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Add to cart button on the index. Better, bigger, more standardized images. Standardized size of the product box. The fancy animations when the product is loaded are unneeded, although fun to implement. When loading the product page you should bootstrap the data for the product into the page itself, rather than make an additional API call. Potentially invest in an ecommerce bootstrap theme.

This might be a good reference: https://popchart.co/collections/prints

It's a good starting point for a side project if you want to learn about how the platform runs.

I do have to say that if you are looking to make money from sales, rather than just practice your coding, I would strongly advise to use an existing platform such as Shopify or WooComm. Building an ecommerce platform gets quite complex quite fast, that it's not worth doing it unless the platform is your business.

Thank you for the feedback. It was really helpful. I built this e-store for practicing coding only. Though I will open my personal e-store using Shopify in near future. And yes, the images and animations need some amendments.

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