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Ok, thank you for that, I think I'll just curl up in a little ball under a blanket and shiver for a while!

That said, it is important to note why brainfuck (or any other blub) wasn't the common browser language (or CBL from here on in) - the CBL is the CBL because it was relatively easy for humans to write small snippets of code in it. Without that, the language would never become the CBL.

Unfortunately that statement also means that the odds were against the CBL being anything other than an imperative style language. That we got something so close to a functional language is really quite a bonus (even if I do end up having to modify strings and eval() because we aren't using s-exprs)

I think that developers would have learned to write CBL whatever the language. The hype of the web combined with the CBL being the only language available for client side programming practically guaranteed its success, whatever the shortcomings of the language itself.

Note that VBScript were much more familiar to many developers, because VB was one of the most popular language at the time. But it fell by the wayside because it was not supported at ubiquitously as JS. (It was also a much worse language than JS, but that was not the reason it failed.)

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