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Show HN: Ludus – Collaborative presentation tool for creative teams (ludus.one)
33 points by andreascreten 82 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

This looks interesting, I despise Google Slides or whatever it's called. I have a question though: the biggest issue we've had lately is the actual presentation of a deck over Zoom or Teams etc. - there's two problems with this generally, one is that the presentation is running over video and can look awful at the other end, the other is that with more than one person doing the talking, there's a lot of "next slide please". Does Ludus solve either of these?

Ludus is finally out of beta with the biggest update to their presentation tool for creatives. I'm using it personally at my agency (madewithlove) for a long while now. It's really great and it deserves to be more famous.

Thanks, Andreas! We've been working hard on this. We'll probably write a blog post about the technical challenges/lessons we faced (amongst other things)

I have checked your website, and I say that you have an amazing front-end design. It is also quite responsive. Is there any plan to have a free plan included?

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