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Show HN: Dynamic-proxy – A universal dynamic reverse proxy built on Nginx (github.com/bmgoau)
4 points by bmgoau 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

Throw a host header at it and it will proxy to it! No need to hardcode domains and upstreams in the configuration. Dynamically builds balancers and connection pools from the incoming host header.

Could be a workaround for HTTP clients that don't use or leverage keepalives effectively, don't retry and/or don't load balance across all IPs in a DNS record.

  * Implements retries, keepalives (idle/persistent connection pooling) and load balancing when your client can't!
  * Optimised nginx Openresty config for speed and high traffic. https://github.com/openresty/docker-openresty
  * Dynamic connection pooling to any domain using lookups performed by Kong lua-resty-dns-client https://github.com/Kong/lua-resty-dns-client
  * resolves A, AAAA, CNAME and SRV records, including port
  * parses /etc/hosts
  * parses /resolv.conf and applies LOCALDOMAIN and RES_OPTIONS variables
  * caches dns query results in memory
  * synchronizes requests (a single request for many requestors, eg. when cached ttl expires under heavy load)
  * Supports self-signed SSL using iteration on the-one-cert https://github.com/flotwig/the-one-cert
  * Above point allows ALPN, HTTP2 and TLS1.3 from local box or wherever you trust the certificate.

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