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Polyglot programming - combining functional, dynamic and imperative languages (mindscapehq.com)
43 points by traskjd on July 22, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

One thing I don't get: how does someone keep up with the news of that many different languages such that they know what the best libraries are for achieving x in five different languages?

Was wondering that too. It's one thing to grok the grammar quickly, another to know the entire platform and libraries.

I've always liked the idea of polyglot programming. How much better would it be to not have to try & kludge programming paradigms out of languages that don't support them, but could just use a language that does what you want natively.

The problem, as the author found is the boundaries between the languages & having them all play well together. It's not hard to get related languages to work together but it's great to learn more about getting disparate languages to interact in a working program. The idea just seems cool.

Wow. These guys are legends.

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