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What powerful drugs they're using to produce such great distortion of reality? ^_^

JS could be called something like In-Browser Java (and it is heading to be the same bloated failure) or something. But assembly.. ^_^

Reality distortion is very common think among Java fan-boys. Some of them, for example, believe that a VM implemented as user level C++ program which uses its own unrelated to CPU base data-types and several layers of abstractions to interact with an OS, will run faster and more efficient than other c++ program linked directly with core OS libraries.

Now JS fan-boys thinks that if there are things like V8 or such as artificial as popular things like Nodejs, everything must be written in JS. That reminds me the very same slogan from Java's best days.

To dear down-voters: Think for a moment what is v8 or Spidermonkey and count how many code you should pile up to get access to something as simple as data stored in a MySQL table (or any other data behind its own socket-based protocol). ^_^ (yes, reality-checks are always painful)

Pretty sure you're getting downvoted due to the insinuation that the legends of JavaScript aren't thinking clearly due to drug use. You could just address their points directly if you think they are misguided.

The link above is just a compilation of quotes.

Legeds of Javascript are thinking about their own fame, their own place in the world, their money and their own selves, in the first place.

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