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I got mine installed in northern california in 2019, I would have liked to go with Tesla but they were too expensive at the time. When I looked again last year, they actually looked a lot cheaper than everyone else. I think we paid $2.75 / watt. We used energysage to get and compare quotes, and there is a lot of other useful advice on that site.

In Cali there was also some issue that the rebates for each Tesla powerwall were somehow distributed per company. So if we bought the Powerwall directly from Tesla, we wouldn’t have got a rebate because they had run out, but other installers could still supply the rebate.

The Tesla software to monitor the solar generation, battery use and home energy usage is really nice, certainly much better than the “enphase” software that came with the solar panels and inverters.

Add me to the list that recommends Energysage for a basic rooftop solar resource.

You didn't mention your state. The regulatory environment differs significantly between states, and determines what the electric company can do, since they're generally state-regulated public utilities. If you can sell excess electricity back to your utility at retail rates, it makes little sense IMO to buy a battery. However, if the utility will only pay wholesale rates for your excess, a battery can be cost effective, depending on your daily production/use cycle.

Also look up "solar value deflation" and understand that, as more people install solar, the value of it will decrease as net metering regulations and connection vs. distribution costs get shifted. Read up on the difficulties people with solar leases have encountered when trying to sell their home. For that reason alone, I'd recommend buying, even if it means a second mortgage or HLOC to pay for it.

I'm personally holding out for more efficient panels, cheaper batteries, and home-scale bio-fuel production for excess energy so I can size my install to support being truly off-grid throughout all four seasons.

Great points, I will definitely look at the solar value deflation data, thanks. Your conclusion may be mine as well, I just want to understand the tech and market well enough to be able to make a good decision when it is time to jump in.

Hmm, seems weird that the price per watt doesn’t seem to have dropped since then, unless we got a really good deal..?


Yeah the Tesla gear definitely gets my attention, seems like a pretty slick set-up. I’m not sure exactly what the tax rebate is currently in MA, I feel like some big ones expired in the last 1-2 years.

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