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Kind of genius… My understanding as a Brit is that CNN are known to be supportive of progressive economic policies. I suspect they’re also critical of the existence of billionaires like Bezos in a society where many struggle to feed their families.

Bribing influential CNN contributors who hold progressive or far-left economic policies is probably one of the better ways to help shift the media narrative towards one that benefits Bezos.

It's not a bribe. Van Jones will likely quit his job as a CNN commentator. Why would he stay?

It's a strange donation tbh. Also CNN is a very partisan news source and Van Jones isn't a "middle of the aisle" type. I personally find the Jose donation fine but am kind of put off by this donation to a CNN "journalist".

> Van Jones will likely quit his job as a CNN commentator.

Sounds like a win then.

orrr, maybe bezos is also very progressive?

Then he doesn't walk the walk. He has ample opportunity to write a check to the government and rally for tax schemes that directly and only effect billionaires.

That’s a pretty narrow definition of “progressive”

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