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It also includes non-Chrome browsers which have tracking protection enabled by default, such as Firefox or Brave, and anyone who had installed an ad blocker or has common hosts blocked at the DNS level (which is a checkbox on a growing amount of consumer network hardware).

Firefox doesn't block analytics by default. To test:

1. Open devtools networking

2. Visit any site with analytics

3. See requests to https://www.google-analytics.com/j/collect?... (for GA), https://plausible.io/api/event (for Plausible) etc

EDIT: expanded this into a post https://jefftk.com/p/firefox-does-not-block-analytics-by-def...

Ah, you’re right: it prominently suggests enabling ETP but doesn’t do so without user opt-in.

I develop on FF, and I have to set an IP address exclusion rule in GA so that my local development testing doesn't inflate GA numbers.

Google is a Mozilla donor and I don't think they'd like it if the browser blocked one of their major services. Ublock Origin will block GA and GTM (Google Tag Manager) however.

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