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Independent TrueCrypt implementation imported into DragonFly BSD (dragonflybsd.org)
87 points by there 1007 days ago | comments

danieldk 1007 days ago | link

Very nice work, especially given status of the TrueCrypt license, which may not be acceptable for most open source operating systems:


Hopefully, this will provide a good basis for others to bring TrueCrypt support to other BSDs and Linux.


Tharkun 1006 days ago | link

The licence isn't the only weird thing about truecrypt, the fact that they've been known to change their binaries (as I believe was reported on HN a while back) without posting a changelog, the fact that no one knows who the devs really are etc... all somewhat suspicious for such a high profile tool. But maybe I'm too paranoid in my paranoia.

I for one welcome our new overlords!


xorglorb 1006 days ago | link

> the fact that they've been known to change their binaries

It was shown that the change was only to the license embedded in the installer, the actual executables were unchanged.

Link to the TC forum admin explaining it: http://forums.truecrypt.org/viewtopic.php?p=95255#95255


protomyth 1007 days ago | link

a little more explanation: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.os.dragonfly-bsd.kernel/142...

EDIT: from early point in development


gw 1007 days ago | link

Really exciting stuff. I kind of missed TrueCrypt when I switched to FreeBSD, because I had a lot of things saved to a TC volume on my network drive. I eventually figured out how to mimic TC volumes using FreeBSD's native geli encryption tool. If anyone is interested in how to do it:



Groxx 1007 days ago | link

Neat. The code's even pretty readable. Fantastic news for the OSS crowd, and multiple implementations are critical for robustness's sake - no single point of failure.

/me adds to my ever-growing to-read list


16s 1006 days ago | link

Very cool! It's good to see this. Will boost and support the TrueCrypt community.


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