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Show HN: A visualization of how humans pick random numbers (humanrandomness.com)
17 points by tibbar 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

This piqued my interest. Would be interesting to have some background information, your motivations etc.

I wonder how much the input ui and presentation affects the outcome. It seems a blank input field would be more neutral?

Thanks for sharing!

Was thinking exactly the same. Screen resolution makes that some numbers fall below the fold.

It didn't ask me to pick a random number though :-). It asked me to make a prediction.

My immediate reaction was to pick 2 as 1 would be too obvious. But then I thought 3 would be even less obvious. And why not 4 then? I ended up taking 13, but yeah 5 made more sense :-)

Reddit played a game like this recently. 3 options, everyone casts votes for what they think will come in second place, you win the round if you vote right. Game was called second I think.

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