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Hmm. So what's the other three quarters, is it really all bots or just misattributed?

The other three quarters are HN users with adblock so they don't register in GA but register in Cloudflare (and my logs) because that cannot be blocked.

Firefox blocks GA by default

GA uses first-party cookies so Firefox does not block the data. Only third-party cookies mentioned here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browsers/compare/chrom...

I just double-checked my real-time analytics and looked back in the last 30 days to double-check. It's all coming through GA while I am in Firefox or other users are using Firefox.

The first vs. third-party cookies are confusing as hell.

No it doesn't. Go to nytimes.com and look in the developer tools for 'gtm.js'. That's Google Tag Manager, which is a container for GA.

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