B2B sales cycles, primarily by helping software vendors automate their responses to security questionnaires.

We're building out our software engineering org with some key early-stage engineering hires to help build out new features as well support our existing product. We're looking for self-driven engineers that are excited to work on a small, high-impact team.

Please find a full job description here: https://angel.co/company/hypercomply-2/jobs/1360079-senior-f...

Tech Stack: Go, Python, React, TypeScript

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to apply on job posting above or send us an email at jobs@hypercomply.com. Looking forward to talking!

Finale Inventory | Senior Software Engineer | Palo Alto, CA | REMOTE | Full time Finale Inventory helps ecommerce sellers manage their operations efficiently. We integrate with over 25 other systems (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, QuickBooks, etc.) to give our customers a complete picture of their business.

We are a bootstrapped startup led by a founding team with decades of experience building companies. We have been a remote first company since we started in 2014. You will be joining a small engineering team with members located in the Americas and Europe. https://www.finaleinventory.com/company

You will have personal responsibility for designing and delivering features that delight customers and grow the business. Our technology stack is predominantly JavaScript, using Node.js on the server, GraphQL for APIs, and React for the user interface. We also use C++ for performance sensitive components of our application.

Interested? Contact Chris Hondl, CTO/Co-founder, chris@finaleinventory.com

Silvertree | Senior Mobile Eng | Boston, MA / NYC | Full Time | $120-$180k | https://silvertree.io

Silvertree is on a mission to empower the world’s aging population. We are developing next-gen wearable technology that provides the right form of safety and connection for active older adults.

Aging is a personal experience, yet aging with dignity and independence so often includes the caring involvement of family and loved ones. That is why we are designing a stylish, wrist-worn wearable that is built for safety and deeply rooted in human connection, across generations.

We are looking for senior mobile engineers (React Native) to build out our apps. We are early stage and well funded.

If you love to get in early, build things from the ground up, and can resonate with our mission we’d love to hear from you.

See all positions and apply on our careers page: https://apply.workable.com/silvertreelabs/

Any questions? Reach out to careers at silvertree dot io.

Monograph | Senior Data Engineer | Full-time, REMOTE in US

We do 4-day (32 hour) work weeks at Monograph, and we've been doing it for 3 years now. I believe we're one of the only companies in SV that are advocates for working less, but more productively.

To learn more about our engineering culture check out our recently updated Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/monograph (Lynne is a good friend!)

We're currently looking for a senior data engineer to help architect and build process around our data pipelines. We have the fundamentals setup (event schemas, Big Query warehouse, etc), but we're hitting the scale where we each team at Monograph needs more data to help them make informed decisions. You will come in and own data with the budget to hire full-time folks and consultants to help build out our data team.

If you're interested in the built environment (architecture) that's a huge plus!

Reach out directly to me (head of engineering) and mention the HN post: moe at monograph dot com

Elligo Health Research | Senior Software Engineer & Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.elligohealthresearch.com/

Elligo Health Research is a healthcare-enabling research organization that uses electronic health records and the trusted patient and physician relationship to ensure all patients have access to clinical research as a care option.

We're looking for a senior software engineer and a software engineer to build out the team from a recent acquisition: The Root Health Patient Engagement Platform. We're working on making the platform even better for participants and reach a larger scale! A strong design-thinking product focus is a huge plus.

Backend: Python, Flask, Kubernetes/Microservices, Conversational AI/ML Frontend: React

Benefits: Macbook Pro, Unlimited PTO, 401k, full healthcare.

Please apply here: https://j.brt.mv/PortalViewRequirement.do?reqGK=27561744

AE Studio | Technical Product Manager | Venice, CA| Full-time | https://ae.studio

About us: We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions.

About the team: we are around 70 people, part of the team is in LA and part in Brazil. We are a team of Senior professionals working closely with each other in a collaborative environment to create high quality solutions, learn new things every day and have a ton of fun.

About the role: we are looking for senior fullstack engineers with experience in software architecture, javascript, talking to clients and help the team to grow constantly.

About the hiring process: intro call, 1 hour pair programming session, call with one of our team leads, and meeting with our CEO!

Interested? Apply at https://ae.studio/jobs/4011507004/full-stack-developer-and-p...

Influx | Software Engineer | Remote | Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina | Full-time | https://influx.com

Influx is looking for talented software engineers to join our small but growing team.

We build full-service customer support teams that can flex and scale monthly. Influx enables companies of all sizes to deliver consistent and high quality service 24/7.

Influx is looking for experienced Ruby engineers. This is primarily a back-end role using Ruby on Rails and Postgres with infrastructure hosted on Heroku and AWS.

The Influx engineering team is small but growing. There will be enormous opportunities for learning, personal growth and taking on more responsibility as the team continues to expand.

What we’re looking for:

  - Someone that is curious, collaborative and ready to take ownership and responsibility.
  - Comfortable being part of a small, autonomous and distributed team.
  - Top-notch communication skills are essential.
  - Eager to learn and grow.
Email me at dennis@influx.com to apply or ask questions. Thanks! :)

Sequoia Capital | Technical Support Specialist | Menlo Park, CA (Onsite) | https://www.sequoiacap.com

Sequoia is a venture capital company headquartered in California, with additional offices in China, India, Singapore, and the UK. We invest in early and growth stage companies to "Help the daring build legendary companies. From idea to IPO and beyond".

We are looking for a tech support specialist in our Menlo Park office. The location would be a combination of some days onsite in either our Menlo Park and San Francisco offices and WFH. This role is part of our Global Workspaces team and is internal facing to help with the day to day technical needs of the organization, including things like user management and provisioning/de-provisioning, technical troubleshooting of conference rooms, help with end users email/calendaring issues, and desktop support.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop me a note here and I will be happy to forward your information on to the hiring manager.

Arctype | Senior Software Engineer | Remote (US Timezones) | Full Time

At Arctype, we're building the best collaborative SQL client for PostgreSQL and MySQL. We are backed by Social Capital and Chamath Palihapitiya, and other great angels.

Arctype is looking for a founding software engineer interested in building a truly great SQL client. We're a team of engineers who have worked at cutting-edge startups and enterprises. After struggling with terrible query interfaces at every job, we set out to build a best-in-class SQL client with built-in collaboration, version history, sharing, and more! We're now being used by dozens of teams and startups as their primary SQL client.

As a software engineer at Arctype, you'll see your code shipped weekly where it will go live and make an immediate impact to our users.

Compensation for this role includes a competitive salary, equity befitting an early-stage employee, and benefits.

Required Skills: Node.js, React, Redux, Postgres/MySQL

Nice to Have: Cool projects, AWS, Figma-to-code experience, CSS

Please email us at jobs@arctype.com

Neocom | Munich, Germany | Full-Time | https://neocom.ai/

We are decomplexing e-commerce.

Our SaaS helps consumers to find the right product in no time by replacing Product Listing Pages with our Guided Selling solution. Neocom is used by big brands such as InternetStores (fahrrad.de, bikes), Amorelie (sex toys) and many more.

Our clients and consumers love our solution (more than 30.000 individual consultations per week) and have many feature requests. We are now looking for a React.js engineer to help us replacing product listing pages - because it’s 2021 not 2004.

While we are still a small team (10 people), we - and also our investors - are super proud of what we’ve achieved in just one year. We all share a common vision and reason why we work on Neocom: We just cannot believe our kids will be using traditional filter search pages once they grow up. And we are on the forefront #replaceThePLP #decomplexingEcommerce

If you are interested, email me at ssl@neocom.ai or come by our Munich office for a barista quality espresso :-)

Ocient | Backend Senior/Staff/Principal/Distinguished Software Engineer | Full-time | $130-250k + stock options | USA, Chicago or Remote (US) | https://ocient.com

We're building an exabyte-scale distributed database for analytics (OLAP) workloads, with an emphasis on low-level performance optimizations. Our approach is to build nearly everything from scratch in C++, including custom distributed filesystems, task schedulers, consensus protocols, and an advanced SQL stats engine and query planner/optimizer. As an engineer here, you'll tackle really challenging problems and work with huge systems but also get the pride of ownership and autonomy that comes with a startup. We currently have about 55 engineers on the team, and our technical standards are very high.

Our Stack: Modern C++, Linux, Bazel, Python, etc.

Apply at https://ocient.com/careers. Send your questions to starzia at ocient.com.

Digital Theatre+ | Front-end developer | Remote with offices in London & Manchester, UK | Full-time | £45-55k |

We help over 4 million teachers and students by providing the best tools to do their jobs, including live captured Theatre productions, interviews and written materials, delivered by the Digital Theatre+ platform to classroom and remote learners.

I'm looking for a front-end developer, who cares about all the little details of accessibility, performance and usability that make websites joyful to use, to join our 4 person development team who are responsible for the development and operation of the Digital Theatre+ platform.

We're trying to find someone who is passionate about:

* Delivering excellent accessibility and having a detailed comprehension of WCAG standards * HTML and aria attributes * CSS and SCSS or another CSS pre-processor (e.g. SASS, LESS, PostCSS) * Component-based development * Designing and developing micro-interactions * Writing modern JavaScript * Using Git with a repository hosting service such as GitHub or GitLab

It would be nice to have but not essential:

* At least 1 years’ experience in a web development role * Knowledge and experience of developing with TypeScript * Familiarity with Storybook to create an interactive component library

Our hiring process is:

* 30 minute phone call with myself and another member of the team to double check we've understood each other * A few hours spent pairing with team members on real work (just like a day in the [remote] office) * 3 month probation to make sure it's a good match * No code tests or other hoops to jump through

Drop me a message on HN, or email hiring@digitaltheatreplus.com, with CV or LinkedIn or Github if you're interested in having a chat.

CoinTracker (YC W18) | Remote (Global) | Full Time | https://www.cointracker.io

CoinTracker is a portfolio assistant for cryptocurrency. It is used by over 450,000 users tracking over 1% of the entire global cryptocurrency market. CoinTracker enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance, taxes, and more. Our vision is to re-build personal financial management, tax preparation, and accounting for every cryptocurrency user.

Some things we’re proud of:

- Traction: over $20 billion tracked on CoinTracker

- Solid Financials: profitable, growing 16X year over year

- Leading partners: Coinbase, TurboTax, Wolters Kluwer

- Top tier investors: Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Serena Williams, and more

- Founders: Previously built TextNow (200M downloads), ex-Googlers

Our mission is to increase the world's financial freedom and prosperity. If this excites you, please reach out: https://www.cointracker.io/jobs!

Lumen5 | Technical Product Manager | Remote (within North American time zones), Vancouver | Full-time | lumen5.com/careers

Recognized as one of Canada's fastest-growing companies, Lumen5 is an online video creation platform powered by machine learning and designed for businesses, brands, and creatives.

We believe that video is the most powerful tool for storytelling, but not everyone has the skills or resources required to produce thumb-stopping videos. We created Lumen5 to solve this problem.

Technical Product Manager - https://grnh.se/e54f257e3us

• 4+ years experience as a Product Manager or Software Developer

• Experience working on a team with technical clients (product for developers, game internals, etc), and conducting qualitative and quantitative user research

• Familiarity with statistics, A/B testing, and tools such as Mixpanel and Google Analytics

• Understanding of SaaS growth and metrics: MRR, LTV, etc., and web applications and how they're built

Please apply through the link above, or reach out to careers@lumen5.com with any questions!

ThoughtWorks India - Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Coimbatore, Hyderabad

Remote: Not in context of this post.

We are passionate technologists who believe in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. We contribute to a multitude of open source projects.

Primarily we are a Technology Consultancy Company. We look for zealous Technologists who are keen to learn on job. We value Object Oriented and Functional Skills. DevOps and Agile are a normal way of working here. TDD and XP are embraced fully.

Skillsets/Platforms/etc.: C#, Java, Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, Rust, JS, AWS/GCP/Azure, Python, Node.js, React, Angular

Requirement: 4+ years of programming experience.

Interview process: Take-home coding assignment, Pair programming, Technical Interview(s), Leadership

More about ThoughtWorks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBqquBtwaNM


Contact: siddhark[at]thoughtworks.com Please include 'Hacker News' in subject line.

Wrong thread, you probably meant to post this in "Who is Hiring?" https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28037366

Thanks! Moved from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28037364 (I think).

Thanks for the correction

Thanks for suggesting the correction.

Flexport (YC W14) | San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL | Onsite | https://www.flexport.com

Flexport’s mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. We are revolutionizing a huge industry that touches every country on the planet, which means solving complex challenges. We are looking for makers who love learning, are passionate about collaborating, and desire to see the global impact of the solutions they build.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/flexport

View all of our jobs here: https://grnh.se/c0d6caef1

Tech Stack: Frontend: React, Relay, Flow, Jest, Enzyme Mobile: React Native, Apollo Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL, Python, RSpec CI: GitHub, Buildkite Infrastructure: AWS, Python

Location: Tennessee but we're 100% remote friendly. Looking for: Senior devs with extensive Elm+Rails experience.

VisuWell serves hospitals, health systems, and payors with an enterprise telemedicine software platform. Our technology helps doctors perform meaningful patient interactions, virtual healthcare sessions, remote patient monitoring, virtual triage, and smart patient routing, just to name a few.

We are looking for experienced Elm developers interested in the WebRTC space for Telemedicine. Love for new web technologies like GraphQL appreciated. We are looking for fullstack developers with experience with Ruby on Rails.

Applications on our site: - https://visuwell.io/careers/sr-software-engineer/

SO applications: - https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/536110/senior-software-engine...

Lune | Software Engineers, Product Designer | London or REMOTE (London +/- 2 hours) | Full-Time | https://lune.co

Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default.

With the Lune API, we enable companies to seamlessly build emissions calculations and high-quality carbon offsetting into their services and make it part of the customer experience. In the future, everything we do will have a positive impact on the planet - powered by Lune.

If you’re a talented engineer who learns quickly and cares about tackling the climate crisis, we’d love to work with you.

This role is a unique opportunity to be part of Lune’s core team, to have a real impact on our mission and to define and scale the company into the future.

As we grow, you’ll have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and help build a great company while tackling the greatest challenge of our time.

Interested? Let’s chat: fomo@lune.co … if you are in London, let’s grab a coffee.

Tech stack: Typescript, (a little) Rust, React, AWS, Postgresql

Hiring for:

* Frontend Software Engineer

* Backend Software Engineer

* Fullstack Software Engineer

* Product Designer

* [Create your role]

Heroic Labs | Server Engineer | Full Time | Remote | https://www.workatastartup.com/jobs/15938

Building games and infrastructure that scale to millions of connected players is extremely difficult. That's why we started Heroic Labs 7 years ago, to give game developers scalable tools, services and infrastructure to focus on building innovative games.

Nakama is now the leading social and competitive game server with support for dozens of languages and engines.

Nakama, all our client libraries and sample projects are open source software, licensed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

We're a remote team of web, mobile and game developers, content creators, community evangelists and more. We value kindness, generosity and respect for others.

Work at Heroic Labs is self directed and supportive. We have light processes and work asynchronously with our remote team.

Learn more at https://heroiclabs.com/

Fern Creek Software | Louisville KY | 100% Remote

Fern Creek is a software consulting company. We build stuff for other people, usually in .NET on Azure but we do other stuff occasionally. The company has been around since I started consulting independently about 20 years ago. Recently I started taking on larger projects that need more people and as a result, started hiring people. Sometimes a 1099, sometimes W2.

This is not super sexy stuff where you will get options that might be worth millions, but likely worth nothing. What you will get is a load of experience on new tech (asp.net core, azure, blazor etc) and a great focus on the best feature of all...shipping.

The job is remote so you don't have to be in Louisville though if you are close that is cool.

Set your own hours and all that, I want pros not people that need babysitting.

3 openings right now... -Full stack dev (C#, asp.net core, sql server etc)

-DevOps/Automation/QA dev (unit testing, selenium, azure devops)

-Mobile dev (Xamarin, React Native)

Live the stress free life, work from home, build some cool tech, make money, be happy etc etc.

Shoot me a message at jobs at ferncreeksoftware.com

Krydus | Sr. Frontend Engineer | Part-Time (Possible transition to Full-Time) | Remote

At Krydus we are developing tools to accelerate and automate the boring parts of a ML Engineers job, going from raw unstructured data to a well balanced dataset. The team keeps things simple and functional. We take pride in combining professionalism, trust, and very few meetings. We are remote first and operate with async communications where possible. Currently we have employees in all US time zones including Hawaii, and work hours are very flexible.

We work with cutting-edge technology, our stack includes Python, PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning, Poetry, Conda; Docker, Kubernetes, Cortex for infrastructure; React, Typescript, Rust, Julia, C, CUDA for any custom HPC code as appropriate for the problem; The team prefers Linux for dev environments, often PopOS, but everyone is free to use their prefered tools.

Current Positions:

Frontend UI/UX - React JS, Typescript, experience with graphs and data visulaizations is a big plus

You can email me at dgoddeau(at)krydus.com with "HN" in the subject.

Acapela (https://acape.la) | Founding Product Designer & Senior Product Engineer | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE or REMOTE (in European timezones)

Acapela helps hybrid and remote teams work more productively by replacing unnecessary video meetings with async collaboration.

Read more about us from our TC announcement: https://techcrunch.com/2020/10/21/acapela/

If you are looking to be part of a VC-backed team led by two second-time founders, work autonomously and have strong impact on the product, check out our jobs page: https://www.notion.so/acapela/Join-Acapela-1bdde65e49eb43db8...

Some buzzwords from the tech-stack we use: Typescript, Next.js, Hasura, GraphQL, Prisma.

I am Heiki, Co-Founder & CTO. Get in touch at heiki[at]acape.la

Gridware | Walnut Creek, CA, USA | On-site | Full-time

Gridware (https://www.gridware.io) is a well-funded, YC-backed startup solving the wildfire and grid reliability crises in America. We're looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to join our growing team!

At Gridware, you'd be able to own significant portions of the cloud software buildout from data ingestion (via our custom field hardware) to customer-facing features (that integrate directly with critical infrastructure). The electrification of everything from transportation to currency is going to need a highly reliable and performant electric grid of the future and you can help us solve the insanely hard engineering challenges required to build it!

If this sounds like your jam, drop us your resume here: https://apply.workable.com/gridware/j/B91F6B9CF0/ or email us directly at mailto:hallchen@gridware.io

Recent press releases:

* https://techcrunch.com/2021/02/17/gridware-is-building-early...

* https://techcrunch.com/2021/05/24/gridware-seed/

* https://cleantechnica.com/2021/06/01/gridware-raises-5-3-mil...

Bridebook (https://bridebook.co.uk) | Multiple Positions | London, UK (HQ) | REMOTE (EU) | Full-time Our aim is to transform the wedding industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the wedding planning experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible. We enable couples and suppliers to connect and provide a seamless, personalised wedding-planning experience for both. Open positions:

* Senior Front-End React Developer. React, Typescript, Next.js, Firestore. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-front-end-developer/...

* Senior Full-Stack Developer. Typescript, Next.js, Firestore, AWS, GCP, Capacitor. https://bridebookcouk.homerun.co/senior-full-stack-developer...


Lloyds Banking Group | Bristol, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Halifax, United Kingdom | Full-time UK (currently UK-remote) | https://bit.ly/LBGCareersSite

At Lloyds Banking Group we’re driven by a clear purpose: to help Britain prosper. As part of our diverse team you’ll impact the lives of more than 26 million customers through our brands, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows. With your help we'll continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ongoing digital needs of our customers. Join us and you can make a real difference.

Some of our current openings are listed below. For other opportunities visit our careers site: https://bit.ly/LBGTechTransformation

All have similar benefits: | Performance Bonus | 4% Cash Sum | Private Medical Insurance | Pension (we contribute up to 15%) | Share Plans | 30 days holiday (plus bank holidays)

2/2 Lloyds Banking Group | Bristol, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Halifax, United Kingdom | Full-time UK (currently UK-remote) | https://bit.ly/LBGCareersSite

Lead Service Engineer - Leeds - https://bit.ly/054946

DevOps Engineer - Edinburgh - https://bit.ly/042159

Senior Java Engineer - London - https://bit.ly/045721

Software Engineer - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/054095

Google Cloud Site Reliability Engineer - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/047591

Azure SRE Lead - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/051561

Lead GCP Cloud Engineer - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/041376

GCP Cloud Engineer - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/050876

Scrum Master - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/054204_2

Product Owner - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/054170

Business Analyst - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/054158

Quality Engineer - Multiple UK Locations - https://bit.ly/054209

Black Crows | SFCC Product Manager / Developer | Los Angeles, CA or Chamonix FR; Remote OK | https://www.black-crows.com/

Apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2661712712/

Black Crows is an independent French freeski brand from Chamonix.

As the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Product Manager / Developer for Black Crows, you will oversee and manage Digital Product, UX, and Technology to define and manage the product strategy, roadmap, pipeline, and process workflows in collaboration with our cross-functional team members from Systems Engineering (internal systems), Marketing, Customer Service, Creative, Operations, and Merchandising. Additionally, you will define DTC technology/development (eCommerce and website) strategies, concepts, implementation & testing plans, and execution of all UX/UI features.

Tundra.com | Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, DevOps, Product, Design | Zurich, Switzerland & San Francisco | Full-time | https://www.tundra.com

We’re building the place for wholesale online. A place where businesses can discover and buy the best products at the lowest direct wholesale prices. A place where suppliers can bring their products to market, build their brands and audiences, and keep all of their sales.

We're a venture-backed startup attacking a big problem and we take a first principles approach to building software in the logistics, finance, and ecommerce domains. We're scaling quickly and growing our team in both San Francisco and Zurich, Switzerland.

What we are looking for:

* Proactive, passionate and have the needed perseverance for creating great software in imperfect world

* Track record in scaling of complex software systems

Email us at careers@tundra.com or apply through AngelList: https://www.angel.co/tundra

Ideamotive | React.js Developer | Warsaw | Onsite

Ideamotive - a dev shop specializing business process automation for startups and growing companies is looking for a React Developer. We are located in Warsaw, Zoliborz at a start-up accelerator mansion called ReactorWarsaw.

Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails and/or Node on backend and React on a frontend, usually Postgres as a main database and Redis + Sidekiq for queues.

You, as a candidate, should be a computer science graduate (or has equivalent knowledge) with a solid background in front-end and previous experience in React or similar framework. We also expect you to have understanding of a current trends and state-of-the-art solutions.

Our original job offer: https://www.ideamotive.co/careers/react-developer

Apply at: https://ideamotive.recruitee.com/o/regular-react-developer

Intent HQ | Scala Engineer | London, NYC, Barcelona, Lisbon & Remote| Full or part time

At Intent HQ we are working in a close relationship with our clients to help them have a better understanding of their data so they are able to provide better services to their own customers. We are ~80 people from all over the world (we speak 15 different languages!) based in London, Barcelona and NYC. As we are small, we love sharing ideas and really like to work along the principles of valuing 'individuals and interactions', 'customer collaboration', 'responding to change' and 'working software'.

Tech stack: Scala, Typelevel stack (cats-effect, htt4s, fs2...), Cassandra, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Docker, Nomad, Terraform, Consul, Vault, AWS, TypeScript, React, Redux

We have several positions open: https://intenthq.teamtailor.com/

Salary ranges depend on location.

If you want more information feel free to drop me an email: albert (at) intenthq.com

Samsara | Multiple Roles | Full-time, Hybrid In Person and WFH OR 100% Remote (US & Canada) | Apply here: https://grnh.se/766dab941us

Samsara, founded in 2015, is a leader in Industrial IoT and our mission is to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy. Our solutions combine hardware and software to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations across various industries. Our team has raised $930M from Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Tiger Global, Dragoneer, AllianceBernstein Holding LP, Franklin Templeton, General Atlantic, Sands Capital Management and Warburg Pincus LLC.

Open Positions: Senior Data Engineer - Machine Learning, Manager, Embedded Software Engineering, Senior Embedded Software Engineer - Camera Vision Systems, Staff Software Engineer - Linux and Video Streaming, and more!

BuildBuddy (YC W20) | Engineering | Bay Area, Remote | Full-Time

BuildBuddy was founded to give anyone a "google-style" development environment in minutes. Today we're solving a small piece of this problem with an open-core remote build execution platform for Bazel - but our ambitions are much larger. Our mission is to take the world-class engineering tools that are only available to employees of large companies and make them available to everyone. Check it out at: https://buildbuddy.io/

Come join us and shape the future of how engineers build and test software! You’ll write and ship open-source code, own production systems used every day by 1000s of engineers at big companies, and help us shape the future of the product. You'll work with and learn from a team that's built software at both successful startups and FAANG companies. Your skillset will grow and you'll join a team excited to solve problems in the developer tool space.

Our tech stack is simple, stable, scalable: Golang, Redis, MySQL, Protobuf, React, Typescript.

SE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/solutions-engineer

Sr. SWE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-software-engineer

Sr. SRE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-site-reliability-engin...

Don't see a perfect fit but still interested? Great, we still want to hear from you! Email us at hiring@buildbuddy.io

Petal | New York, NY | Full-Stack, Backend, Data Engineers | Remote (United States)

Petal is a credit card for people with limited credit histories. Our mission is to increase access and fairness in the credit market, utilizing machine learning to analyze cash flow and augmenting traditional credit score-based lending decisions. We've raised our Series C and are growing dramatically.

Some recent coverage we've received:

Valar triples down on Petal, leading $55M Series C round into the credit card disruptor: https://techcrunch.com/2020/09/24/valar-petal-series-c/

Tech stack: https://stackshare.io/petal

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/petalcard?lever-origin=applied&lever-s...

NCC Group | Security Consultants | Full Time | Remote OR Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, and Waterloo (US and Canada only) NCC Group is a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation. Through an unrivaled suite of services, we provide organizations with peace of mind that their most important assets are protected, available and operating as they should be. We are passionate about making the Internet safer and revolutionizing the way in which organizations think about cyber security. We are a collective of tinkerers, researchers and security addicts from all walks of life. We are looking for security-focused engineers to join our security consulting team. Job duties will include penetration testing, security analysis, and cutting-edge research into current technologies and attacks. The following technical skills and experience are important for being successful in this role: -Web application and web service testing -Network infrastructure penetration testing -Mobile application security testing (Android and iOS) -Able to perform security-focused code review in 2+ programming languages -Familiarity with secure configuration of Windows, Linux and MacOS systems -Familiar with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

I look forward to seeing your application come through at https://www.nccgroup.com/us/about-us/careers/ or feel free to send your resume to matthew.braun@nccgroup.com (I'm a consultant so feel free to ping me with questions about the work as well).

We support US based remote work and will not require relocation post-covid but we are also looking for consultants in locations near Chicago, Seattle, Austin, New York, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, and Waterloo (Canada). Unfortunately, we are unable to support visa transfers at this time.

Cmd | Vancouver BC | Onsite + Remote | Full Time | www.cmd.com

*Visa sponsorship for Canada available

Cmd is a growing cybersecurity company building a powerful yet lightweight security platform that provides insightful observability, proactive controls, threat detection and response for Linux infrastructure.

What matters to us?

- You’re naturally curious, and want to expand and share your knowledge

- You step up and help your team mates out. And we’ll do the same for you.

- You default to quality over quantity

Open Roles:

- QA Engineer, Platform: https://bit.ly/cmd-QA-platform

- QA Engineer, Linux Systems: https://bit.ly/Cmd-QA-Linux

Cmd is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity for all job seekers. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need. We encourage you to apply, even if you don't meet 100% the requirements listed. We strongly encourage members of underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds to apply.

Kettle | Remote, Full-time | https://wearekettle.com/

Kettle is a growing, award-winning digital agency. We are a team of thinkers, makers, and storytellers who love working together to build ambitious, human-centric experiences. We create digital-first products, content, and campaigns through carefully crafted partnerships with the leading brands of today and tomorrow.

- Senior front-end developer (native DOM, JavaScript): https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/378531/senior-front-end-web-d...

- Senior back-end web developer (PHP): https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/524051/senior-back-end-web-ap...

Have questions? Reach out to me directly: jacob {@} wearekettle.com

Beacons | Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, CA or Remote | Contract or Full-time | beacons.ai

About us: at Beacons, we believe that the future of work is going to see more people constructing a career that they really enjoy around who they are online — and creators are the first wave. Our mission is to empower creators with economic opportunities.

About the team: we are a team of 6, mostly in the Bay Area. Our 4 founders are all technical and met at an engineering program at Stanford before going through Y Combinator in S19.

About the role: we are looking for contract or full-time engineers with experience in React to help build out exciting features such as a CRM for our creators, integration blocks to build the operating system for creators, and tools to help creators monetize.

About the hiring process: intro call, coding challenge, and meeting with the full team!

Interested? Apply at https://boards.greenhouse.io/beacons/jobs/4056371004

Ntropy | https://ntropy.network/ | ML + Backend engineers, Head of product | Remote | Full-time

Ntropy is a platform that enables machine-learning models to access relevant external data at scale.

We are starting with financial data, a fundamental building block for understanding both consumers and businesses, that plays a key role across many industry verticals. Our first product is an API that makes banking transactions accessible to both humans and machine learning models at scale, with minimal engineering overhead or privacy risk.

We recently launched with a number of customers and are well funded. The team is 14 people at the moment and will grow substantially toward the end of the year.

Apply on https://ntropy.network/company/about-us#careers or email jobs@ntropy.network if you have any questions!

stack: Python / PyTorch / some Rust / lots of GPUs

Impinj | Multiple Positions | Seattle, WA | Full Time | ONSITE | https://www.impinj.com/

It's an exciting time to be at Impinj! Our vision is to provide a "Digital Life for Everyday Items" with our market-leading RAIN RFID solutions which includes UHF RFID tags, readers and gateway hardware for reading tags, platform management software and more.

(Want to know more about how it all works? Our RAIN RFID technology was covered by Strange Parts in this cool video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWzyPZAPbt0)

If you're interested in IoT and RFID systems and in helping us build the technologies that will revolutionize inventory management, asset tracking, logistics systems, and more, we have a variety of positions available, including IoT software development and testing, firmware development, product management, IT, and hardware/RF systems/silicon engineering. We hope that you'll consider joining us!

Some of our current software positions are below but you can check out the full list at https://www.impinj.com/careers/job-openings/

- Backend Developer (C#): https://www.impinj.com/about-us/careers/open-positions?p=job...

- Embedded Systems SDET: https://www.impinj.com/about-us/careers/open-positions?p=job...

Framer | Javascript Performance Engineer, (AWS) Cloud Engineer | Amsterdam | Onsite/Remote (NL,UK,IE,DE)| Full-time

About us: At Framer we build a prototyping tool that allows our users to bring their ideas to life and make their designs interactive, with and without touching code.

JavaScript Performance Engineer: Use your deep understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem to help us build a stable and performant design tool. You’ll work on optimizing browser rendering performance, as well as developing and implementing performance tests and experiments.

(AWS) Cloud Engineer: Work closely with our engineering and product teams to build out our infrastructure—supporting our applications in a secure, scalable, and reliable way. Tech stack: familiarity or experience with modern programming languages and environments, such as JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js, Go, Python, Shell scripting

Learn more / apply here: https://www.framer.com/careers/

I am the co-founder of two fast-growing ed-tech companies, Top Hat (450 employees) and Kritik (25 employees) in Toronto, Canada. I am currently looking for a technical co-founder (in Canada) and a few senior developers (could be remote, but open to relocate to Canada), and a product manager (In Canada or open to relocate to Canada) for Kritik. At Kritik, we are changing the way students are assessed in the classrooms, moving away from objective memorization-based assessment to higher-order-thinking skills. We are in business in less than 2 years but are already in 400 college and university classrooms, generating $1M ARR. Our technical stack is MERN and the job descriptions can be found in https://angel.co/company/kritik-1/jobs If you are interested, feel free to connect with me and drop me a line in my linkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mohsenshahini

Fullsend Solutions | React Native, Fullstack Web, Frontend Web | Full-time/Part-time Contract | Remote

Fullsend is a developer first software studio built to help early stage companies with the technical side of their business. We come from the big agency world and founded Fullsend in response to the bloated way big agencies build bloated software to bloated companies. We value using modern popular frameworks. We value delivering code to our clients. We value making sound technical decisions even if that pushes back timelines. We value the opinions of our devs and want them to feel good about the direction of our projects.

We are executing across a broad range of businesses in fintech, fitness, social networking, and more. We are constantly in talks with new clients in a broad range of sectors. Our current needs are:

Senior React Native

Senior Frontend Web: ReactJS, NextJs

Senior Fullstack Web: NodeJs, Typescript, Postgres, ReactJS, AWS, NextJs

If this interests you, please reach out to apply@fullsend.io and we will schedule a call. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Jane | Santa Cruz, CA or Remote (North America) | Onsite or Remote | https://www.iheartjane.com | Will relocate

Jane Technologies, Inc. has developed the cannabis industry's first real-time marketplace, where consumers can discover and order cannabis online. We believe in the cannabis industry's ability to bring well-being, health, and love into this world, and it is our mission to bring confidence to the cannabis shopping experience.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/jane

We're currently hiring:

* Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/471672000...

* DevOps Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/531471200...

* Technical Lead: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/469587900...

* Data Scientist: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/533211900...

Tech Stack: Backend: Ruby on Rails. Frontend: ReactJS + Typescript.

Tecton | Senior Full-Stack SWE & Open Source Eng Manager, Senior DevOps Engineers | SF, NYC, Seattle | https://tecton.ai

Tecton's platform is designed to help machine learning teams build the end-to-end lifecycle of features for real-time data/ML systems running in production. We've raised Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds led by Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Our founding team previously created Uber's Michelangelo Platform: https://eng.uber.com/michelangelo-machine-learning-platform/.

We are hiring senior engineers with at least 5 years experience in SF, NYC, and Seattle: https://tecton.ai/careers/. Feel free to send your resume to careers@tecton.ai or hit me up if you have questions!

BrandYourself | Node.js + DevOps Engineers | 100% Remote | Full-time | https://brandyourself.com

BrandYourself’s software and services have helped over a million people protect and improve their online reputation and privacy. We have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, BBC’s Dragons’ Den and numerous other media outlets.

With a stable (and profitable) Online Reputation Management (ORM) business, the company has begun broadening its offerings to include our Privacy API and related product offerings. Upon launch, these privacy features quickly became our best-selling and most engaging tools. Join a talented group of engineers who are about to launch an exciting industry changing Privacy API with major partners.

* Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Node.js)

* Senior DevOps Engineer (Docker, ECS, Terraform, AWS)

* Full-Stack Engineer (Node.js)

* Junior Engineer (Node.js)

Apply at http://careers.brandyourself.com/apply/

Capital One Shopping | Lead Back End or Full Stack Engineers | Hybrid and U.S. Remote OK | https://capitaloneshopping.com/

The Capital One Shopping Team is changing the way people make purchases online. Finding the best prices and grabbing the biggest discounts should be a simple and seamless experience, and with the Capital One Shopping suite of tools, we make that happen!

Our primary product is a browser extension that automatically searches for online coupons, lower prices, and rewards at over 30,000 online retailers--making it effortless to save money when you shop online. Last year alone, we found customers more than $160 million in savings.

Tech Stack: TypeScript, Node.js, React, AWS

Please apply below: Backend: https://bit.ly/3A5GQhu Full Stack: https://bit.ly/3s1O9nS

Hubdoc @ Xero | Full-time | Onsite | Toronto | https://www.hubdoc.com ---

With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.


Intermediate Software Developer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/b8d276cb-4d20-4486-869c-72b654d46...

You will become an integral member of our Dataflow team who are responsible for our document processing microservices pipeline which integrates our upstreams, downstreams and machine learning to process millions of our financial documents per month, along with the internal tools/applications supporting it. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.


Senior Software Engineer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/0f2a60a6-abf7-47c2-9799-f20817132...

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Contract) (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/6a1d7df2-30ff-48d3-81ad-4b155cbce...

Our Workflow team is responsible for all customer facing aspects of the Hubdoc application. As a Senior Engineer, your remit will be focused on our web, and mobile front-ends and their supporting API's as well as our document intake pipeline which processes millions of financial documents per month. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.

Crocodile Labs | Software Engineers, Marketers, Designers, Customer Success | Full-time | REMOTE

We're a venture-funded, seed-stage company building the next generation of decentralized exchanges in the DeFi crypto space. If you've thought about working at the cutting edge of crypto technology, now's your chance!

As one of the first employees, you'd have the opportunity to build the culture from he ground up. You'd enjoy substantial participation in terms of both equity and tokens. Salary compensation is extremely competitive as well. Anyone who's bright, talented and enthusiastic is welcome regardless of background.

* Software Engineers. Blockchain, front-end and full stack.

* Growth Marketers. Data-driven. Experience with crypto marketing is a big plus.

* UI/UX Designer. Front-end dev skills are a plus.

* Customer Success Manager. Excellent people skills required. Experience with providing support in a crypto product a plus.

careers@crocodilelabs.io | https://www.crocodilelabs.io

Convoy | Software Engineers (Mid, Senior) | Atlanta, GA | https://www.convoy.com

Convoy is a digital freight marketplace building up a network of shippers and carriers while reducing overall carbon emissions in the age-old trucking industry.

Convoy is hiring software engineers. The base pay and benefits are competitive with generous pre-IPO equity grants. Work life balance is great, ICs have lots of autonomy and opportunity to propose projects, influence priorities, and speak directly with leadership. There's an opportunity to ask questions to the CEO and executives every week. I've never worked at another company with this level of candidness and transparency.

The tech stack is modern, you'll learn TypeScript, GraphQL, React, Kafka, k8s, AWS and have opportunities to bring in new-to-the-company technologies / open source projects / SaaS offerings.

There is SO much work to do. Every hour you put in contributes to the goal of reducing carbon emissions in the trucking industry.

Convoy HQ is in Seattle, WA, but we're spinning up a new engineering office in Atlanta, GA. We'll be using a hybrid work model: a 1-2 days in office a week earmarked for intentional in-person collaboration; the rest of your work can be done remotely.

If you have any questions, I'm be happy to set up 30 minutes to chat. (Current Convoy SWE, ex-Amazon, ex-Coupang).

More info on career benefits: https://convoy.com/careers/

Apply to open roles: https://jobs.lever.co/convoy/68cd32d8-9dfd-4779-8fcf-1f0d936...

Wiredcraft | Shanghai, China & REMOTE USA/Canada Wiredcraft creates and grows digital products for the best brands in the world (Nike, Starbucks, Hilton, Burberry, IKEA...).

We're China experts, with our main office in Shanghai, and a presence in the US and France. We also have a few proprietary solutions (CDP, sCRM, e-commerce...).

We're growing fast and hiring a lot of digital experts [1], but are particularly looking for:

- Lead Developer (USA): https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/lead-developer-usa/

- Lead Backend Engineer (China): https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/tech-lead/

- DevOps Engineer: https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/devops/

- Fullstack Developer: https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/senior-fullstack-developer/

We offer tons of perks (free gym, paternity/maternity leave, yearly company retreat, weekly team lunch, 13th month...) and a great culture [2].

Check us out: https://wiredcraft.com


[1] https://wiredcraft.com/jobs/

[2] http://playbook.wiredcraft.com/article/culture/

DroneSeed | Seattle | Multiple Positions | Full-time | ONSITE, REMOTE

We at DroneSeed are working to help address climate change by making reforestation scalable with drone swarms - surveying and planting trees. We’re Techstars ‘16 alum, VC backed, and working with 3 of the 5 largest forestry companies in the US.

Currently have a bunch of openings and are adding more shortly in engineering, product, and sales. If you don't see something that fits right now, check back in the next week or two.

We want creative, thoughtful, empathetic people with serious grit to join a team dedicated to inclusion and a critical mission.


Some media: https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/26/that-night-a-forest-flew-d

Our site: https://www.droneseed.com

Sentry Data Systems | Senior Software Developer | Full time | 100% REMOTE Sentry Data Systems, a pioneer in automated pharmacy procurement, utilization management and 340B compliance, is leading the industry in helping healthcare organizations address their three biggest challenges: reducing costs, managing compliance and improving outcomes. More than 10,000 hospitals, clinics, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and pharmacies across the country rely on Sentry’s integrated platform for their procurement, drug utilization and compliance solutions.

-Experience in both front end and backend technologies -3+ years of experience in technical architecture, design, development and testing in a Linux


Lottie | London, UK | Full Stack Engineer | Full-Time | Hybrid preferred, Remote OK, Onsite OK. Visa possible | https://www.lottie.org

We're building the best way for the elderly age group to find their dream care home. There are huge opportunities in the sector for technology to improve the way care homes are built, used and run.

We launched with our MVP a few weeks ago. We’re looking for our first in-house engineer to help us iterate away from MVP and grow a team.

The site is built in Wordpress but we know we need to move away from that ASAP. Some components are React already so the stack will likely be React + [backend of your choice].

Apply by emailing james@lottie.org (no recruiters please)

Read more about us here: https://www.uktech.news/funding/monzo-founder-tom-blomfield-...

Spiff |Full-Time – US – Remote


Spiff is on a mission to inspire, enable, and reward peak business performance. Why? Because business performance helps millions of people. It increases pay. It pushes people to learn and grow, innovate, and build. To help companies and reps to reach their full potential, we take the manual labor and complexity of current commission processes and completely automate them. We’re looking for passionate Software Engineers to join our growing team and help us deliver intuitive and delightful experiences to our customers.

Frontend Engineering Manager: https://spiff.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=45

Software Engineer Frontend: https://spiff.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=31

Polywork | Hiring Senior Rails Engineers | Full-time | Remote in USA, Canada | Onsite in NYC | Remote OK | https://www.polywork.com

Polywork is building a new kind of professional social network. Whereas traditional professional networks focus on labelling you with just a job title, Polywork enables people to share what they actually do in a timeline.

At Polywork, our stack currently includes working on the bleeding edge of Rails 6.1 and Turbo to create SPA experiences while writing minimal javascript. You’ll be working with a small team of talented engineers who believe in convention over configuration.

Please apply at https://jobs.lever.co/polywork/ceb19301-bbc5-4da1-94dc-a8ecb...


Zignal Labs | Senior Full Stack Software Engineer & Lead Full Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://zignallabs.com/

Zignal Labs is a media analytics and intelligence company. We enable our customers to rapidly surface insights needed to mitigate narrative-borne threats and capitalize on narrative-borne opportunities.

We are looking for javascript enthusiasts who want to help solve some really interesting problems involving real-time analytics and massive data sets. The ideal candidate is comfortable accross the full stack and brings React and Node expertise.

Frontend: React, Redux, Highcharts and D3, socket.io, some legacy Backbone code (actively porting to React)

Backend: Node.js, Typescript, Express, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, AWS services (SQS, S3, etc.)

Benefits: Stock Options, Unlimited PTO, 401k, Full Healthcare.

Job listings: https://jobs.lever.co/zignallabs

Focsec | Python Software Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | Europe (within +/- 2 hours of central european time) | https://focsec.com/

We are building the most advanced threat intelligence API and platform. We help businesses and public agencies reduce fraud, detect suspicious logins and signups, block spam and bots. Our core technologies are Python, Django, Flask, Celery, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

We're looking for a Python Software Engineer (mid to senior level) who enjoys building backend systems, understands software architecture and loves to automate things.

Your qualifications:

* 3+ years of Python development (preferably using Django or Flask)

* strong understanding of HTTP and a broad understanding of networking in general

* working with SQL and No-SQL databases, processing large datasets

* strong linux server and command line skills, you should feel comfortable in a SSH session

Additionally, any of the following is considered a plus:

* basic AI/ML experience

* open source contributions

To apply, send your CV to hackernews@focsec.com

(No recruiters or agencies please!)

Y Combinator | Software Engineer | Anywhere in US | Full-time

As YC has gone remote in the last year, our small-but-mighty software team has been busy building the OS that runs all of YC.

In the last six months alone, we've rewritten our entire Demo Day experience (to connect founders with potential investors), re-created the batch experience with both in-house tools and 3rd party integrations, and written software to help founders connect with one another for advice, intros, deals, networking and so much more.

We have a ton more to deliver, so we're looking to hire a product engineer to join our team. This is a great role for somebody who loves helping startups, is eager to talk with YC founders (our customers!), and wants to own projects from start-to-finish.

We work primarily in Ruby on Rails and React (learning on the job is fine though), and we spend most of our time coding. That said, we encourage everyone to participate in all of YC -- read applications, join our batch talks, help out with Demo Day and speak up on the projects you'd want to work on. (And if you’re looking for input, there are always group partners around).

The software team you'd be joining has seven people with lots of collective years of start-up and big company experience, so you'll get the best of both worlds: moving fast and shipping and strong teammates/mentors to help you learn. About half of us are alums and several of us are parents. We're open to people 2+ years out of school or even 10+ years of experience. Lastly, the work-life balance is great, and you get to work with people across the company.

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, apply below and email ryan AT ycombinator.com


Functionly.com | Australia Remote | Typescript Node.js + GraphQL + Svelte | Full-time Location: Australia. Fully globally remote team, but only hiring for this role in Australia for tax reasons. Interns welcome

What we do: We're building an intelligent org chart, which essentially is a way for senior leaders to design organisations that work well, with clarity and good fit for the individual contributors at that company.

We're searching for a wide range of experience from interns to a senior engineer to own our architecture strategy. Full stack Typescript. We use Svelte and Express with Apollo GraphQL. No Svelte experience? That's fine, you can come & learn.

Apply at https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Functionly/743999764972872-... - even if you're not at senior level we can fill the other roles from there.

A bit late in posting this - but hopefully this still stands out and resonates with a few of you!

Globality Inc | (ONSITE) San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Kviv

Various Roles - see https://grnh.se/b9d859ac2us

Globality’s AI-powered Smart Sourcing technology transforms the way global companies connect with the best suppliers across every service category. You can think of it as a NLP-powered marketplace for service procurement.

See more at:

- https://www.globality.com/en-us

- https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/globality-inc

We've also opensourced some of our tech: https://github.com/globality-corp :)

Tech stack: Python (Flask), NodeJS, ReactJS, Typescript, Java (Micronaut), AWS, K8s, Kafka

Carta | onsite (WFH for now) | Full-time | https://carta.com | NYC - New York City, NY | SF - San Francisco, CA | SEA - Seattle, WA

Carta is building the network graph of asset ownership. We help 20k+ privately held companies and a growing number of public companies track who owns what (equity). In Q1 alone this year 55% of all companies that raised money used Carta to manage their investors' and employees' equity/options.

We're a series F Unicorn ($7 billion valuation) and offer very competitive benefits packages (generous equity, free lunch, 401K matching, fully subsidized personal healthcare, transportation and cell phone allowances, etc).


We're Looking for Full Stack Engineers[1], Backend Engineers[2], Engineering Managers (EM)[3], Product Managers (PM)[4] and Designers[5] in all of our locations!

Example job listings:

[1,2] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4551366003

[3] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4438671003

[4] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4581831003

[5] https://boards.greenhouse.io/carta/jobs/4554784003


Drop a note to robert.balousek+aug21 [at] carta [dot] com for more info.

Stashrun | Palo Alto or Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time or Part-Time | Stealth Mode | hey at stashrun.com

We're a funded silicon valley startup working on a solution to change the way that brands engage with social causes and safely navigate risks like cancel culture. We are currently in stealth mode. You'll get a competitive salary, generous equity, benefits, and get to work on a problem that actually makes a huge real-world positive change.

Currently seeking an experienced Frontend/Full-stack Engineer with a background in building React Native applications from scratch. Should be adept at understanding how to work with various backend API interfaces to work in concert with our infrastructure stack (primarily React Native, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, PostgresQL, Heroku, AWS) to build out a polished cross-platform application. Experience building out custom React Native animations and previous experience fully launching to Apple App Store or Google Play Store is a plus.

Kalepa | AI/ML tech | Full Remote/ NYC HQ https://kalepainsurance.com/

If you are interested in analyzing billions of points of data and building complex distributed systems to scale for a product that is having real world impact, we would love to have you.

Our software is transforming the way that risk is underwritten allowing us to scale within a trillion dollar a year commercial insurance industry. We recently signed one of the top 5 insurance carriers in the US and are looking for engineers who are excited about the unique opportunity to disrupt a massive market with cutting edge tech.

Roles: Please apply https://boards.greenhouse.io/kalepa Senior Software Engineer - language agnostic but wants to learn Python. Senior DevOps Engineer – AWS. ML Engineer - Python, Pandas, NUMPY. Lead UX/UI Designer

Spectrm.io | Senior Backend Engineer | Berlin | REMOTE or ON-SITE | VISA | Full-time

Spectrm is an AI-powered marketing platform that utilizes chatbots to create digital assistants that can do everything from selling a brand's product over social media platforms like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and even Google display ads. Our bots are human-designed, and can create beautiful customer experiences. We are also one of the only global messaging partners of Facebook and Google, and work with clients like Ford, Vogue and Clarins.

Founded in 2015, we're venture-backed and almost 40 people.

Perks: Currently testing a 4-day work week, we also offer competitive salaries, 30 days vacation, equity and a remote-hybrid work environment. You can work fully remote, or come to our HQ in Berlin!

Note: For remote workers, must be (+/- 2hrs in the CET timezone)

Apply here: https://spectrmcareers.kenjo.io/srbackend

DoubleVerify | Ghent (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel), New York (US) | REMOTE

Belgium: https://doubleverify.gent/careers?gh_src=221704c02

Worldwide: https://boards.greenhouse.io/doubleverify?gh_src=d2113c382

DoubleVerify improves the impression quality and audience impact of digital advertising. We ensure ad viewability, brand safety, and fraud protection for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Our team in Belgium optimizes hundreds of millions of video ads per day. We also do a fair amount of data science. We're a full-stack JavaScript team, but we focus on computer science fundamentals rather than specific tech. In fact, many of our top engineers started out without any JavaScript experience!

If Belgium's not your thing, we're also hiring talented engineers at our offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

Enbala | Denver, CO / Vancouver, BC / Remote for strong candidates | Full-time | https://www.enbala.com

We help energy utility companies balance the grid. This includes everything from helping lower peak energy usage (removing the need to, say, build an expensive new coal power plant that would only be run a few days a year) to balancing decentralized production from household solar.

Our back-end is written in Elixir, and our front-end is Elm. We have a strong cultural focus on things that make devs' lives better day-to-day—testing, being kind & helpful to one another, code reviews that are valuable for both parties, continual improvement in our processes, etc.

Selected open roles at the time of this writing:

- Product manager

- QA test automation engineer

- Senior software engineer

- Software engineer

- UI/UX product designer

Learn more & apply here: https://www.enbala.com/about/careers/

VDX.tv (http://www.vdx.tv) | Remote Engineers & Developers | Full-time | REMOTE Established company (20+ years) looking for mature generalists to contribute remotely. You can be anywhere in the world so long as you:

● Are self-motivated and can work independently

● Have experience with many languages but can be effective in any language

● Appreciate that all mature software solutions accumulate technical debt and understand how to continually reduce debt and complexity

● Understand how to build highly reliable systems and be responsible for taking code to production

● Understand that code simplicity and readability are more important for long term maintainability

● Want to work on challenging problems and impactful work without being micromanaged

We're hiring across disciplines for engineers who work with Unix and have fluent written and spoken English:

● Backend Servers: Strong in C, Concurrency and Distributed Computing

● Backend Servers: Strong in Java

● Data Science: Strong in Math/Physics/CS + Python, Linux, SQL

● Javascript: Strong in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, CSS, JS Video Libraries, Developed frameworks

● Frontend Development: Strong in Angular / React / Vue JS and Node JS, Data intensive dashboards, frontend design and architecture patterns

● System Infrastructure: Strong in private and public cloud, infrastructure as code, scripting and programming.

Full-time only. Remote only. We start out on a full-time trial contract basis for up to 3 months and use this period as an extended work interview for both sides to assess fit for long-term employment. Please email hn.remote.jobs@vdx.tv if this sounds like the right fit for you.

ExportData | https://www.exportdata.io | Full Stack Engineer (Ruby & React) | Full-time or Part-time | 100% REMOTE (any region)

ExportData is a bootstrapped, early-stage startup. We are building tools for marketers and researchers based on top of the Twitter API. Some of the upcoming features include influencer search (across 200M+ profiles), tweet monitoring by hashtag or keyword, account and tweet analytics.

Our current stack is Ruby 3, Rails 6, Sidekiq + Redis, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, React.JS, Terraform, Docker, AWS.

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails engineer to join a small team of bright individuals. We’re not looking for experts. We’re looking for smart people who can bring in the knowledge and the best processes to get things done.

See https://www.exportdata.io/team for a more brief job description.

Contact Zil _AT_ exportdata.io mentioning HN.

Truework | Software engineers | San Francisco, CA | Full time | Remote & Onsite Positions | https://www.truework.com/careers/ Truework is hiring frontend, backend, infrastructure, and security software engineers to help overhaul employment and income verification in the United States.

Banks and background check providers often request employment and income data from your current and former employers to approve mortgages and loans or complete pre-employment screening. Your employer likely shares important details about your employment, including your title, job duration, and wages, with third party credit agencies to fulfill these requests. Unfortunately, this process is not transparent for employees and can be slow and error-prone for employers and verifiers.

Truework is building a modern, employee-first employment and income verification platform to give employees visibility and control into how their employment information is shared with others. We are growing quickly and currently handle thousands of verifications every month, which have enabled the approval of billions of dollars in loans and help employees in regulated professions (e.g. nursing) start work more quickly than before.

Our engineering team is still small, which means you’ll play a big part in shaping the future of Truework, and your work will have a significant impact and visibility. We are a Django and React (Typescript) shop, and run our infrastructure on AWS. If you want to learn more about the things we’ve built, check out our engineering blog at https://www.truework.com/blog/engineering/.

If you’re interested or want to know more about working at Truework, send me a note at victor @truework.com. (more options in my profile details)

Designlab | Full Stack Developer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.trydesignlab.com

Designlab is an online platform for expert-driven creative skills education. We're looking for a talented full-stack developer to help us improve and expand our rapidly-growing online education play. You'll be exposed to a wide range of exciting work with us, including but not limited to: customer-facing features to support our global student & mentor base; tools to augment the superpowers of our internal team; workflows to improve payments, dev ops, and other critical processes; and growth/marketing-related experiments.

Backend: Python, Django, React, Angular, AWS

Benefits: Generous PTO, 401k, healthcare, choose your Mac setup

Please apply here: https://trydesignlab.com/jobs/full-stack-developer/

Algrano | Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer | Remote (Europe only) | Full Time

Algrano is a tech and coffee startup that changes the global trade of coffee. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to revolutionise the centuries-old coffee trade industry and make it transparent and digital. Through the algrano online platform, coffee growers promote and sell their coffees straight to roaster without worrying about the logistics.

We are looking for an experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer to join our remote engineering team. You will work on various parts of the application, from user facing features like building the marketplace to business specific parts that support coffee logistics. You can find more info about the role and the form to submit your application at https://www.algrano.com/en/careers/full-stack-engineer-2021

Let's Encrypt / ISRG | Software Engineer (SRE) | REMOTE (U.S. or Canada) | FULL-TIME

Billions of people rely on Let's Encrypt (ISRG) to operate critical digital infrastructure for a more secure and privacy-respecting world. Living up to such great responsibility starts with hiring excellent people and providing them with an environment in which they can do their best work.

People generally do their best work when they're able to live their best lives outside of work. All of our position are remote so you can live near whoever, or whatever, is most important to you. Competitive salaries and 100% 401(k) matching help you to reach your financial goals. Top-tier health insurance gives you peace of mind and great options for staying healthy.

Multiple positions:


Nobias Therapeutics | Remote (US), Norcal/Mountain View/Palo Alto/SF; Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time and INTERNS | salary + equity

Multiple roles, particularly for ML engineers, computational biologists, and medicinal or computational chemists

Nobias is a new pharma startup applying a targeted set of AI tools to speed drug development. We are an early stage biotech using large repositories of unique biological data, bleeding edge deep learning techniques, automated reasoning, and computational biochemistry to discover and develop new medicines, diagnostics, and insights for a variety of diseases. If you have strong programming chops, a background in ML, and deep knowledge of biology or computational chemistry, we would love to talk to you.

[our domain is nobiastx.com - forgive our parked landing page, we just closed a round and have been focused on a couple of trials we're about to launch. Our landing page will be up soon!]

Please contact us at hn_recruiting {@} [our domain].

PrimeTrust | Remote | Full-Time | US, Mexico | https://primetrust.com

Prime Trust is the one-stop shop for financial infrastructure for Fintech innovators that helps them build seamlessly, launch quickly, and scale securely. We are the backend of the FinTech industry, providing: Payment Rails, Trading, Compliance. Qualified Custody, Settlement, Indemnity and Debit Cards to FinTech companies all over the world.

We are growing pretty aggressively after rising $64M Series A ( https://www.coindesk.com/prime-trust-raises-64m-to-scale-fin... )

There's a lot of remote Engineering and Product positions open like:

- DevOps ( https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2655926151 - Product Manager ( https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2655922285 ) - Senior Software Engineer ( https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Prime-Trust-LLC/jobs?jk=dd0139569... ) - Other Engineering positions (mostly Backend or Full Stack)

We are a Ruby shop for the backend mostly (TypeScript for the frontend), but lately we are adopting also TypeScript for the backend. The most interesting Engineering challenges we've got are to grow, scale and transform our infrastructure so that it can support the exponential growth of the business.

You can either apply in the Linkedin / Indeed pages or shoot me an email to obaqueiro@primetrust.com

> We are a Ruby shop for the backend mostly (TypeScript for the frontend), but lately we are adopting also TypeScript for the frontend.

Is the last “frontend” there supposed to be “backend”?

Yes, thanks! I just corrected it.

Democrance | https://democrance.com | Python/Django/Pyramid hacker | Dubai, UAE | REMOTE optional (although Dubai-UK timezones - particulary with present circumstances)

We're a mature microinsurance SaaS startup, building software to help bridge the gap between insurance companies and those who are not insured or under-insured. High traffic, mobile first + SMS and USSD platform that requires some interesting compliance and security requirements with deployments in countries with variable quality infrastructure.

Stack is Vue.js with mostly django in the back end although pyramid/sqlalchemy is being introduced. Plenty of third party api integration. Gitlab, unit tests, and continuous integration are standard.

Mature and international dev team with a few PhD's included.

Ideally we're looking for a mature developer - industry experience is of course welcome, but not necessary at all.

Please email together a t ourdomain

Honeylove | Head of Design, Brand Manager | REMOTE | Los Angeles

Honeylove (honeylove.com) is a YC- and Lightspeed-funded fashion startup that designs and manufactures functional and stylish undergarments for women. We are profitable and were featured by The New York Times as well as recently by ABC's Good Morning America.

Head of Design: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeylove/jobs/4294155003

Brand Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeylove/jobs/4493659003

Executive Assistant: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeylove/jobs/4554368003

Let's chat! I am Betsie Larkin and you can reach me at talent@honeylove.com.

Node Effect | REMOTE or ONSITE(SEAsia) | 20h/week freelancers/part-timers

- Blockchain/smartcontracts developer: experience building crypto stuff. A plus if you're familiar with Bitcoin Lightning (even if just as a user).

- Mobile/desktop developer: experience building with Android and/or iOS and/or macOS and/or Windows and/or Linux. A plus if you're familiar with Xamarin and/or GTK.

- WebAssembly developer: experience building nonJavaScript things that are run in the browser. A plus if you're familiar with UNO/Blazor.

- C#/.NET developer: experience using either legacy .NET4.x (or Mono) or .NETCore/.NET5 (we're not the typical Microsoft shop, we happen to care about .NET on Linux/Unix a lot FYI). A plus if you have some F# exposure.

Please write me at andres at nodeffect dot com and I'll give you more details. Thanks!

PS: These are not managerial or semi-managerial positions, we're fishing for manpower at the moment.

Collab, Inc. | Full Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE (N. America only at this time) | Full-Time | Collab.inc

Collab, Inc. is a digital content development studio and major technology partner representing the biggest talent across social media, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer who has extensive experience with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Elasticsearch, and AWS infrastructure.

Ideally, you should know how rails work in depth, be able to improve performance of a PostgreSQL query, solve scalability issues, create secure APIs and NextJS applications on top of it and practice clean architecture and clean coding philosophies.

Learn more and apply at: https://jobs.lever.co/collab/2d058c10-e808-4ce8-b8c0-5d0b3f7...

Sea Group | Research Scientist, Research Engineer, Research Intern | Singapore | https://sail.sea.com/ | Sea Group AI lab's mission is to focus on crucial practical demands, dig deep in AI fundamental research, dedicated to improve people’s lives.

Research Scientist: https://career.sea.com/position/399

Research Engineer: https://career.sea.com/position/427

Research Intern: https://career.sea.com/position/412

Contact: @Kayla: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaylajs/

Bottle | Remote (we have people in NYC, ATL, Hawaii, CO, South Africa, and Poland) | Full-time | bottle.com

Bottle wants everyone eating insanely good local food.

Bottle helps farmers, chefs, winemakers, bakers, picklers, and pizza makers build strong and durable membership-based businesses using text messages. (Read more about our master plan: https://blog.sendbottles.com/bottle-master-plan/)

We're a real business. We bootstrapped for 5 years and then closed our first funding in company history from an amazing group of investors this past spring. We're currently 8 full-time employees and 3 part-time contractors with plans to double our team in the next 6 months. Hiring for:

- Senior Ruby on Rails developer (3+ years of experience)

- Vue developer (1+ year of experience)

- Product Manager (we're looking for people genuinely interested in our problem space of local business, ecommerce, and texting)

Email work@bottle.com

Barracuda.com – Senior or Principal Software Engineer - clojure, elasticsearch - OPEN TO REMOTE US

At Barracuda, we build data protection, threat detection and remediation products that protect our customers from a growing number of attacks on their email, networks, and applications.

Tech stack: clojure, elasticsearch, kafka, postgres, redis, kubernetes, istios, docker, AWS

Monitoring/Alerting: Prometheus, Graphana, NewRelic, ELK (Kibana dashboards), Sensu, PagerDuty == Do you love working on large-scale distributed systems? Come build products with us!

Design and drive implementation of highly scalable, highly available, highly secure services deploying to AWS that process billions of email messages and other data types flowing through a secure ingestion pipeline.

Create backend APIs supporting new product features - mainly around threat detection, full text search and retrieval, and metadata operations on the data.

Drive design, implementation, and review of major areas of the codebase, adding new features and evolving the system to meet product growth and performance requirements.

We're a remote team with a strong engineering culture. We value code quality, innovative thinking, good communication, occasional pair programming, and sound testing practices. We provide opportunities for mentoring and investment in your own professional development.

This team operates with a lot of autonomy and uses modern technologies and CI/CD pipelines.

Apply Here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?aj=oa5kgfwz&s=barracuda

I'm the hiring manager, and would love to tell you more about the role, reach out here or at awood@barracuda.com or in the Clojurians Slack community (anwood). We're a friendly bunch!

Kapwing | Full time | San Francisco, CA & New York, NY | https://www.kapwing.com/careers

Kapwing is an online video editor that empowers modern creators.

* Senior Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/kapwing/376d084a-9a54-41f1-8bf8-a1800b... * Office manager: https://jobs.lever.co/kapwing/256a9f71-55c0-45d7-b515-a7b257... * Quality analyst: https://jobs.lever.co/kapwing/8049bb93-c1d7-4cec-816e-35c569...

Maximus | Senior Software Engineer | LA (Santa Monica) or Remote | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1213692-senior-so...

Maximus | Product Manager | LA (Santa Monica) | Full Time | https://angel.co/company/maximustribe/jobs/1442989-product-m...

Maximus (maximustribe.com) is a mission-driven consumer health company that provides men with content, community, and clinical support to optimize them in mind and body. Maximus has raised $5M from top Silicon Valley VCs such as Founders Fund and 8VC as well as leading angel investors/operators from companies like Bulletproof, Tinder, Coinbase, Daily Stoic, & Shopify.

TRM Labs | Multiple Roles | Full-time | Remote

TRM Labs is a blockchain intelligence company with a mission to build trust in digital assets by preventing crypto-based fraud and financial crime. Backed by Bessemer, YC, Initialized, and PayPal, we just announced a $14M Series A. We are hiring across ML engineering, data science, front-end, back-end, and sales.

We currently operate fully remotely from locations around the world (we had a San Francisco office pre-pandemic; will likely return to a flexible model and add additional regional hubs). Find out more about our culture and open roles here: https://trmlabs.com/careers

Several open positions aren't yet listed on the site, so feel free to reach out to me directly to chat!

Email: dan@trmlabs.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reardondaniel/

TEC Building Systems | Front End / Full Stack | Remote or NYC | Full or Part Time or Contract

Come work on the largest robots in the world.

TEC Systems is a world leader in building automation. We make sure giant buildings in NYC and elsewhere are habitable by defining and maintaining the algorithmic behavior of all the mechanical equipment that makes buildings respond to the environment and needs of the humans who work and live within them.

We have several new initiatives that tackle the complexities of IOT at scale, energy consumption, and hydroponic farming. Yes we are automating grow rooms. What you will build will be used by people all day, every day, as they try to do their jobs well.

TEC is a small(ish) company that weathered 2020 without laying a single employee off even when all construction stopped.

We need devs who care about the tangible, real world, impact of what we build.

Email scalhoun@tec-system.com if interested. Our interview process is streamlined and doesn’t involve any leetcode-style nonsense.

Peakon, a Workday company | Backend, Frontend, Data Science (all levels) | Copenhagen, London, Dublin | ONSITE | https://peakon.com/life-at-peakon/careers/

Peakon is an employee experience platform that helps employees have their voice heard by their employers. We're part of Workday, but we have dedicated engineering and product teams that operate from Europe. You get all the advantages of working for a big company while retaining the agility of a smaller team.

Working here means that you can work with an incredible dataset that can tell you how to be a better manager, or reveal what actually motivates people. As an engineer you will be working on features that directly lead to worklife improvements for millions of people.

Apply through the link above. I'm the hiring manager for the data roles and you can reach me at the email in my profile.

Localize | https://localizejs.com | REMOTE (US / Canada) | Full-time | Backend & Full Stack Engineers

We're hiring Full-Stack Engineers to join our remote-first team. As a core member of our engineering team, you’ll be responsible for implementing new functionality within Localize’s core product, maintaining existing code and functionality, and improving existing systems for maintainability, scalability, and extensibility.

Tech stack: Node/Express, Mongoose/MongoDB/Redis, SPA/React/Redux, Handlebars/Less, Git/Github/Jira, CircleCI/Mocha, AWS/S3/Elasticache/Cloudfront

We're also on the lookout for Account Executives with experience selling technical products. See the link below for all openings!


Onja.org | Front-End Developer | Madagascar, Africa | onsite

Looking for a meaningful and intrepid change? Join our social enterprise in Madagascar training capable, low-income youth into world class software developers.

We’ve spent the last two years training an inspirational group of students to become strong front end web developers and are now looking for a front-end developer to strengthen our team.

Your mission is to lead graduates to career success helping them take their first steps into professional work. They’ll need you to guide them on the technical aspects of their work, coach them on communication and help them navigate the day to day challenges they will face. For more details: https://onja.org/front-end-lead

You’ll join our beautiful team in Mahanoro - a peaceful beach town on Madagascar's East Coast.

Feel free to contact me, Sam, at team@onja.org for a chat / more information.

SeedLegals | London, UK | Senior Software Engineer $ Software Engineer | remote for now 50-50 (remote-onsite) | full time | https://seedlegals.com/

Backend: Spring, Kotlin, Java, PostgreSQL Frontend: Angular, TypeScript, NgRx

We are a Series A backed company and have raised £4M to date with exceptional VCs such as Index Ventures. We’re delivering fantastic year over year growth rates combined with world-class Unit Economics. Currently, we are working hard to extend our product offering, enter the SME market and continue to expand internationally.

We love customer-driven development and team members who thrive in taking the initiative to identify new opportunities, grab and run with them. We're 80 people, based in Holborn in Central London, and growing fast.

Why work for any other startup when you can work for the company that's powering all startups!

If you're interested, please send a CV to tu@seedlegals.com

HCG Funds | Full Stack/DevOps/Everything Engineer | Raleigh, NC or Remote (US Based) | Full-Time | https://www.hcgfunds.com/

About HCG

HCG is an SEC-registered alternative investment manager focused on the digital transformation of financial services. Our mission is to grow client wealth through digital finance solutions. Our products and offerings range from digital private credit to early-stage Fintech venture capital. We’re a dynamic, growing firm at the intersection of finance, investing, innovation, and technology.

We work across teams to achieve our mission. We communicate with each other actively, frequently and openly, and we operate with an "all hands on deck" attitude to get things done. We are also determined to help employees attain their individual goals, as well as to empower you to develop your skills and express your leadership. We are performance-oriented and cherish forward-thinking, so expectations are high, but along with those expectations comes a high level of support from fellow team members and HCG’s founders. If this sounds like your ideal work environment, please join us!

About the role

We are looking for someone to join our growing team who has an interest in being involved in all phases of projects using a wide range of technologies. While experience with specific tools we use would be helpful, we are most interested in someone who has an interest in technology, solid foundational skills, and a desire to work in a truly full stack environment. With HCG, you have the opportunity to have a direct and meaningful impact on the direction and success of the firm. You will be working with a bright and motivated team to build, deploy, and operate systems which enable HCG to expand the competitive advantage that it has built.

Contact: logan <AT> hcgfunds <DOT> com

Journey (W21) | Designers & Frontend Engineers | Remote | Full-time

Journey is a storytelling tool that allows you to embed all forms of content (slides, videos, forms, embeds) into one interactive experience. It's used for everything from recruiting, to fundraising to selling.

We are looking for founding frontend engineers and product designers to help us make storytelling more fun and more engaging on the internet.

Engineer (and a demo!) https://jny.journey.io/p/3acc112064fc4edcbb222800198827c2?em...

Designer (regular JD to compare) https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/journey/jobs/PDxaT3Pfi...



Senior Software Engineer | Syntasa | REMOTE (Continental US Only) | Fulltime | www.syntasa.com

Syntasa is a Predictive Behavioral Analytics application that leverages machine-learning, event-processing, visualization, and big data technologies to process billions of records in order to generate actionable customer intelligence that improves acquisition, conversion, and retention.

We're seeking to expand our application development team by adding a senior full stack engineer. You'll:

* Collaborate with designers and product managers to design new and improve existing features.

* Ship large features and improvements independently.

* Use your experience in the front end to create beautiful user-friendly interfaces while using your backend expertise to create performant, testable APIs.

* Conduct code reviews and push for code quality, security, etc.

Our Stack: Angular, Node, Typescript (front and backend), Postgres, Docker/Kubernetes, AWS/GCP

No agencies please! Email me at Sergey DOT Cherman AT syntasa.com and mention you're from HN.

KoBold Metals | Multiple positions (Senior Data Engineer, Senior Data Scientist | Remote (US or Canada) | Full-Time

KoBold Metals is a mineral exploration company created to increase the ethical supply of critical materials, including Ni, Co, Cu, and Li, that are needed to build electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Many new mines will be needed if electric vehicles are to become widespread, but before new ore deposits can be mined, they must be found.

Senior Data Engineer: In this role, you will design and develop software to accelerate discovery of battery metals, and you will architect and construct the global geoscience data system that underlies our digital exploration program. You will join an outstanding team of data scientists and engineers and will work closely with KoBold’s world-renowned geoscientists. Ultimately, your role is to help build data tools to solve challenging scientific problems and to enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. As one of the early members of this team, you will help build these tools from the ground up.

Senior Data Scientist: In this role, you will build predictive models and apply a wide range of scientific computing, statistical, and physics-based methods to find places where there is evidence of ore-forming processes at work and to predict the locations of ore-grade mineralization in 2D and 3D. You will help build a worldwide dataset that underlies our exploration program, with careful attention to identifying and quantifying uncertainty in the data and in our predictions. You will be creating models and developing software to accelerate discovery of critical battery metals.

Interested applicants should email jobs@koboldmetals.com with a resume and cover letter. Candidates should state whether they currently have authorization to work in the US or Canada. https://www.koboldmetals.com/careers/

Sweft | Software Developers | Philadelphia, PA | Remote | Full-time, Part-time

Retailers have a process problem and it's costing them millions of dollars each year in lost revenue and wasted costs. Sweft offers retailers an end-to-end SaaS merchandising platform that reduces time-to-market, increases profitability, and decreases waste.

Sweft is seeking software developers to join us as we build our first in-house product team. We've shipped our v1 and have traction and funding. We are open to a range of experience levels so if you have any of the skills we're looking for I encourage you to apply.

We seek developers with the following technical skills and relevant professional experience (must have at least 1 category A skills) A: Java + Spring Boot A: ReactJS B: Relational and Document Databases B: Docker and Containerized Workloads on AWS or GCP B: CI/CD B: UI/UX Design

Submit your resume and a short message via email directly to me: al (at) gosweft.com

Streak | Senior Frontend Engineer | REMOTE (north america timezones)


Streak is CRM for your inbox. Most business users have inboxes that are filled with emails to do with various processes they work on - sales, hiring, fundraising, deals & support. Streak is built right into Gmail where those workflows are already happening.

Lead a small and high performing frontend engineering team at Streak. We work on highly technical projects (like a performant spreadsheet that can render millions of cells). You’ll own projects from start to finish and learn how to ship high quality software. Our team has an outsized impact given its size - millions of dollars of profit per engineer and the ability to improve the lives of millions of Gmail users without actually working at, ahem, a large bureaucratic company.

MetaMask (https://metamask.io) | Software Engineering (javascript, mobile, web3, javascript security), Product Management, Project Management | Full-time | Remote

MetaMask is both a blockchain wallet and a gateway to the entire decentralized web. Our tools help people create communities, play video games, access financial services, make payments, invest in assets, survive from economic turmoil, and more use cases than we can even predict. We exist across multiple platforms (browser extension and mobile) and are used by millions of people across the world to access the decentralized web.

Some of the roles we are currently hiring:

Product Manager: https://consensys.net/open-roles/3324573/

Project Manager: https://consensys.net/open-roles/3125202/

Senior Mobile Engineer - Web3 (MetaMask): https://consensys.net/open-roles/3125303/

Senior Mobile Software Engineer - React Native (MetaMask): https://consensys.net/open-roles/3125274/

JavaScript Engineer (junior, mid, senior, lead): https://consensys.net/open-roles/2572388/

Senior JavaScript Security Engineer: https://consensys.net/open-roles/3125242/

Avanti is a chartered bank designed to provide both traditional USD and digital asset services. Our flagship product will be a bank-issued digital dollar, allowing for faster, cheaper, and programmable U.S. dollar transactions. Our founders have deep experience in both bitcoin and traditional financial services. If you expect more from existing banks, join our team and help build a better one, from the ground up. We see a future where all banks will need to support digital assets and provide meaningful API capabilities to tech-savvy customers.

Engineering roles we are looking to fill include:

- Head of Engineering - Ethereum Integration Engineer - Senior Software Engineer - Senior Frontend Developer

The engineering team is remotely distributed and we do not require relocation. Company headquarters is in Cheyenne, WY.

All roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/avantifinancialgroup

Curebase (YC S18) | Engineering Manager, Technical Solutions Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer | Remote (UTC-5 to UTC-8)

Modern Clinical Trial Software

At Curebase we run distributed clinical trials that reach participants everywhere and enroll them in local clinics. Our software platform replaces eClinical tools, stores data in the cloud, and supports modern study designs that combine in-clinic and at-home data collection.

We just raised our Series A in May and are growing rapidly (currently 9 engineers + Head of Engineering). On the engineering team we are hiring for an Engineering Manager, as well as Technical Solutions Engineers and Full-Stack Senior Software Engineers. Our stack is Node.js, Typescript, React, Express, Postgres, powered by AWS ECS/Fargate/Docker, RDS, etc all configured via Terraform.

More info here: https://www.curebase.com/site/careers

Bitnomial | Software Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer | REMOTE US | Full-time | https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange written in Haskell and React/Typescript. Our first products are physically-settled Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus.

We're most interested in the Frontend Software Engineer role at the moment: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/#frontend-software-engineer

We've also got a bunch of open source projects: https://github.com/bitnomial

Tech stack: Haskell, React/Typescript, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

Citymapper | Various Engineering Positions | UK REMOTE, some contract & remote anywhere positions, HQ in London

Hi - I am Marius, Head of Engineering for Citymapper.

We have completed a crowdfunding round earlier this year despite the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions as we used the past year to build more tech that powers both our app as well as some parter apps using our new and powerful SDK.

The core of what we do is urban mobility, getting users from A to B across all modes of transport - from trains to buses to cycles to private transport providers to walking in metro areas around the world. We also have a large B2B offering and we are working on scaling both our consumer app as well as our B2B products - both in terms or reaching more users within our existing 80 metropolitan regions as well as bringing our product to many more cities around the world.

Join us to work on an app that is a daily use-case for you, your friends and millions of city-dwellers around the world.

See all positions posted here: https://citymapper.com/jobs

A few engineering jobs I'd like to call out in particular:

  - Realtime Transport-data engineering team (contract, REMOTE ANYWHERE): Realtime data (departures, disruptions, scooters/bike/cab/etc data from private transport providers) is what makes our app stand out and delivers a tremendous value every day. Software Engineer - Realtime Transport (Contract) https://apply.workable.com/citymapper/j/5AA7514F00

  - Engineering Managers - in order to help us grow our ever increasing engineering team. https://apply.workable.com/citymapper/j/705CD7C105
It is best to apply using the above links - but feel free to contact me directly at marius@citymapper.com if you have any questions.

AWS / RDS for MariaDB | C++ devs with passion for open source | Full-time | On-site Vancouver, Canada | https://bit.ly/3Aokwke

AWS RDS has several open positions in the team developing and operating the RDS for MariaDB service. We are currently looking for software developers with a background in developing and maintaining Linux-based systems and software in C/C++.

As part of Amazon Relational Database Services you will participate in operating and developing the worlds most popular database-as-a-service offering. The work is demanding but also very rewarding and offers many opportunities for growth and possibility to work with world-class talent in the field of databases.

Work includes participating in open source projects and submitting high-quality C++ code to our upstreams (mainly MariaDB). Prior experience of participating in open source projects is preferred.

Divvy | Senior Software Engineers| SF, Denver, Remote (US Timezones) | Full-Time | https://www.divvyhomes.com

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to build an exceptional team, raise over $180 million in funding, and provide homes for thousands of families, meaningfully changing their financial future. Our customers choose any home for sale, and Divvy buys it on their behalf. The customer leases the home back from us while building equity credits along the way, preparing to buy the home at the end of their lease. Our customers get to live in their future home today, while buying fractions of the home over time. Our stack is Node, React, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, GCP

Apply Here https://jobs.lever.co/divvyhomes or email me directly, rohith+hackernews@divvyhomes.com

UserLeap | Full-Stack/Front-End/Backend/DevOps/and more | Bay Area, LA, or Austin | Full-time | Generous comp, equity, benefits | www.userleap.com

UserLeap is the first continuous research platform that allows companies to know in real-time why customers sign-up, engage, and remain loyal to their products. We recently raised our Series B led by a16z and are also backed by Accel and First Round Capital.

We've been named a startup to breakout in 2021, our founder has five previous exits, and we were recently named a top SF startup and a certified Great Place to Work. This is your chance to join a startup in one of the most exciting phases, where you can help shape the company during a phase of rapid growth and play a vital part in our success.

More about us and all the roles we're hiring for at https://www.userleap.com/careers.html

Change.org | San Francisco, CA or Victoria, BC | Onsite | https://www.change.org

Change.org is the world’s largest social change platform with over 400 million users in 196 countries. Change.org empowers anyone, anywhere, to create the change they want to see. We are a certified B-corporation and enable people to start campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with decision makers to drive solutions through our platform.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/change-org

Our open positions:


Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React.js, GraphQL, Node.js, AWS, Redis, Spark & Scala (Data team)

Scoot Science | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Senior Data Engineer | REMOTE | https://www.scootscience.com/careers/

We're a small startup based in California with ~15 employees and an engineering team of 5. Our team of oceanographers, data scientists, and software engineers is focused on helping fish farmers protect assets, operate sustainably, and increase profits by enabling a more complete assessment of local ocean conditions.

Some technologies we're using inlclude AWS (Lambda, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, SQS, EC2, among others), Postgresql, TimescaleDB, JupyterHub, K8s, Airflow, React, GraphQL, Python

Email andrew.freitas@scootscience.com for more details or apply online at https://www.scootscience.com/careers/

Fathom Radiant | Machine Learning Hardware | Boulder, CO | Full time, ONSITE | https://fathomradiant.co

Human-level AI, if it's possible, is going to be the most important thing that ever happens. We think computer hardware is the best way to influence how and when we get there. We're a startup working on optical computers which can scale to the level of the human brain. We've recently closed a round of funding and are hiring for 10 roles over the next few months. In our people we value kindness, rationality and prioritising to get the right things done.

Some of our open roles:

◉ Head of Software

◉ Machine Learning Engineer (Compiler)

◉ Machine Learning Engineer Framework)

◉ Software Engineer

◉ Opto-Mechanical Engineer

◉ Physical Design Engineer

Check out our other open roles and apply at https://fathomradiant.co/careers

If you'd like to chat you can reach me at tim@fathomradiant.co

Security Infrastructure as a Service | Multiple Positions w/ Equity | Remote | limacharlie.io

LimaCharlie provides cloud native cybersecurity tools and supporting infrastructure delivered on-demand at scale in a way that is similar to how AWS delivers IT infrastructure. Endpoint EDR, SASE, Log & Artifact Ingestion, and more!

LimaCharlie is like a box full of Lego blocks for cybersecurity. We’re looking for people who have the imagination to think strategically and bring those blocks to life in ways we never thought about. This means you would become a subject master of all things LimaCharlie, from endpoint technology (EDR) to SASE and forensics tools.

We are currently hiring for multiple positions. Competitive salary, benefits, generous vacation structure and equity for the right candidate(s).

Details on all positions can be found here: https://limacharlie.io/careers

Shoji (https://shoji.ai) | Software Engineers | London, UK | Remote (UK/EU) | Full-time

At Shoji we’re redefining the way that data is shared –– this time, putting privacy first. We’re building the infrastructure and applications of tomorrow to help businesses safely and responsibly unlock the value of their most sensitive data. We make private useful and keep useful data private.

Our platform lets multiple teams or organisations analyse data, generate insights and perform machine learning on private datasets, without ever moving or exposing the raw data.

We've just raised £1.5m from Entrepreneur First, Pentech Ventures and senior leadership from Apple, Amazon and Spotify. Come and join us if you want to play a crucial part in the massive privacy-first transformation of the trillion-dollar data economy.

Our open roles can be found at https://apply.workable.com/shoji

Right now we're looking for

- Software Engineer, Database Systems | £60–90k | London/Remote

- Software Engineer, Machine Learning | £50–80k | London/Remote

- DevOps Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure | £70–100k | London/Remote

- Backend Developer | £50-70k | London/Remote

- Business Development Lead | £50–65k | London

No role that fits your skills, but still think we need you? Contact me at jordan <a t> shoji <d0t> ai

We're big believers in using the right tool for the job, and as one of the early hires you'll have a big say in the technologies we incorporate (though experience with rust, go/node and python would be a nice bonus). For now, our early-stage product is running on a python + microservices + multi-cloud tech stack.

Just an upcoming uk grad, so I'm not sure I'm the best fit, but just wanted to say kudos for the clear job description, it's nice to see so much detail about the application process.

Thanks for the feedback, we're big on transparency :)

For what it's worth we are planning on bringing more junior members on in ~9-12 months. Either way, we're looking for the right people, not just to fill these roles. Feel free to send me an email if what we're doing interests you.

Whisker (whisker.com) | Software Test Engineer | Remote/Michigan HQ

Whisker (formerly known as AutoPets), the maker of the Litter-Robot, is seeking a Software Test Engineer who will be responsible for developing testing procedures for our Mobile Apps, Backend API and firmware. You will have very little red tape to deal with, join a company that is growing at a phenomenal rate and have an immediate impact on our products. This is one of our most important roles to fill! To apply, please head over to LinkedIn or email achan@whisker.com with your resume.

Based in MI, but remote friendly.

Company perks: competitive pay, bonus, strong benefits + 401K, excellent company culture, no micromanaging, pet friendly environment and employee discount


Metabase | https://metabase.com | REMOTE | Full-time | Backend, Frontend, Full Stack, and DevOps engineers We're hiring for multiple positions across the team. Metabase is open source analytics software that makes it easy to ask questions of your data. It works with most databases / data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, etc) and has a simple and powerful UI and UX that lets anyone in your company ask their own questions.

Tech stack: Clojure, Javascript, React, Redux, AWS (ECS, Autoscaling, Aurora, RDS, SecretsManager, S3)

Roles: Engineering Managers, DevOps Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, Success Engineers,Data Analysts ,Head of Talent, Product Managers

See https://www.metabase.com/jobs/

Automate Medical | Eng | Remote (Canadian company) | Full-time

We build dev tools that make launching in digital health easy (https://docs.sero.run)

We're looking for our first full-time engineering hire. Our current team is 3 founders and 2 contractors. If you're new to the health care industry, you will need to voraciously learn. Most of the code you write will be open source and publicly licensed. We succeed when others do, so experience with open source is a plus. If you have experience with FHIR or other health standards, that's a mega plus.

Check out our work here: https://github.com/automate-medical/sero and https://docs.sero.run) and contact is the email in my profile.

Modern Treasury (https://moderntreasury.com) | San Francisco | Full-Time | REMOTE

We're hiring full time software engineers to help us build a reliable and scalable payment operations hub. Our tools automate the full cycle of money movement—from payment initiation, through approvals, to reconciliation—and are accessible through web application or API. Businesses in all kinds of industries use Modern Treasury to programmatically power their mission-critical payments and the subsequent reconciliation to their transaction history. We work with customers on over a dozen banks today supporting a wide variety of payment types.

Apply here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/moderntreasury/dc9bcfe8-64ef-4377-a...

CommScope | Multiple Positions: JavaScript & Android Engineers, Technical Product Owner | 100% Remote (UK) or Belfast, Northern Ireland | Full-time

CommScope is looking for talented and passionate software engineers to join our professional services group who will help drive the advancement of digital TV technology. We have a reputation for innovation at the leading edge of the pay TV and broadcast industry. Our customers include cable, telco, satellite and IPTV operators from across the world.

At CommScope you'll have the opportunity to influence the direction and build the future of digital TV.

* Software Engineer (JavaScript)

* Software Engineer (Android)

* Senior Software Engineer (Android)

* Technical Product Owner

Apply at https://jobs.commscope.com/search/?q=&q2=&alertId=&title=&lo...

Tromzo Inc | Senior Backend Engineer and Senior FullStack Engineer | Remote | Full-time

We are a stealth mode cyber security company in San Francisco that is on a mission to radically change how security is done. The company founders have more than 30 years of experience in security and engineering and funded by top tier silicon valley VCs.

We are looking for experienced, passionate and self-motivated engineers to build the platform and services that will drive our growth for the foreseeable future. To be successful in this role, you must have excellent software development skills and excel in a highly collaborative environment. You must be curious about current technologies, fearless in experimenting with it and a quick learner.

Job Description: https://www.notion.so/Hiring-4af205e971fe42b6bbe988698a51b19...

email: jobs@tromzo.com

The link seems to be broken

https://www.notion.so/Hiring-4af205e971fe42b6bbe988698a51b19... looks like the last character in their URL got cut off.

Cove Markets | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote (US) or Onsite (Chicago) | Full-Time

We recently launched a cryptocurrency trading platform that connects to top exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. We are building super-cool investing and trading tools that you can't find anywhere else and push out new features on a weekly basis. We are building out brokerage services and plan to launch iOS and Android apps in the near future.

We are a post-seed startup with a 6 person team of engineers. We come from top-tier fintech companies like OptionsCity, IMC Trading, Cboe Global Markets, and JP Morgan Chase. We are looking for a talented, driven, and practical engineer to join our team who has proven experience in Angular. Please apply here: https://www.covemarkets.com/careers/frontend/

HeritageType | Software Engineer - Research // Frontend // Full-Stack | BERLIN, Germany | PREFERABLY ONSITE | Full time

We're building a tool that automates complex design processes to create beautiful professional graphics. Our clients include Netflix, Warner Bros. and thousands of independent designers. We are looking for a 2D Graphics Research Engineer to help us improve the performance of rendering in the browser. Main objective is to research new rendering techniques(using WebAssembly and modern web stack) and help us with development of our rendering pipeline to achieve visually pleasing results and fast rendering speed.



- You’ll work on an exciting new product with an amazing people

- Very structured but hackathon work environment

- Competitive compensation and equity package

- Top-of-the-line equipment

- Straight forward hiring process: Interview + short coding task

- Relocation support

Get in touch with me at nh(at)heritagetype(dot)com

I think you typo'd with 'Netflix'

Do you actually know anyone or might it interesting for you since you have read it?

Thanks mate

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