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I've kept the faith for so long. But I'm having a bad week. So someone please, please tell me that HN isn't turning into Reddit and that this completely irrelevant submission is just a bad dream, like the Star Wars prequels.

I wonder if this is a reaction to my comment that better credentialing and education was needed in the programming industry. It is needed, from the standpoint that lots of shoddy work gets done. I don't think there's a reason why this couldn't be done by the private sector, though.

I can deal with a handful of random stories but if some jackass starts posting stuff like: "Karl Rove eats deep fat fried Iraqi baby flesh" or "Bush pulled off 9/11 to win a $1 wager with Hitler who is secretly hiding in Argentina" than I'll be leaving HN just like I left reddit.

I could post a taser story. Would that jolt you awake from your bad dream, perhaps?

I would, but I'm not sure I'd be telling the truth.

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