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A solution looking for a problem and/or customers scores $350k.

Marshall's proposed problem is just one of many. This may not be a financial success at the moment, but it looks like a forward thinking startup with a core technology that has the potential to be very influential in your daily life. Think about all the things you do each and every day in which your location is a key (independent? not a mathematician) variable. When <here> do x, when <there> do y. I think geoloqi's own homepage[1] has some pretty interesting use cases (under uses).

[1] - http://geoloqi.com/

I've got a problem it can solve: I live in a cloud of darkness, an infinite body of history and information all around me - yet just out of sight. I'll pay for it, too.

No, a great team with a lot smarts for using mobile location data for new and creative uses scores $350k.

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