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Hello HN folks, we are super excited to release the public beta version of neverinstall.

What is neverinstall?

neverinstall allows users to access & run native applications like - Android studio, Chrome, VS Code, IntelliJ, etc. through a local browser.

How does it work?

We run these applications in cloud-native environments with virtual displays and stream the video directly to the browser while the user's input context (mouse, keyboard, etc) is forwarded to these applications in near real-time. The platform has a very generous free plan for all free applications and as we improve our cloud we intend to make all free applications fully free always. The paid applications will have a BYOL or a fully-loaded pay-as-you-go model. Of course, these might change in the future but keeping the free applications with a generous free plan will not. We believe as access to good and cheap high-speed internet grows everywhere, accessing and using software should change and be a lot more optimal than what it is now.

Some key problems we are trying to solve -

Saving hardware resources

Modern-day applications are becoming resource-heavy, users often need to make the decision on whether to upgrade their devices or seek out a new one. This is expensive and wasteful.

Real-time collaboration

Our favorite desktop apps often lack real time collaboration, we are trying to bring these applications to the web so that we're able to bring more flexibility into app workflows.


A lot of apps are not accessible on multiple devices especially the developer apps. We solve this by bringing these apps to your web browser and make them truly accessible from any device or OS.

A tiny suggestion, a better responsive layout for the page would be better, my page is fixed on a zoom-in 125%, the page get messy when I open the page.

Nice to see this product. I can see myself (and orgs) paying for a butter-smooth development experience.

That said, both compute and bandwidth are expensive. How can you afford such a generous forever-free plan? Is there a catch?

There is no catch, think of us more of a google, apple app store equivalent to desktop apps where we intend to make money through the desktop apps publishers as we grow.

Why would publishers pay us? They dont have to worry about piracy and users environment as everything is sandboxed.

With us they can give on demand pay-as-you-go option to users as opposed to expensive annual licenses.

I signed up, but I don't see a hook to spawn any of the listed applications.

For example, opening https://neverinstall.com/apps/intellij on Firefox just shows a low-resolution screen shot with a list of features, and no CTA.

How do I use neverinstall?

There should be a launch button in the left section. Are you still not able to launch the app?

Signed out and signed back in. No "launch button" still.

EDIT: I was able to launch an app after disabling my ad-blocker, but

- the latency for clicks/keystrokes was > 1000ms (despite choosing a server within the same country)

- the video resolution was poor (despite fast.com claiming 240Mbps)

- the app window was stuck to the bottom right corner and I could not get it to fill my screen

- the app kept picking up ghost key strokes ("key" would result in "keeeeeey")

All this aside, I appreciate the intent behind creating this product. From an engineering perspective some improvements are warranted, and I'm sure you guys will get there. All the best. :)

Hi, thanks for posting; is there a demo? Really not about to link my github or google for an unknown company, sorry

Hi, We totally understand your concern. Please look at it this product video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In5JPInooxM

We have a strict privacy policy and support multiple login providers.We do not access or share users data to any third party.

It doesn't seem to actually do anything yet?

Once signed in, clicking apps just opens the marketing page for them. How do I actually launch one?

Also your customer support messaging system is limited to a _very_ short message, ~150 characters or so.

You will see a blue launch button on that marketing page.

Not if you have an ad blocker and block the request to the IP data API that you use.

Seems interesting. I used to live with an abysmally slow rural broadband connection and so this kind of thing was impossible to imagine.

What is my escape hatch for my workflows and data if your startup dies, though?

We are a funded startup and are working really hard to grow and never shut shop. Even if things dont go well we will provide all our users an option and enough time to backup their data.

It seems I can't signup with my own email?

We will soon add support for direct email signup.

But you also hide your pricing/plan page. So now we can't even see your pricing/plan info without giving away a platform account id?

We are positioning it as a free platform for free apps and currently all apps are free on our platform. As we are running single app on a instance of 4GB RAM and 2vCPU, we feel it's more than enough to run a single app compared to multiple apps running in your usual 8GB laptops.

What’s your pricing, and how powerful the paid service?

In the paid plan you have a list of options to select. Custom RAM, VCPU and the number of hours. Please visit the plan section from the platform. https://neverinstall.com/plan

I can’t access that because it requires you to be logged in.

I’m not creating an account without knowing pricing.

What does it say?

It is a free platform for free apps with 4GB RAM & 2VCPU, only if you need custom RAM and VCPU you can explore creating a custom plan with prices as low as approx 2$ for 5GB RAM and 3VPU for 5 hours usage.

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