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Here is a dream setup that would be great for the kids, poor but raring to learn:

It would be great if there is an open community of teachers who express interest and also show expertise in teaching one or more topics, in some formats.

these topics have pre-requisites on other topics, that the student can study on their own or learn under other teachers.

The students start with expressing interest in a subject, and they are quizzed to figure out how much they know of its prerequisites, how deep they want to go into a subject, and also their time constraints.

Students would also be encouraged to pay it forward, by teaching or other housekeeping tasks.

Have a look at Sal Khan's latest project, https://schoolhouse.world/ It's focused specifically on math at the moment, and takes a model similar to what you're proposing. Volunteer tutors give lessons, and students are encouraged to pay-it-forward and become tutors themselves once they master the material. They've had thousands of students already and are working on scaling up a few orders of magnitude right now.

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