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Marginalia of Web Design (1996) (nngroup.com)
22 points by dcminter 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

On creating image thumbnails / previews:

> My recommendation is to use a combination of cropping and scaling, resulting in a technique I call relevance-enhanced image reduction.

(There's an image in the article to demonstrate this since it's a little hard to understand from the textual description.)

That is _brilliant_. I had a lightbulb moment there: that is undoubtably the best way I have ever seen to show a small preview of an image.

I then looked at the author name. Jakob Nielsen -- and this page is on the Nielsen Norman group website. For those who've never come across them before, they are extraordinarily skilled interaction and interface designers, and I really wish more products today were designed with their principles in mind. If you ever think to yourself 'computers used to be easier to use' or 'macOS or Windows 10's UI is wrong, but I can't say how' then the likely problem is loss of design principles that these folk can describe.

I loved the alertbox and 101. Tanks for sharing. I love to see how robust foundational knowledge is and how volatile much of the candy and buzzwords.

Writing plain, static html is still paramount for everything that has to be there the next years and on. Near unbreakable, clean and still CSS designable to be enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing!

I was thinking of this oldie earlier and revisited it. It's still very good advice 25 years later! Plus ça change...

Thanks for sharing! (My webdev career started in 1998, but I'd somehow missed this apparent classic.)

Odd to think that the "[page name] – [site title]" convention hasn't changed one bit since then.

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