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The starting assumption is an astronomical increase in our access to energy, if you recall (and I also mentioned that energy being "cheap"). With that energy, we can:

- cheaply access space

- cheaply access cubic miles of asteroid iron

- build whole automated production industries in space, to build however many spaceships we want

- automate the construction of spaceships and that ringwood

- use those ships and tools to automate the construction of more production facilities

You're imagining a single transport into space, but that's a mode of thinking still constrained by expensive and inefficient energy. Imagine hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of autonomously constructed ships all available for that population transfer.

That energy is the catalyst for an exponential growth in our ability as a species to move ourselves and control our environment. It just takes some imagination to see outside our current constraints.

It's not the ai singularity, but I think our ability to build stuff cheaply, in space, with materials obtained in the quantity they're available in space, will represent a singularity-esque leap forward.

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