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For context (especially since all of Jim's posts are, guessing, gone from YouTube for the time being), Jim Browning is an impressive 'white hat hacker' (not sure he'd use that term himself) who spies on, stymies, and exposes intricate scam operations. In addition to reversing connections to those who attempt to remote-desktop scam him, his escapades include collaborating with local authorities, accessing CCTV networks of offices where scams are run, and intercepting scams that are currently being carried out on unwitting, scared citizens.

He’s definitely not a white hat unless he’s secretly law enforcement and has valid warrants for his work. Many of his techniques run afoul of the CFAA.

‘Gray hat’ I believe is the right term.

Grey hat just means society doesn't hate you right now.

I'm surprised he doesn't first check the whois/nslookup of the domain name contacting him. That's always the dead giveaway whenever I get contacted by scammers

Shorter video.

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