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Apart from discussions on the quality of headline writers in popular and specialist scientific journals, I find it really interesting that the "out of Africa" hypothesis seems to need to merge with the multicentric model of human evolution.

Add to that the Denisova hominin sequencing (from the single toe bone that was thought to be Neandertal of a population that may have diverged from the African populations around 900kYA) and possible presence of up to a 4% admixture in Papuan and Melanesian populations.

It's exciting times to be interested in human evolution.

Remember that a 4% contribution is about what you might expect from a great-great grandparent (although we're talking whole populations here, not specific individuals).

My take home: the different clades of humans/hominins have been able to recognise enough of themselves in others that they were able to mix and interbreed. Early human prehistory wasn't just genocides and extinctions due to overspecialisation and ecological change. Awesome!

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