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Pharo considers itself to be Smalltalk-inspired.

Maybe the most succinct explanation of what this means comes from their vision document[1]:

> What we want to say is that if there is something that can be improved but does not conform the ANSI Smalltalk, we will do it anyway.

This really does seem to be a fundamental value within the Pharo community, and it distinguishes them from the rest of the Smalltalk community. When observing the communities around Squeak or the commercial Smalltalks, I often get the impression that they view themselves as a sort of Jedi order that's trying to preserve an older, better tradition amidst a decadent modern world. The Pharo community, by contrast, actively acknowledges that Smalltalk was not perfect, and is working hard to improve many things about it, including some of the fundamentals. For example, Pharo's made active steps to make their platform more amenable to source control, and, by extension, collaboration among larger groups of people.

[1]: https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/30434/PharoVision.p...

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