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Initially it says that the intended purpose was cocaine, but then it goes on to say that online marijuana and hashish were found.

It also doesn't say whether or not they actually had the drone in the air at all.

Maybe those guys just hatched a crazy-ass idea, financed it with their previous marijuana "business" but haven't so far gotten around to actually buying cocaine in Morocco, much less smuggling it with a drone...

Maybe it's a false flag op. The smugglers left a little something for the local agencies to find so they can do a nice bit of PR so the public feels good about it. Meanwhile, the smugglers continue using their normal trade routes.

This will also help spur more anti-drone legislation ruining for the rest of us that never intended to use drones in this manner.

Those drug dealers are pain in the ass. First they sell drugs to our children, and then go on to ruin our drone legislation. What the hell comes next?!

They'll ruin your submarine legislation if you're not careful

Standing up for your rights is what comes next. Refuse to follow stupid laws.

Bruce Simpson is an activist that consistently exposes New Zealand's government propaganda. https://youtu.be/UNUtYucJchk

I don't think there is any drone jurisdiction in the world where there would be a problem with such drones.

It's large enough that it will require extensive certification and permits both for the airframe and the pilot.

I think stupid-ass criminals is the more likely explanation...

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