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Every technical word in that sentence is scary juju to most of the population.

This is why I hate to get into small talk with someone I've just met. One of the first polite questions I get is "so, what do you do?" and to judge by reactions its as if I immediately start talking like the adults in a "Peanuts" cartoon. And even if I try to be as nontechnical as possible ("I do website work") you can see they just don't want to continue the conversation at that point.

"I make websites. No, not the pretty graphics and stuff, the bit that make them do stuff. You know that little "e" up in the corner? Whenever that's spinning around, my stuff's happening."

"sound exciting"

"Yeah, it's almost exactly that exciting. So what do you do?"

Yeah, when this happens I always feel like I end up being way to high level to actually give the other person a good idea of what my startup does and they lose interest pretty fast.

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