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Show HN: Protecting My Garden from Rabbits with Computer Vision (roboflow.com)
11 points by yeldarb 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

This was our (high school) intern, Samrat Sahoo's, summer project at Roboflow.

He collected and labeled a dataset of rabbits in his backyard, then trained a computer vision model to identify them and wired up a Raspberry Pi to the model, a camera and a bluetooth speaker to spot and spook any unwanted visitors to his vegetable garden.

The best part: he decided to open source the whole thing!

His dataset: https://public.roboflow.com/object-detection/eastern-cottont... Github repo: https://github.com/roboflow-ai/rabbit-deterrence

Nice work :)

Samrat might want to also look at the 'pi noir' camera along with an IR light, to make sure the pesky rabbits don't eat his veg at night ;)

I'm tempted to try something similar to scare cats away from my 'wildlife camera'.

Kind of curious if you could run the ML inference on the pi itself too?

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