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How I Write Code, Track Time and Tasks, Take Notes, and Stay Organized in Emacs (calebjay.com)
8 points by komali2 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I've put together a post that I wish had existed when I started exploring emacs a couple years back. People often talked about how cool magit or org-mode are, but I never really understood why. I'm hoping that this post detailing some of my workflows can help other people see how some of us are using emacs to keep ourselves organized and productive.

I've also tried to include installation and configuration instructions where relevant.

My blog doesn't have any kind of tracking or ads, by the way. I have a compulsion to blog and doing so feels productive, beyond that I don't question it :P

Topics covered:

    Basic IDE Needs

      Frame, Window, and Buffer Management
      Helm, or, Magic Emacs Command Suggestion and Listing Mechanism
      Finding Files and Text Within Projects
      Finding and Replacing Text
      Managing Git

    Programming a Vanilla HTML, CSS, Javascript Project

    Programming a Vue, Typescript, SCSS Project

    Programming a React, Typescript, Styled Components Project

    Programming a Python Project

    Tracking Tasks and Time
    Taking Notes (for class and learning)
    Checking Email
    Reading the News

That's an impressive amount of work you put into documenting your workflows. I started reading this morning and returned in the evening expecting some useful comments, but no joy. I see there is another emacs article on the front page so perhaps it was simply bad luck with the timing of the submittal.

Haha oh well, it got some traction on reddit. Maybe I'll resubmit it in a week or two!

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