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Design Engineering Handbook [pdf] (invisionapp-cdn.com)
85 points by luispa 25 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

From the front matter of the PDF (for those of you who don't want to download the PDF for whatever reason):


This book is brought to you by InVision, the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. Discover more best practices for better design and get free podcasts, articles, books, and reports at designbetter.com and insidedesign.com from InVision.


The book you are about to read dives into the discipline of design engineering.

Learn more about InVision and how you can bring design engineering best practices to your team’s operations.

Discover more from the InVision platform Design System Manager connects design and development with a shared language and workflow so teams can work smarter, faster, and more in sync.

Prototype for designers and developers to iterate on clickable experiences to establish confidence in designs before it’s time to build.

Freehand for real-time collaboration on a digital whiteboard.

Ideate, wireframe, and map out customer journeys as a team across design, product, and engineering.

Inspect makes it easy to move from design to code with specifications automatically surfaced in designs. Get the details you need to build directly from your prototype faster.


Are there better books or PDFs on this topic? Something not so heavily influenced by one company trying to promote it's products?

I greatly appreciate the ideas in the PDF being put out there.

It's disappointing that most commentary here is about the format, the company behind it (which publishes excellent content about design in large organisations) and their product offerings.

I would argue that much of Invision's product offerings exist because of a lack of design engineering in organisations. Having more design engineers lessens the needs for their products.

Also, being a PDF it's in a format that can be sent to upper management for visibility and it is from a trusted source in design that upper management will have heard of (i.e. they are already forking out large sums of money to Invision).

Great example of a pet peeve of mine. Having to open the article to learn what kind of industry they are talking about because non-hardware areas of tech completely ignores that civil, electrical, mechanical, etc. designers/engineers exist.

I opened it up hoping for a nice mechanical design booklet... Alas!

Me too.

The free sample of https://leanpub.com/algebra-driven-design is a much more practical and fulfilling read, compared to the vagueness of the linked promotional material.

I think the link would better point here: https://www.designbetter.co/design-engineering-handbook which provides an overview of the book without automatically prompting to download a PDF.

Going this route has an obnoxious signup form though.


Wow looks like ad brochure filled with videos affiliated to their website.

Is there a non-PDF version?


That's common enough.

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