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New Aspects Related to Plant Processing Revealed at Çatalhöyük (archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com)
31 points by diodorus 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Site is nearly unusable on mobile Safari due to ad infestation. We’ve hit peak dystopia when an archaeology blog needs this much nonsense. My screen was comical, looks like when the Aqua Teens get all the pop ups invading their house.

You could just read the paper instead of the web page on archaelogy Google Blogspot blog about the paper, plus advertising.


(No ads but they do use Google Tag Manager and Google APIs)

It’s funny, the button for readability mode pops up for a second but once the ads are inserted the readability button disappears. I was same to load the article by refreshing and clicking the button before it disappeared.

That seems to be just how Safari works. I have an ad blocker installed, see no ads on the page, but the reader view button is replaced with an “Aa” button after a few seconds.

Tap the “Aa” button to reveal a menu with “Show Reader View”.

Ah, for me the page shows a message to please disable my ad blocker in safari

So I guess I was spared by this website.

It did load tremendously slow to show a black on white sentence, Ill say that.

Good job web designers. We are very proud of you.

Would you perhaps say the content is... buried?

I saw no ads and even thought blogspot had improved handling of long paragraphs.

If you're not trying to display ads on your screen, you should try Firefox mobile! It's slow and power hungry though :)

Related: I really like the influx of archaeology related links on HN on the last few weeks. Good stuff.

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