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shareme, good point. My understanding is that suspension of an account because of a "real name" violation does leave the owner with access to Google services like Gmail.

There are numerous, if anecdotal, stories indicating otherwise.

There are also some anecdotal stories of people now having trouble due to having multiple Google accounts.

I won't accept my invitation until 1) I know it can't bork my access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs; or 2) I can use it under a different Google account without worrying about being whacked (I don't have a detailed knowledge of these supposed events) for having "duplicate accounts".

I agree with other comments, here; unless you're one of the "beautiful geeks", historically Google support is, well, not so much.

Keep in mind that some people, like me, actually have a one-word name as their legal name.

Would be nice to get a warning email, rather than waking up dead.

Fuck google. I love there e-mail but hate verything else about them. here me google? FUCK YOU. im sticking with facebook and bing

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