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I looked up the cost of Warmates and they are also around $20k. Considering APKWS has existed for much longer and has a higher explosive yield and range and the fact that an Apache can carry a whole rocket killer swarm of 38 APKWS I honestly don't see how "slaughter bots" are supposed to be a threat when drones are that expensive.

The myth that drones are cheap should die. Crappy plastic toys with flight times measured in minutes are cheap. The real deal is just as expensive as everything else.

Things become cheap if they are mass-produced.

Most current drones are highly custom, like cars in 1900. They can be much cheaper once a "Ford T" of drone tech emerges.

Interesting and timely article about those crappy plastic toys... https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2021/07/21/israel...

Just wait till you learn how expensive actual aircraft are.

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