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DeversiFi | Fully Remote (Need to be based in Europe) | Full Stack JS Developers, NodeJS Developers and QA Engineers

DeversiFi helps you make the most out of DeFi. We are the easiest to way access DeFi opportunities on Ethereum. Invest, trade and send tokens without paying gas fees. DeversiFi gives traders the edge in fast moving decentralised finance (DeFi) markets by allowing them to trade at lightning speed and with deep aggregated liquidity, directly from their privately owned cryptocurrency wallet. Traders can take advantage of more trading opportunities while always preserving control of their assets for when they need to move fast. For the first time, traders can enjoy all the benefits that they would expect from a legacy large centralised exchange, but with no exchange or counterparty risk. The platform incorporates portfolio management so you can invest, get interest on and send tokens to other users.

What You’ll Do

This is a truly unique opportunity to help take a startup brand to scaleup and beyond. We're looking for Full Stack JavaScript Developers, NodeJS Developers and QA Engineers at all levels to join our fully remote (and awesome!) team.

To apply, you must live in Europe and not require any sponsorship.

For more details on any role, please get in touch at sophie.prescott@deversifi.com

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