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Rand Paul Asks NSA about Tucker Carlson [pdf] (senate.gov)
16 points by h2odragon 18 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

It is well known that NSA intercepts all electronic communications going in/out of the USA.

The one thing that I got out of this was that NSA has no trouble at all reading and decrypting encrypted Internet traffic. Pretty much every mail exchanger operating today uses TLS for communications with clients and other mail exchangers. It's almost a certainty that these communications were encrypted, but NSA (illegally) produced them very quickly.

It doesn’t say NSA intercepted traffic, broke TLS, or even encryption at rest (even though NSA may have such capability to some extent and in some cases).

They could have simply read emails stored on servers of the email provider in plaintext, or have used keys handed over to them.

People rarely use end to end encryption. If it’s not e2e, somebody else, and thus NSA too, has the keys.

If you are communicating with the leadership of a hostile nation to the US, then yes, you should probably not expect your communications to be secure.

Getting fall of Rome vibes.

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