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Show HN: I built an unofficial roadmap for Wise (getshipit.com)
6 points by tjomk 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Are you sure this is a Show HN? It seems like an interesting blog post, but it doesn't seem like you're introducing something that HN can play with:

>Show HN is for something you've made that other people can play with. HN users can try it out, give you feedback, and ask questions in the thread.


Seems to me like it's an advertisement for shipit

I'm the author (and an indie dev) of the project here. I stumbled upon the public roadmap [1] for Wise [2] recently, and being the person behind product roadmap tool wanted to see how easy it is to build a similar looking one [3]. Turned out pretty well.

[1] - https://wise.com/gb/blog/wise-mission-roadmap

[2] - https://wise.com/

[3] - https://app.getshipit.com/r/tVTZlShDfP

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