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rev.ng | Compiler Engineer | Milan HQ or remote in CEST-friendly time zones | Full-time | https://rev.ng

We're looking for a developer with experience in modern C++.

We're developing a next-generation decompiler and have a series of projects related to dynamic binary translation.

Topics/technologies you will work on:

* LLVM, JIT and compiler techniques in general * Emulation and dynamic binary translation (e.g., QEMU) * Binary analysis * Qt

Reasons you should work for us:

* rev.ng is on the forefront of binary analysis technology * rev.ng firmly believes in openess * We regularly attend conferences as speakers * We encourage employees to employ one week a month for research/open end projects, see our blog (https://rev.ng/blog) * rev.ng employs modern C++ * We fully support remote working and have the necessary infrastructure to make it effective * You will spend very little time in meetings * The work environment is: * Very friendly * Informal * Flexible in terms working hours * We do not expect you to work overtime * You'll have 26 paid holidays a year, excluding public Holidays

If you're interested, drop us an e-mail at jobs@rev.ng

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