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It's the inbetweeners that's the ideal target audience. Analysts (including me a few years back) that knows SQL (through Tableau/BigQuery), but don't know how to get comfortable with CLI to set up their own DB. Already sent this link to someone I know that can use it.

Ah, makes sense. I guess I'm surprised that people would know SQL and not be comfortable with CLI. But then I haven't worked with the software you describe (Tableau/BigQuery) etc.

Yeah, I don't know whether this is new or not, but there's a lot of positions that are supported by their data teams to be able to do SQL queries for their business needs but not necessarily anything technical. Web BigQuery, PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, etc.

In some cases, they still need to do stuff outside of the prepared tables/platforms (further analysis/other data sources) but have no terminal/CLI knowledge, let alone importing csvs to sqlite and querying from them. This app is great to be able to extend their SQL skills to csv files.

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