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I will admit I had never heard about this service till I saw this announcement.

Seems like a cloud-hosted SaaS (or AI/ML as a service?) solution that let you build deep learning AI/ML models written in Jupyter notebooks that ran on their cloud infrastructure?

I'm not sure how this differentiates from, or competes against, very similar AI/ML offerings from the larger public cloud providers (Azure Machine Learning comes to mind, though I'm sure AWS and GCE have something similar.)

It was nice; you would submit scripts via a command line API, get the results back.

I never used it much, as I tend to prefer a real, SSH-able machine, but it was always near-ish the top of my list of things to revisit. Not quite at the top though.

Really sad to see them go as they were one of the early pioneers in this space. I loved the Colorization Demo they did a few years ago. I am really excited to see what companies like Grid.ai can do in this space.

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